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Little People of America

We Are PEOPLE ...

Not Bowling Balls

8/9/2012 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little people are NOT objects to be greased up and hurled down a bowling lane for the sick enjoyment of an audience -- so says the Little People of America, which tells TMZ, Zac Brown's "midget bowling" is a "direct insult" to little people everywhere. 

You'll recall ... TMZ posted footage of country singer Zac Brown going "midget bowling" at a motorcycle rally in South Dakota last weekend -- sliding a little person named Short Sleeve Sampson down a greasy ramp ... and into bowling pins (he got a strike).

But a rep for Little People of America -- the country's biggest non-profit for people with dwarfism -- tells TMZ, "Little People of America does not endorse any activity in which a person of short stature is used as an object rather than regarded as a competitor, in a 'sporting event.'"

The rep adds, "We believe that such practices are a direct insult to the equality of people with dwarfism, grounded in a respect for basic human dignity."

But tell that to Short Sleeve Sampson -- he called in to TMZ Live earlier this week ... insisting there's NOTHING wrong with a little "midget bowling" every now and then. 



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I am forming a group called people with out college degrees,we are tired of having to be paid less just because we didnt get a degree through no fault of our own,we demand equality

769 days ago


Really, LPA? No little person is allowed free will? Only activities and sports that the LPA sanction are allowed? Hats off to Short Sleeve Sampson for having a good time with good people. This is not forced -- he wasn't grabbed from the crowd and hurled down the lane against his will. As far as the crowd ridiculing him...looks to me like they're cheering him on. BTW, no one asked for your "endorsement" of said activity. Don't wanna play? Stay away.

769 days ago


its degrading and humiliating to people suffering from dwarvism with these types of games, i didnt know things like this still goes on in usa.

769 days ago


I bet Triple S (my name for the little dude) and Zack had a kick ass time at Sturgis. I think the other LP are just jealous. Zack is a really great guy and he has utmost respect for everyone, regardless of their situation or stature.

769 days ago


I'm surprised this group isn't complaining about Midget wrestling. Those men are amazing, versatile, can do moves that NO regular 6 foot guy can do. How about bitching that they all wear masks. Shouldn't you all be protesting this sport because it's demeaning that they aren't showing their faces?
I'm still waiting for the lawsuit, Jonathan Reyes Davies played a midget in the Lord of the Rings, the man is average size. Where was the discrimination lawsuit by the Little People of America?
In all honesty, and thanks to Reality T.V., I learned a new found respect for Little folks, you know why? Because of t.v. shows like Little People, Big World and the LITTLE COUPLE. Those are hard working little people that don't expect the rest of the world to give them automatic respect, they earned it. The Little couple, Jen is a NICU DOCTOR, her husband is a consultant and owns his own company. Look at the Roloff family, they own their own company, work their asses off. Little People of America should STFU when you have folks like that proving you are nothing but a bunch of freakin' whiners while they are working in the regular sized people's world and VERY successful. Will Jen, or Matt Roloff or his son Jeramie show up in public dressed in Munchkin gear or as Oompa Loompa? Nope, they've proved to the world they can do what the regular size folks do and do it better than most of us TALL folks can.

769 days ago


Man they have short fuses.

769 days ago


midget bowling? NEVER!

midget-tossing is much cooler!

769 days ago


Oh please... stop ur bitching and grow up...

769 days ago

News Flash     

Little People oath...All you big ones stand up, All you little ones gang up. I'm the man of the hour...the tower of power, to sweet to be sour. I'll be the cornflakes in your bowl and the boot in your hole.

769 days ago


WHY does a group of people feel like they can dictate an individuals choice? DUDES CHOSE to be bowling balls. Looks like they had fun. STFU and mind your own damn business.

769 days ago


I find it degrading too and I'm not a little person. You just have to wonder WHO DOES find this entertaining, and those that do, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM?

769 days ago


Here is your problem, there is ALWAYS going to be ignorant adults that try to hire bowling balls, it's on your fellow little people to quit accepting money to do it!

769 days ago


This is so stupid! These are adults and if they choose to be rolled/tossed around like a bowling ball, that's their business. I'm so tired of these groups thinking they can speak for everyone. Speak for yourselves or STFU!!!

769 days ago

buzz kill    

It's not ilegal, everyone was a willing participant, LPA needs to get over it. If they don't like it, don't watch.

769 days ago


LETS THROW SOME MIDGETS!!! YAH!!!!! Buckets of Budlight and people under 3ft tall and you've got a winnin' combo people....i wonder if they make their own bowling shirts.

769 days ago
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