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Little People of America

We Are PEOPLE ...

Not Bowling Balls

8/9/2012 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little people are NOT objects to be greased up and hurled down a bowling lane for the sick enjoyment of an audience -- so says the Little People of America, which tells TMZ, Zac Brown's "midget bowling" is a "direct insult" to little people everywhere. 

You'll recall ... TMZ posted footage of country singer Zac Brown going "midget bowling" at a motorcycle rally in South Dakota last weekend -- sliding a little person named Short Sleeve Sampson down a greasy ramp ... and into bowling pins (he got a strike).

But a rep for Little People of America -- the country's biggest non-profit for people with dwarfism -- tells TMZ, "Little People of America does not endorse any activity in which a person of short stature is used as an object rather than regarded as a competitor, in a 'sporting event.'"

The rep adds, "We believe that such practices are a direct insult to the equality of people with dwarfism, grounded in a respect for basic human dignity."

But tell that to Short Sleeve Sampson -- he called in to TMZ Live earlier this week ... insisting there's NOTHING wrong with a little "midget bowling" every now and then. 



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News Flash     

I want one! Their cute.

804 days ago


Is it any more degrading than swimsuit contests or wet T-Shirt contests or drinking urine contests? Seems they can always find someone willing to debase themselves. So who is wrong...the bowler or the ball?

804 days ago


I think it's degrading to say that the sport is degrading to little people. They are human beings & can decide for themselves what they want to do. The ones who find it degrading aren't the ones doing it, so what's the big deal?

804 days ago


The guy's not being forced to do it. Others may think it's degrading, but so what. He's a grown man doing what he wants to do. It's no different than a woman getting up on a stage and taking her clothes off. I personally think that is terribly degrading to women, but it's there choice. Who are we to judge. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

804 days ago

buzz kill    

WTF, you have to bowl with midgets, it would be pretty tough to do it with giants.

804 days ago


Little People have gone down the same path as blacks in adopting degrading characterization. STAND UP, don't let greed demean you.

804 days ago


Unless you have dwarfism and know how it feels, you have no room to talk. This article makes me cringe. Yes. People have the right to do what they want. But how dare you group us all together like that. Not an object, but a person. Would you think it's alright to make fun of someone in a wheelchair? Seriously, people. Grow up. Society makes me sick. Society is saying it is OK to make fun of people who are different, but you have NO idea what life struggles there are on a daily basis. Until you walk a mile in their shoes, keep your mouths shut.

804 days ago


Little People in America have been pimping themselves out for ever, so yes they are bowling balls and anything else the payer wants them to be.

804 days ago


That's because Americans are basically selfish, uncaring and disrespectful.

804 days ago


Midgets have to make a living between Hobbit movies
Whale Hunting NO!
Midget Bowling YES!
NeilsNotes.(com) oh-yeah!

804 days ago


Uppity midgets are amusing.

804 days ago


This is no more degrading than a strip club. Men pay to see single mothers dance naked on a pole while they throw money at her. Thats "ok" by our society's standards, but this is degrading? Please.

804 days ago


pipe down midget and do your little dance!

804 days ago


so what...he is a individual...if he was tall then tall people wouldnt say he cant do that to tall people...or if he was black then black people wouldnt say he cant do that to black people...he is over 21 so he can do what ever his little midget heart wants to...stop being so politically correct people and stop wearing your feelings on your sleeves

804 days ago


these organizations that represent people little people , Gays ect don't always reflect the viewpoints of the people they claim they represent.

804 days ago
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