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Mel Gibson

Dines with

Billionaire Chicks

8/9/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0809_mel_gibson_SplashMel Gibson isn't into Olympic gold, but he certainly enjoys hanging with chicks who are into gold.

Mel went to Boa in West Hollywood last night and dined with the 2.0 version of the Gabor sisters -- Petra and Tamara Ecclestone.

As you know, Petra -- the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone -- recently bought Candy Spelling's pad for a cool $85 mil.

On his way in Mel confessed he wasn't watching the Olympics.  It's interesting that he doesn't mind people watching HIM, because he was like a duck on a platter in the middle of the restaurant.

Mel is definitely back in circulation.


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And what ar eyou? Look at you. You make special effort to come here and INSULT, JUST to insult. You don't come here because you like the other posters or because you like the subject matter. NO, solely to INSULT others.
And honey chil' YOU have many times before bragged about your Iphone. And NOW you want to make something of ME using MINE?? Sit on it, cuz with your twisted logic and self centered attitude it's all you'll ever get..
How f*cking sad are YOU?
You are a LIAR. i NEVER ONCE said I have an iPhone. Talk about f*cking sad, you still think CUJ and I are the same person....AAAAAHAHAHAHA not only are you STUPID but you're a LIAR too.

807 days ago


Hi 2i, that would be funny if you're right again about the absentee father parading Lucia around for a photo op. I bet it bugs flock that OG hasn't had any public battles with Giblitz since the custody was final. If they didn't have a new target with TJ, they would STILL be ragging on her.

807 days ago


Helllooooooooo is anybody out there?

807 days ago


Hey Cuj,
Strange how nothing more has come of that extortion crap that THE BEAST wrote "an article" about. you'd think SOMETHING would be going on.

807 days ago


I never realized what Nazi vermin Ira was. His posts never really made any sense to me, but now they do.

807 days ago


Mel Gibson went out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant with two girls and at least two other guys. He's not watching the Olympics. Blah, blah blah. Could it be more boring? Nope. Don't think so. No wonder there are so few posts.

IRA, don't let the mean gurlz get you down.

Hey KM , Firefly; Maj and Belinda; good to see you! I miss the old days and all the old posters, don't you?! Sam, Realist and Ms Kelly: thanks for holding down the fort! And to anyone I might have forgot or who might be lurking; have a great weekend!


807 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!

Mel Gibson enjoyed a dinner with Petra and Tamara Ecclestone last night (08.08.12).

The 'Mad Max' actor and the British sisters - daughters of Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone - dined at West Hollywood's exclusive Boa restaurant and all three seemed to be having a great time.

Operative word 'EXCLUSIVE' ;)

804 days ago


Doesn't someone have a court date today?

804 days ago


aah I see the bitch fest is still ongoing! Cujeaux you nearly blinded and deafened me with your shouting rant on the step moms page - Jeez most of your comment an irrational rant! WTF?! Why should Mel pay for anything for the step mom? Just because she married the father of a wealthy man doesn't men Mel gets to have to support her or pay her legal bills. Divorce means kids generally take sides one way or the other it's a reality get over it! If Daddy chose to pass on any money Mel gave him to his wife sweet, but Mel didn't give it to her and that's the crucial point. If he gifts his father money, he can do what he wants with it, Mel doesn't control it, nor is it a gift from him to anyone else! jeez these blood suckers come out of the woodwork when someone is rich and famous air al their dirty laundry in public expecting to humiliate them into a settlement - well guess she's picked the wrong guy in Mel since he's fought long and hard enough in the past.
2Idiots your moniker suits you admirably, when you grow a braincell let us know and we'll get the surgeon to donate a few more so it won't feel lonely! The story is anon-entity then wtf are you doing reading t and ranting over it for or don't you have a rl? Mel's seen out with a Billionaire's daughters dining, wow finally someone who can pay for themselves and aren't likely to be gold digging blood suckers, whoo hoo about frikkin time!
As for the bit about Mel pics with Lucia because he's a neglectful Dad, oh puhlease let me barf in the sink at the thought. OG the blood sucker got a house and finances only because of her daughter and having custody of her. Let's see where you still all are if alive or could give a rats ass when Lucia finally turns around and tells mummy to go spin on her adeptly pointed finger. Because then is when mommy needs to ensure she's already fleeced enough other men on the way to keep her, not getting any younger now and well, lets be honest, older wealthy men go for younger, beautiful - facts of life! Missed me? You bet your sweet asses you did roflmao!! Sorry RL keeps me out of TMZ alot but nice to see the haters no longer have a rl and their poison s as vitriolic and pointless as ever:) Hugs Bunny:))

802 days ago
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