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Nigel Lythgoe's Niece

Gold Medals Twice

In That Horse Thing

8/9/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Charlotte DujardinNigel Lythgoe's niece is now England's idol, after winning her second gold medal in the Olympics this morning.

Charlotte Dujardin rode her way to victory in the non-sport of dressage ... a fancy term for horse dancing.

As for the connection between the famed "American Idol" honcho and Charlotte, she's his ex-wife's sister's daughter. Translation -- even though Nigel calls her his niece, it's really his ex-niece.

Nigel tells us, although he hasn't spoken to her in 9 years, he sponsored her for a year in dressage before he got divorced.

Nigel tells TMZ when he found out Charlotte won for a second time this AM, he actually cried.

Hopefully, we'll see Charlotte on Nigel's next show ... "So You Think You Can Horse Dance."


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No Avatar


Sorry think the medal should go to the horse on this one.

741 days ago


Why doesn't the horse get the gold medal instead of the rider?

741 days ago


Before you go saying its a non-sport...you hop in the saddle and try making the horse do that using only your legs and hands. Then tell me its NOT a sport. I used to do it and it takes as much stregth if not more than a swimmers legs.

741 days ago


Dressage isn't horse dancing..... It is complicated, precise movements done by the rider signaling the horse.. it takes extreme endurance and skill from both horse and rider and you are insulting her win by saying it is not a sport... It is one of the first real sports created. Try it some time, fail, and see how wrong your statement is.

741 days ago

Lisa Wolfe    

Everyone likes something different. Many of the other Olympic events I think are boring because I'm not interested in them. Personally, since I was a child, I've wished they would air more of the equestrian events. While expensive, this sport requires a level of commitment, athleticism and talent that even money can't buy. I get tears in my eyes watching riders partner with these magnificent creatures!

741 days ago


I think the tmz staffers love to put the fighting words words out. I can understand why many think that it is only the horse that does the work and it's a rich persons sport. I am not rich by any means and give up alot to ride my horse, I do the jumping over fences and I remember a mean post about that too from TMZ. All I can say is that it is WAY harder than it looks, you engage your core to keep balance and it requires alot of blood, sweat and tears for both rider and horse. Congrats to those who won, takes hard work and dedication (for all olympians).

741 days ago

Lisa Wolfe    

Everyone says the horse is the athlete, and while that's true, I challenge the even the most experience rider to try this without breaking a sweat! It requires nerve, balance, precision and partnership with a 1,500 animal.

741 days ago


Why do they have garbage like that in the Olympics?

741 days ago


Not a sport? Have you ever ridden a horse? Do you have any idea how physically and mentally difficult it is? Obviously not...

741 days ago


I am real tired of people disrespecting equestrians. Can you do it? Doubtful or else you wouldn't keep writing articles about non-sports. Yes the horse is moving, but what you don't see is that they CONTROL the horse by their legs. I have ridden for 18 years. It takes YEARS to learn how to do some of those things..and YEARS to TEACH your horse how to do this. Stop disrespecting people just because you are too iggnorant to ACTUALLY know what you're talking about.

741 days ago


Nigel cried because he thought, "not this lazy ass money sucking big toothed ex-niece AGAIN!" Pip Pip scone my lord?

741 days ago


Dressage should not be included in the Olympics. Its like horse racing. Yeah, there's a talented jockey on the horse's back, but the animal is the one who's getting the work out and has the real talent!

741 days ago


Dressage is actually an incredibly old form of combat moves for horses. It requires an incredible amount of discipline and training on the part of both the horse and rider to execute the high level moves. Seriously do a little bit of RESEARCH before you say something isn't a sport.

741 days ago


Aww she kinda has his chin structure :) and as far as giving the medal to the horse.... Um, no horse would give a flying eff if a medal was put around it's neck. Get real. Only humans care about such things.

741 days ago


Who's riding who?

741 days ago
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