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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta'

Two-Timing Stevie J

PUNCHED by Baby Mama

8/9/2012 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hip-hop producer Stevie J caught a fistful from his baby mama, Mimi ... all because the infamous double-dipper was stupid enough to joke about his sidepiece in front of her!

The "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" couple were all smiles when they left My Studio last night ... until Stevie made a crack about Joseline, his on/off other woman, getting into a fight with Mimi. Big mistake.

For those who don't know, Joseline took a huge swing at Stevie's skull herself ... during a twisted couple's therapy session between Stevie, Joseline AND Mimi.

Anyway, based on our video ... doesn't look like Stevie learned a damn thing in therapy.

Tricky stuff, people.


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Joan K    

I wonder what little blackpride will have to say about this one

803 days ago

just my opinion    

this show is addicting...the ppl are the lowest denominator but it's crazy entertaining and appauling the way some ppl think it's ok to act and live....

stevie J is banging a man on national television but mimi looks like a man as well with that diesel jaw...i guess thats his type. mimi is a 43 yr old child. how can she have a child with someone who has 4 other baby mamas and expect a happily ever after? im team Jose...line. i think its funny that theyre trying to resurrect benzinos career and he looks like a melted figurine...what is wrong with his face and posture..ew. karlie redd has crackmouth. rasheeda is a never-was-never-been. i love k michelle and erica. the end.

803 days ago

Rob Zombie is King    


803 days ago


For some dumb reason it was more shocking for me to see them both

803 days ago


Serves him right

803 days ago


ghetto is as ghetto does.

803 days ago


Black pride.

803 days ago


These people are so trifling. Who behaves like this? No wonder their children act like they have no morals, their parents don't. This show may be entertaining, but I bet blackalways a$$ MLK and others didn't die so they could act like Stepin Fetchit and make all the streotypes come true.

803 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This culture really needs to be replaced. There are plenty of decent Black folk in America who really need to put a stop to this defiling culture.

These ghetto people have to let go of that disgusting culture. You can't remove that culture completely but I know our Black citizens can help reduce the dominance this ghetto culture has on society.

803 days ago

Danette M    

My question is and always will be: MIMI ......whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy are you still with this man??? I need that explained to me, please.

803 days ago


It's a joke. Take a nice girl, a lot of people say nasty things abouts her, people wanna share. All good fun. Why didn't he just beat her senseless? People are in for the win, she should know better.

803 days ago


Black pride says just f'n ridiculous! Mimi and all involved are dysfunctional, retarded and severe lack of self esteem...Really, who does that?!? Ms. Joan K aka white pride if you watched for a brief second in therapy all 3 were abandoned by mothers Stevie never met his she left at 8 months, Mimi mother joined Tom Scientology and left her at 12, Joseline lived on the streets stripping and doing what she could to survive. So Ms White Pride if you were raised dysfunctional without guidance love and self esteem you would probably be with Randy Travis butt azz naked on the highway...Love ya...

803 days ago


Mimi... Josline took your man in 90days Stevie put a ring on her. You been 15yrs. Why are you on the show? what do you do beside cry over him? Stevie is a fool but you are a bigger fool for staying with him. You make sista's look real bad. Thats Joslines man gurl

803 days ago


Word of advice MiMi Stevie don't want you. He makes you look like a complete fool on this show. You been with him 15yrs & no ring he hooks up with Josline and 3mons he gave her a ring and she was preggo! Mimi what do you do? all we see you do is CRY and complain on the show. This guy is a fool and broke but you are the bigger fool to think he will ever marry you! Josline took him in 90days!! now

803 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Deranged therapeutic violence.... yay

803 days ago
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