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Olympian Danell Leyva

Proud of Semi-NUDE Pics

8/9/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva earned a Bronze medal in London -- but he's just as proud of those semi-nude photos of his bod that were "leaked" to the Internet. Danell called in ... and told us his plan to make the most of the controversy. Can you say, Kim K?

Plus, Liberty Ross is sending a strong message to Kristen Stewart and her cheating husband Rupert Sanders. She's shoving it in their faces -- and we know why, ultimately, Liberty's gonna win BIG!

Also, that Belgian Olympic cyclist who got booted from the Games after a night of heavy, HEAVY drinking ... got screwed ... according to Harvey, anyway. What do you think -- did he disgrace his country, or was he just doing what every other kid does at the Olympics?

(0:00) The infamous drunken Belgian cyclist was shipped home after being carried out of a bar -- and our staffers go to war over whether it was an overreaction.
(7:40) Liberty Ross is looking mighty fine following the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal -- and we've found out she's been checking out divorce lawyers ... even though she's not ready to pull the trigger on her marriage.
(10:00) Gabby Douglas is being recruited by a prestigious Black college -- Harvey wants to know the advantage of going to a school that lacks diversity.
(15:40) Randy Travis got major support from his townfolk after his arrest -- some staffers think it diminishes the negative impact of his alleged crime.
(18:00) Racy photos of bronze medal winning gymnast Danell Leyva were leaked -- he calls in to explain how he thinks it happened ... and sets the gold standard on how to deal with this situation.
(23:45) Lolo Jones is unfairly called the Anna Kournikova of the U.S. Olympic team -- and is also ripped by her fellow athletes.
(31:01) The MTV VMAs are scheduled on the same night as the DNC -- will it hurt President Obama's ability to reach a younger audience?
(33:30) Mel Gibson kicks it with the hottest billionaires in L.A. -- the Ecclestones -- proving he's not afraid to show his face at one of the most popular restaurants in L.A.
(37:30) Naomi Campbell's receding hairline doesn't sit well with one staffer.
(40:00) P. Diddy is in the running to be a judge on "American Idol."
(42:00) We take your calls!

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Does anybody in the TMZ office know that Gabby Douglas will never be allowed to compete in collge competition after excepting endorcement deals.

803 days ago



803 days ago


of course he is proud of his semi nude pictures. when have you EVER seen a man embarrassed over naked pictures?

it's usually women that are embarrassed cause we get the most punishment and criticism for it.

803 days ago


On the Kristen Stewart scandal, do you think it is possible that Rupert and his wife Liberty set this whole thing up so they could be more famous in their careers? Seems a little fishy that in some of the photos he is looking right into the camera while kissing her like he knew camera was there. Sure Kristen could have said no, but is still young and naive. She made a Big mistake but do think she was set up by these two sleeze buckets!!!!!

802 days ago


When i saw that LOLO JONES segment it made me so mad that just because SHE IS GORGEOUS! they would put her down like that! she is talented she holds the world record im thinking all the negative press got her! it had to be in the back of her hear!
PEOPLE NEED TO LEAVE HER ALONE! i think that with the way girls are these days girls start dress trashy at age 12! i think that they could use a role model like her! more power to LOLO Jones i hope she comes back in 4 years and proves all the ass holes wrong! I HAVE SO MUCH MORE RESPECT FOR HER especially coming out with being a virgin i think thats awesome girls need someone like her to look up to!
sorry i had to post something that segment made me so mad like i said i wanted to call him but i was watching it recorded! :-(

802 days ago

Judy T    

Two comments: 1) First I LOVE to watch TMZ but, I must admit I get sick and tired hearing about the Kardashians (actually I turn the channel when you bring them up). 2) You only "DEFEND" (what you consider to be) Beautiful women - i.e., Lolo Jones, Rhianna, etc.(not saying anything other than) YOU don't find any "darker" skinned black women "beautiful".... YOU CAN'T NAME ONE that you have "defended" or who you find "beautiful". I couldn't go one more day after listening to HARVEY belittle the looks of the 2 darker track Olympians. Yes, they may have been wrong but, to say they were jealous becuse the are "ugly". Believe it or not, not every woman is envious of "the European" standard of beauty. Some of us are just making a statement. If you can name "ONE" chocolate (dark) woman you find as beautiful as your general standar then - My Badd (oh yea, Naomi Campbell doesn't count because her behavior was wrong and didn't need defending)...... I'm just sayin;

802 days ago

California Girl    

Harvey & C., The money Kathryn Jackson is getting is for Joe Jackson's place in Vagas and is hush money to keep him quiet. Notice he has not been in the picture lately. He is a s-stirer and this keeps him quiet. Janet doesn't need the coin, Joe does.

798 days ago
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