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Insane Clown Posse

The FBI is Wrong ...

Juggalos Are NOT a Gang

8/10/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Insane Clown Posse is straight up pissed at the FBI, yo ... claiming the feds were WRONG for classifying their "Juggalo" superfans as a dangerous street gang ... and now the Clowns have lawyered up, hoping to sue the government.

ICP believes several members of their Juggalo faithful have had their rights violated ever since the group appeared on the FBI's National Gang Threat Assessment list in 2011.

The feds believe "many Juggalo subsets exhibit gang-like behavior and engage in criminal activity and violence."

But ICP is adamant their fans are getting a bum rap ... claiming Juggalos have wrongly been placed in the same catagory as "such notorious entities as the Aryan Brotherhood, Bloods, Crips and the Latin Kings."
ICP member Shaggy 2 Dope released a statement saying, "We are hearing too many stories from our fans about the trouble [being on the FBI list is] causing them. Just because you like a music group, doesn’t make you a criminal.”

The other ICP member, Violent J, added, “We’re not attacking the FBI, but they got this wrong. The Juggalos are not a gang, and that needs to be fixed.”

ICP has reached out to their fans ... seeking Juggalos who believe they have been mistreated by law enforcement because of the FBI's characterization of the group. The goal is to sue the government for discrimination.


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these CLOWNS are still around after Eminem slaughtered their 15 min of fame?? how did they sneak back into the rap game?? #word??

783 days ago


ICP are gang member wannabe's. Look at their hand signs. They're stolen directly from well known gangs. And states (as well as the government) don't just classify a group as a "gang" for sh!ts and giggles. This "music" group promotes violence in each and every song. Just take a look at their lyrics online, every song depicts violence.

783 days ago

sindy lowery    

seems 2 b a problem with any & all things different..?? good luck with your endevers.. my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER is a full fledged "JUGGOLETTE" just cause your (down with the Clown) DOES NOT MAKE U A CRIMINAL..GANG-BANGER..or anything the government decides 2 tag us with??? WHAT HAPPENED 2 getting "FACTS" ???? i would consider them 2 B a religion... rather than gang ????? letz hear it..
" WHOOP~WHOOP" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 YOU BABY~GIRL <3<3<3

783 days ago


its funny how juggalos are considered a gang then why not call fans of batman a gang ....or how about even the goverment one of the top gangs in america is the banking systems and the goverment ..but we cant do nothing about it ..also most of you sit here and comment saying that "juggalos" are trashy ....if that is so how come so many juggalos are lawyers doctors teachers and yes even cops have people that have died for their country and for all of our freedoms and they are apart of the juggalo family is juggalos the trashy ones ...or is it the racists the pedos the people that shoot up schools and churches and movie theaters or how about britney spear or any of the other teen idols teaching young girls to dress like whores how about instead of attacking people that yes most juggalos are poor and most of juggalos outsiders and skrubs but theres one thing about being a LADY LO when no one else was there for me when a church and my own blood family turned their backs on me when my ex husband beat me almost to death who was there for me my juggalo family gave me a place to stay helpped me put food in my childrens mouth but thats trashy ...and a gang .....well ill tell you what i am proud to be a juggalette and my brother was proud to be a juggalo and died for his country maybe some of yall should not point fingers untill you wash your own hands

783 days ago


I admit I'm getting old but didn't KISS do this about 50years ago? They sucked,too.

783 days ago


in big cities... even small ones... if they are not gang members 90% of them act like they are. beat downs and everythang...ask Tila and Method Man..they don't even hide it. They do it right on the stage to anybody...gangs call themselves family also. i have heard a cd or two and like some of it...even alice cooper had their back. great milenko was that BUT their fans take it like its a lifestyle and take it way too ****ing far.don't fake the funk and act like they don't know..the clowns should know better than anyone that some of their fans are way ****ing out of control. for some its a religion and way of life and yes most are jobless and watched by cops and undercovers, only because they HAVE TO BE.

783 days ago

arale norimaki    

right Inner City Posse probably was agang BUT Juggalos didn’t even excist at that time

783 days ago

arale norimaki    

Seriously, what's with the clown makeup, though?"

783 days ago

coco ryda    

wanna make this short and sweet!!!! early 2009 i was released from the california state penitetary. growing up was hard for me, my family life was great! no matter what they love me. the rest of my life sucked bad! i was a misfit, oddity, problem child. A freckled face , fire crotch, fat ass kid. i was made fun of so much my self-esteem was completly gone! You know when u r bullied 12hours a day it starts to rub off on you, and when u have had enough torture, something clicks in your brain that sets u off to were u set an exsample for everyone around will think twice about making fun of u again. after i graduated from antioch high school i fell into depression over lack of a sex life, got into drugs, and making fast money. which revolved around stealing from store, random cars and scamming others just to see what i can get away with. in early 2010 i was building a sound proof room for my homeboy which is a rapper. when i was finished, as i was walking out the door he told me to call his voicemail and leave a little verse and he would put me on his next album so i did, he called me up before i could get down the street laughing his ass off, telling me to turn the car around we r going write a song. and thats what i did. now we r in 2012 and two albums later, already headlining my own shows, i have a comunnity in shock. my avarage listener listens just to see what i am gonna say next. march i was released from folsom state prison with one thing on my mind, to exercise my right to freedom of speech. and to start making a living preeching about my youngster years of horror. they laughed at for 18 years cause of how i looked. now there laughing at me because of my storys that i put into lyrics, storys that i seen through my eyes. i would like to share my new music video with u its called child support. (i dont even have kids!) thanks COCO RYDA

783 days ago


I've never heard of them, but with names like "Shaggy 2 Dope" and "Violent J', it seems like they aren't helping themselves.

783 days ago


Good luck attempting to sue the Man. would like to borrow a rock and a sling shot? I commend you guys for sticking up for what you believe in. good luck to you.

783 days ago


hey FBI if you ever need any one to testify for you sign me up. I lived with 3 of these "juggalos" and you are right! the delt weed, the smoked it and when they where drunk where very violent. I had one chase me around with a hatchet. I moved out the next day. They are a scary violent group of people.

783 days ago


They might not see their fans as a gang... but SOME of their fans DO consider themselves a gang. Either way, most "juggalos" are nothing but TPT anyway. Unfortunately, regardless of who they are, they can't control how their fans act... BUT... it doesn't take away from the fact that some of their fans do think they are a gang and do conduct gang like behavior. About a year ago, near where I live, there was a "gang" of about 8 ADULTS who called themselves Juggalos and painted their faces and everything. They went around vandalizing cars, houses, breaking into to people's cars and houses and beating up random people on the street. So yeah...

782 days ago

Dorothy Mantooth    

Lawsuits, how do they work?

782 days ago


I work in a juvenile correctional facility and juggalos are 100% considered a gang by our youth. While it certainly is not true for all their followers, there is definitely a large group that follows the gang mentality. The try to distinguish themselves by calling themselves a "family" but they are a gang just as much as crips, bloods, surenos, and nortenos.

782 days ago
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