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Macaulay Culkin

Looking Good, Son!

8/11/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_home_aloneMacaulay Culkin continues to dodge rumors of drug abuse, but walking around yesterday in New York City ... the "Home Alone" star appeared to be in good health. 

As TMZ first reported, a rep for Culkin called rumors he was addicted to heroin "impossibly and ridiculously fictitious." The report also stated Culkin only had six months to live.

Culkin reportedly attended Natalie Portman's wedding last weekend.


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Looking good son? R u kidding? He has the body of a 14 yr old girl, so sad! If you removed his loose fitting clothes he would have a skeletor body I'm sure. Who wears a leather jacket in august? Maybe to hide trac marks?
His father needs to help him now before another child actor is lost. Remember the 2 Cory's? One is dead.
Somebody needs to save this man, where is his Mum?
This is so sad, someone needs to help him or he's gone. And, no he's not looking good!

709 days ago


well if u argue by jacket in august, take a look at the people behind not florida...

707 days ago

Dr.Gary Heikkila    

Like milliona of others, I fell in love with the winsome boy in "Home Alone." Now he ia in my daily prayers for our Lord's supernatural intervention in his life. Mac, tturn the One Who has the power to transform your life and youe career. We love you and does oue Lord Jesus Ch

707 days ago


i saw him at the art show, he looked to be in good health so this 6 months thing is def bs

705 days ago


Well, he looks a lot better than he did on the front of the mag they have out in the grocery stores.

705 days ago


Are they totally sure he isnt one of MJ's kids?

702 days ago


To the guy who commented "Their all wearing summer clothes behind him" there is literally one chick in summer clothing and the rest are in long sleeves. Think I see a dude in a t-shirt, but hes also in jeans. "Junkies always wear jackets like that". That is the STUPIDEST statement. I wish you people were even old enough to know who Macaulay Culkin is, but i guess everyone is 10.

692 days ago


if you have free time, i hope you can watch "Home Alone" againt. Listen to the dialogue between you and the women in the park. I think it's good for you!
a person like your film! I'm in VN!^^
I hope you can read this comment! Wish your health!^^

684 days ago

Hi there     

Guys this is no joke... Seriously I'm not kidding here
Mac is my uncle's mate. I have met him a load of times and he is not addicted to drugs. He only takes abit but that's all. He actually has an eating disorder, he is just underweight. He told me to put this on for him somewhere where there are rumers and he can wear what he wants, he needs to look different. I hope you guys actually believe me this is true, I'm going to see Mac in 5 days, at his house and tell him I wrote this fr him. What I'm trying to say is that he is not a drug addict! He really isn't just a bit underweight. Don't believe the newspapers believe some1 that knows him well. Thanks for reading anyways. WE LVE U MAC CULKIN XXXXXXXXXXX YOUR THE BEST!

682 days ago


Why is it that if someone is thin, they are automatically considered anorexic or a drug abuser? My son is 5 ft 10...he weights 125 lbs. He is healthy, he eats normally...he is very SMALL FRAMED...and it looks like Mac is also. America is so damn overweight (FAT) that anything less than obese is considred odd. All my kids are super thin, it's their metabolism. I'm so sick of the double standard that talking smack about skinny people is fine, but calling fat people what they are, is rude. @@ Get's all rude.

645 days ago

Mario Frey-Ritter    

He is a poor Boy because he is now in Albania , Europe

599 days ago


Well it's January 3, 2013, been 5 months. So I guess we'll find out in a couple months if he really did have about 6 months to live.

567 days ago
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