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Paul Ryan -- He's Hiding

A 6 Pack!!!

8/12/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Paul Ryan
may be the hottest Vice Presidential candidate ever ... but we're not talking policy.

House sources tell TMZ ... Ryan works out at the House gym every morning at 6:00 AM and his routine is "fierce." We're told he's kinda on the skinny side but "totally ripped and has a six pack."

He's also modest because there are no pictures where he shows it off.

Fun Fact: Ryan was also named to The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful list back in 2008.


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He's kinda cute...I'd rather look at Obama.

I honestly can't stomach Romney anymore, he is just out of touch with reality

772 days ago


This is some ugly dude wonder what mix he is.

772 days ago


A 1% suck up with a six pack - oh boy.

772 days ago


ICK what..are you all a bunch of teenagers in that TMZ room. Hot isn't always external, for those who have a brain. he's not HOT; everything about him flys in the face of the 21st century. He's supported by the NRA - wants LESS gun laws (idiot), supports and fights for bans against womens rights and right to choose. He voted FOR the WAR in Iraq, he's against troops coming home from Afghanistan. Wants to cut programs for medicare, social security, and type of healthcare programs (basically against women, seniors, the sick and less fortunate). But let's get more guns! ICK! Makes me ill. Has no clue about anything. No way in H!LL Romney will win. And those who go on about more taxes, deficit, tax reform on here, it cracks me up. Nothing fiscal about what Romney wants to do will effect any of you, as you're not in the 1 - 2% tax bracet. Right wingers vote on ignorance and social issues. Unless you're a million or billionaire none of this effects YOU! No way in H!LL Romney could do anything more when 'creating more jobs' either.

772 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Obama !!!

772 days ago


I hope the 30 million uninsured citizens go out and get their photo id's so they can vote. Also all the senior citizens who want to keep their medicare should make sure they vote. The poor and middle class who are tired of being stomped on while the rich in this country get richer because they pay NO taxes, get ALL the tax loop holes so they don't have to pay any taxes. And when they do think they are paying too much they take their businesses overseas. We need to get rid of everyone in Congress b/c they have blocked every item the President has put forward. They have made sure he got nothing done. The people who think they don't want the healthcare plan the President passed b/c they "don't want to pay for others health insurance". GUESS WHAT you are paying for it now b/c every time someone gets sick they run to the emergency rooms in this country. Guess who pays for that? The citizens of this country pay for it now. At least with the health care plan sick people can see a doctor instead of running to the emergency room. Oh and Paul Ryan was introduced as the next President of the United States by Romney. I rest my case.

772 days ago


Paul is a P90X dude. Check out this video!441FBB63-01E5-4BB9-A8F5-DBE3A7BEB428

772 days ago


great... Eddie Munster for VP... a man who wants to abolish Medicare because THAT wouldn't effect HIM at all with the free healthcare him and HIS cronies will have for the rest of their lives. Just another Rich White Righteous Closeted Gay Politico... his skeletons will be out shortly folks!

772 days ago


from Obama to Romney..thank you! it cracks me up when these right wing politicians go to their rallies, they're talking to total idiots who don't understand anything about politics, taxes and how of what THEY do effects them. most of them are uneducated and just vote for anti everything. they're too uneducated to get a clue about tax reform. they're typically the ones who use all the gov. sponsored programs, medicaid, medicare, etc...but they can't stand the liberal views on social issues so they stand by their idiot republican candidate. it cracks me up! Hey Repubs, get a clue. You don't want social programs - gov sponsored programs, when you retire, don't collect your SSecurity, if you get laid off, don't collect your UI, if you get sick, buy your own damn health care and then STFU and don't worry about my rights as a woman or if some dude wants to marry another dude, mind your own stupid busines and STFU already. UGH!

772 days ago


Looks like every picture from WWII of the Hitler Youth

772 days ago



Nobama 2012

772 days ago



772 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

YUCK! OBAMA 2012 and HIS Six Pack!

772 days ago


Alfred E. Newman from the Mad Magazine!!!!!!

772 days ago


I was wondering what happened to Mad Magazines Alfred E.Newman! never would've thought he got into politics.

772 days ago
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