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Judge to Pregnant Man

I Don't Believe You're

REALLY a Guy ... Dude

8/11/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0810_thomas_beatie_jensen_tmzAn Arizona judge isn't convinced the Pregnant Man's marriage should be recognized in the Grand Canyon state ... because both man and wife have vaginas ... which might equate to same sex marriage ... which isn't legal in AZ.

The dispute is the latest speed bump in Thomas Beatie's divorce proceedings from wife Nancy ... who Thomas married in Hawaii back in 2003. The two represented themselves as a heterosexual couple because Thomas, a transgender man who was born a woman, had a state authorized change of sex before the wedding. Thomas says he has state-sanctioned legal docs to prove it.

But an AZ judge is calling the whole system into question ... refusing to preside over the divorce until he is convinced that the two were legitimately married in the first place.

In the docs, the judge points to Beatie's womb ... and notes that Thomas gave birth to the couple's three children during the marriage.

The judge then argues that he can find NO legal authority that defines a man as someone who has the ability to give birth to a child.

Therefore, the judge claims, it's possible Beatie's marriage was NOT LEGAL from the start ... and he has no authority to grant the couple a divorce.

The judge gave Beatie an opportunity to defend the marriage ... and Beatie has filed docs doing just that ... pointing to his U.S. passport which designates him as a man as well as his Hawaii birth certificate, which was changed to describe him as a man.

The judge has yet to make a final decision.


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Just like Jizz Bono, that fat tub of goo who is trying to be a man when she's really a woman, if you are born with a vagina, you are a woman, period. You can add a rubber dong all you want and a pump, but you are still a woman. Ever notice these gender reassignment people are just ugly as hell too.

747 days ago

Rico Suavy    

if you sit to pee, then let it be.

747 days ago


The court is right...Two ****s don't equal a penis :)...

747 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Ohhhh really Judge? Only idiots believe this it's story. No such thing as a pregnant man,"EVER" a man does not have a uterus a man does not have essential equipments which is needed in order to have a baby.

747 days ago

Bad Dog    

Sorry, you can have the operations and no-one will care. Call yourself a man and then get pregnant time and time again x3 and you are not a man but a woman. A man cannot get pregnant.

747 days ago


On the marriage issue society just needs to accept gay marriage is an inevitability and get used to it.

As for this person, that is a woman. I support LGBT rights but when you not only have a woman's parts but do what is literally the most female thing possible, gestate a child and give birth, you are a woman. If she has gender reassignment surgery I'm more than happy to call her a man.

747 days ago


Heather's Mommy is a Deadbeat Dad

747 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I hope his gender gets changed back to female because there is probably no box for "freak" to check. Men do not ovulate, menstruate, become impregnated, or give birth. He has a vagina. No matter what he thinks he is HE HAS A VAGINA, HE IS FEMALE.

747 days ago


Damn!! These crazy freaks!!!

747 days ago


I'm glad no one told my grammy that she was a man. She had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy then she lost her hair while undergoing chemo.

747 days ago


A man CANNOT have a baby period. You can't ask to be treated like a man and then go and have 3 pregnancies. The judge is right.

747 days ago


I need to get the eff out of this freaking state!

747 days ago


If you are ever not sure if you are a man or a women, look btween your legs. I'm gonna have my skin bleached and pressure society until they change my birth certificate to reflect me being a white women. Because i feel in my heart i am a black women trapped in a white womens body.

747 days ago

Pimp Daddy    

How dare this judge.I have Honda emblems on bmw and that makes it a bmw.OL wait it doesn't .If the freak committed a crime his dna would be tested and it would show him as a man.Can not change dna so your a dude. A freak but still a dude.And you gays say this is normal.WOW what is not normal to you weirdos.

747 days ago


Normal human females have 2 X-chromosomes (XX).Each person normally has one pair of sex chromosomes in each cell.
No matter how you slice and dice, this person is still a female on a cellular level. And no amount of surgery or sex reassignment therapy will change that so the judge is right.

747 days ago
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