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Judge to Pregnant Man

I Don't Believe You're

REALLY a Guy ... Dude

8/11/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0810_thomas_beatie_jensen_tmzAn Arizona judge isn't convinced the Pregnant Man's marriage should be recognized in the Grand Canyon state ... because both man and wife have vaginas ... which might equate to same sex marriage ... which isn't legal in AZ.

The dispute is the latest speed bump in Thomas Beatie's divorce proceedings from wife Nancy ... who Thomas married in Hawaii back in 2003. The two represented themselves as a heterosexual couple because Thomas, a transgender man who was born a woman, had a state authorized change of sex before the wedding. Thomas says he has state-sanctioned legal docs to prove it.

But an AZ judge is calling the whole system into question ... refusing to preside over the divorce until he is convinced that the two were legitimately married in the first place.

In the docs, the judge points to Beatie's womb ... and notes that Thomas gave birth to the couple's three children during the marriage.

The judge then argues that he can find NO legal authority that defines a man as someone who has the ability to give birth to a child.

Therefore, the judge claims, it's possible Beatie's marriage was NOT LEGAL from the start ... and he has no authority to grant the couple a divorce.

The judge gave Beatie an opportunity to defend the marriage ... and Beatie has filed docs doing just that ... pointing to his U.S. passport which designates him as a man as well as his Hawaii birth certificate, which was changed to describe him as a man.

The judge has yet to make a final decision.


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judge is so right

801 days ago


Oh, no. Not another Hawaii birth certificate...

801 days ago


"The judge then argues that he can find NO legal authority that defines a man as someone who has the ability to give birth to a child.".........the judge will never find it because a man CANNOT give birth.

Transgenders should realize changing your body parts to make you look like a man or a woman does not mean you ARE now a man or a only look like one.

801 days ago



801 days ago


How can Hawaii go back and change her birth certificate? She was definitely born female. That's crazy.

801 days ago


How can a breastless, yet fertile, woman with a vagina, be issued official do***ents identifying her as a man? That seems like a big official blunder. Would this fertile woman -with a vagina - be housed in a male prison?

801 days ago


You have a vagina - you are a woman!
You give birth - you are a woman!

End of story f-ing freaks.

801 days ago


And this is what happens when you let the whactivists have their way and make changes to do***ents in a manner that does not comport with the common notion of sex (ie. penis=male, uterus=female).

Had they not made such a public spectacle of the 'pregnant man' thing, this would likely not even be an issue.

801 days ago


This is the kind of mess we purchased when we first went down that slippery slope!

801 days ago


bout time someone had the balls to say one in the pc liberal media would say it.way to go you better watch out pc america will not like this.

801 days ago


Hawaiian birth certificate? Sounds familiar.

801 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

I'm sure I'll catch a lot of flak for this but I reluctantly side with the judge on this one.

I'm not anti-LGBT and I have no personal problem with same-sex marriages or transgendered people. However, I strongly believe that if someone feels they were born in the wrong body then they should act in accordance with their gender. That means if you feel female you should not be reproducing with another female just because you have the genitalia that allows you to do so. Likewise, if you feel you're male, you should not be reproducing with a male and getting pregnant. With the exception of hermaphrodites, nature defines "female" as possessing specific reproductive organs that bestow the ability to give birth. That doesn't mean that a female who cannot give birth due to medical reasons isn't female because they still possess or were born with the necessary organs to do so. They just don't function properly.
I fully understand how this is is a legal technicality in this case and that he was already granted his new gender status. However, allowing (or instance) a pre-op MTF transsexual to get a girl pregnant opens a HUGE legal can-of-worms for the court that the laws just aren't designed to accomodate as written (writing new law is just as problematic). Loopholes are likely to be created and just as likely to be exploited in ways the law didn't account for and can't possibly predict.

People really shouldn't be able to have it both ways. You're either male or you're female (or in EXTREMELY rare cases - a functional hermaphrodite) whether you go with nature's choice or your own.

801 days ago


He/she can´t have it both ways! He is either a man, and men don´t give birth to babies, or she is a woman! Incredibly selfish person who has no problem being a woman as long as it serves her selfish needs. She should not be allowed to do this and should be stripped of any right to call herself a man!!

800 days ago


she's not a man! wtf???!!!

800 days ago


I bet they'd put her in a women's prison if she committed a crime. she might get pregnant in men's prison.

800 days ago
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