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Bank Media Honcho

To File Multi Million Dollar

Brutality Suit Against LAPD

8/12/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0810_brian_mulligan_deutsche_bank_article_2A powerful honcho at Deutsche Bank is suing the LAPD and the City of L.A. for millions of dollars -- we're told up to $100 mil -- for allegedly being forced into a motel room by cops and then beaten to a pulp.

Brian Mulligan, the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications for the Bank, claims on May 15, he was in the L.A. suburb of Highland Park -- near a marijuana dispensary -- when he was approached by 2 LAPD officers.

We're told Mulligan claims the cops walked up to him and asked why he was in the area, and then proceeded to search both him and his car.  Mulligan says the officers found a large amount of cash in the car -- thousands of dollars -- and then put him in a police car and drove to a nearby motel.

We're told Mulligan says the cops told him to stay in the room until they returned.  He claims he waited several hours, but the cops never came back.  He says he felt he was being set up to be robbed or killed, so he made a run for it.  As he ran out, he says cops were right there and began beating him mercilessly. 

Mulligan says he was taken to a hospital, where doctors treated him for 15 fractures to the nasal area, a broken scapula, and severe facial lacerations to a point where he "barely looked human."

Mulligan was booked for resisting arrest and interfering with law enforcement. 

The L.A. County D.A. declined to prosecute Mulligan and referred the case to the City Attorney where a lesser charge could be filed.  But all indications are the City Attorney won't file a criminal case either.

Sources tell us Mulligan will file a claim next week against the LAPD and the City of L.A. -- something he's required to do before filing a lawsuit.  We're told the lawsuit will demand $100 million.

The LAPD tells TMZ ... cops were in the area looking for a suspect who was attempting to get into strangers' cars, and Mulligan matched the description.  The LAPD says when they approached Mulligan, he seemed to be under the influence of something, but they determined he was sober.  Cops say Mulligan told them he was tired and needed to sleep, so they took him to the motel as a courtesy.

A few hours later, cops say they got ANOTHER call from someone who said a man matching Mulligan's description was in traffic, trying to open people's car doors.  When cops approached him, they say Mulligan "took a fighting stance" and charged the officers, so they took him down.

We're told the LAPD is conducting an internal investigation, which is standard in major injury cases.


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"internal investigation" = cover up the incident and absolve the cops from blame. If the businessman was black he would probably have been shot. Never carry money. Never trust the cops, anywhere. Cops get so frustrated and spend so much time with criminals that their behavior is so much like criminals - beating people for no reason.

767 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

hahaha... now that's the LAPD I know... lol.

767 days ago


so they force the guy into a hotel room? either the LAPD is infested with dirty or their infested with stupid - either way - time to let some heads roll.

767 days ago


Cr@p, there goes our tax dollars again.

767 days ago


WHAAAAAT ????????

767 days ago


algo estar errado! o que ele fazia neste lugar com tanto dinheiro?

767 days ago


I looked at this photo dumbly for a long moment thinking it was Tim Robbins.

767 days ago


É uma história muito enrolada

767 days ago

Alex W    

I've heard some pretty BS stories from LAPD, but this definitely ranks top five.

767 days ago


Hahaha. Took him to a motel as a courtesy, LOL. Good one. More like they were trying to decide how to steal the money get away with it.

767 days ago


if you've ever driven from Orange County to LA, you would think you are driving to a third world country. LA is amuck with illegals, graffitti, and run down businesses and homes. Now the cops are acting like third world suprise!!!!!

767 days ago


Riiiight. . . . . When's the last time you got pulled over, explained you were tired, and a cop comped you a HOTEL ROOM so you could get some sleep!?! I WANT ONE SINGLE PERSON IN HERE TO CLICK "LIKE" IF THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU! I WANT EVERY PEROSN IN HERE TO CLICK "HATE" IF YOU THINK THIS THIS IS COMPLETE BULL$#!T!!!

767 days ago

get a life ho    

I would believe a homeless mental patient over the corrupt LAPD .,.,.,,

767 days ago


Sounds like a crazy story to me. Does the LAPD think it's untouchable?

767 days ago


This guy is a slimy pothead rat and has been for years. The poilce should have followed their first instinct. What the hell was he doing late at night in Highland Park near pot dispenseries and prostitution houses with a ton of cash when he lives miles away in richey rich La Canada in a mansion? He makes his millions suing people, this is not new for him, Where their's smoke their's fire....and this one is about as hot as it gets. The DA should look into his past and search his house. He's a pompous, arrogant ass and probabaly acted that way with the cops. He probably desevred every minutes of this beating.

767 days ago
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