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VP Hopeful Paul Ryan

My Workout Routine Is


8/12/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812_paul_ryan_videoThere should be no doubt that Rep. Paul Ryan is up for the rigors of a presidential campaign ... because the wannabe VP has a crazy workout regimen. 

As TMZ first reported, our sources in DC say Ryan works out at the House gym every morning at 6:00 AM and his routine is "fierce."

When we asked him about his workout routine, the Congressman from Wisconsin named two of the most popular -- and most difficult -- workout plans around.

If the election comes down to a decathlon, the Democrats are in trouble.


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Bubbles The Chimp    

Who is this wanker? Another Big Head Dwarf man crush?

799 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

You know Harvey will be voting Republican...with his penis to guide him.

799 days ago


Another weinergate in the making......

799 days ago


Paul Ryan is a fraud. His only "real" job was driving a wiener mobile. Career hack politician. He voted for TARP. What a d bag.

799 days ago


Too bad he can't work off that face.

799 days ago


And this makes him a good candidate because???

799 days ago


As long as the Decathlon doesn't include events like running your mouth in which case I think Obama has a distinct advantage.

799 days ago


You would think that The GOP would have learned something from Mccain's dumb move when he picked Palin as his running mate.
Ryan is Sarah Palin 2.0.

Romney has destroyed his chance at winning in Nov.

799 days ago


You are going to need that..When Seniors kick you butt

799 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The good news is that he won,t play golf when this country is going to POT!!! Some leaders really don.t care about serving the jobless-- they are more concerned about going out and collecting money for their silly ideas of governing!!! Some have been doing that for almost 4 years!!!!I guess, if I were jobless and a minority , I would follow him to HELL!!

799 days ago

And thats the truth    

I can't help but notice that all of the paid Obamabots are out in force on TMZ and Yahoo comments.....lmao!

799 days ago

arale norimaki    

are the taxpayer paying for this gym?

So how does a career politician get rich?

answer budgeting the budget on the backs of the middle class

Make Politicians Take a Pay Cut Before Cutting Money from Education and Social Services!

Hey they should cut their own benefits and services. no more lifetime benefits for 4 years of service!
They should NOT be getting lifetime health coverage when they have the money to pay on their own!

Why Not Have congress/senate Paid By Minimum-Wage? Ban ALL forms of fundraising/lobbyist for any purpose. that is what has destroyed our government. Politicians have no idea what it means to live like the majority of americans, or the people they represent. maybe changing how they live might change their priorities

George Romney resisted releasing a single year of taxes, arguing that it wouldn't present an accurate picture...but then he made a surprising offer: He would release the past 12 years of tax returns...That way, it wouldn't look like a stunt

799 days ago


do you think I give a flying f*** what his workout consist of he's a rich prick whose on main thing is to get richer off the poor

799 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

Seriously, POLITICS on TMZ?!?!? Oh Dear, Lord....the world must be ending soon. ;p

799 days ago


Funny how Pretty Boy has time to workout every day, but yet only manages to pass two bills in 13 YEARS in Congress. One to rename a Post Office, the other something to do with taxes on arrows. I'm not kidding, look it up. Pretty Boy is really earning his big fat government paycheck and benefits.

799 days ago
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