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VP Hopeful Paul Ryan

My Workout Routine Is


8/12/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812_paul_ryan_videoThere should be no doubt that Rep. Paul Ryan is up for the rigors of a presidential campaign ... because the wannabe VP has a crazy workout regimen. 

As TMZ first reported, our sources in DC say Ryan works out at the House gym every morning at 6:00 AM and his routine is "fierce."

When we asked him about his workout routine, the Congressman from Wisconsin named two of the most popular -- and most difficult -- workout plans around.

If the election comes down to a decathlon, the Democrats are in trouble.


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yuck and yuck. all those redneck, gun toting, uneducated bumb aZZ bible carrying red state nutballs, a majority of them have NO clue what these two even stand for, have no education, no clue even how politics work and have no clue why the're even cheering these nutballs on. majority of them, those redstaters use the majority of the government sponsored programs. they vote on stupid rhetoric, "take this country back, I love america" BS that doesn't mean crap. it's a joke. the vote on hate and their social fears and use god as their excuse. makes me sick.

Ryan is pathetic, he needs to step up to the 21st century, cut his religious BS (which is a sham). His budget was laughed out of congress, even his own 'team' didn't support it. he's proposed outrageous legislation - laws in his own state, who voted for them, when even THEY wouldn't and didn't support, specifically against women. You can't go to college and basically live off social security (I don't care if it was because his father died at age of 16 or not, makes no difference) and then deny others who have actually paid into it. He's pathetic.

767 days ago


Gay Republicans are jumping for joy right now! :)

767 days ago


Romney/Ryan 2012

767 days ago


That is kinda dumb, yet we have serious and not so serious questions asked. This one's not so.
Beside that, Ryan is a Very sharp guy, put up some tough yet honest numbers yet needed. when you get in the weeds, he's a sharp analyst.

766 days ago


EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is NOT hot. WTF TMZ? He looks like he is dying of cancer with his huge hollowed out eyes and creepy shnoz! Yuck. You people need some help if you think that is hot.

766 days ago


Why did he even respond to and answer questions about his workout routine? I guess that means he didn't know anything about real issues and couldn't think of anything to speak about that is actually important to most people. Is it even worth voting anymore? The government is so corrupt that we will get whoever is shoved down our throats, regardless of who gets the most votes.

766 days ago


Ross Perot 2012 **==

766 days ago


So are you, lliterally.

766 days ago


Now please don't mess it up for us Paul now that you seem OK
Fanaticism & mental illness may go hand-in-hand (studies suggest)
Need to watch those small talk comments!

766 days ago


our 80 year old seniors better start working out when his master plan takes effect and their health and SS benefits are cut and they have to lift boxes on the graveyard shift at Walmart to make $ for their meds and food.

766 days ago


He looks bipolar.

766 days ago


Tell me, Who cares?

766 days ago


If your anything like Romney I bet you tax return is too.

766 days ago


Who cares. Running with Romney is going to hurt them. Obama looks better.

766 days ago


I like his brain. And he happens to be hot looking. He's a perfect pick for Romney. Kicking the Marxist/socialist out of the White House in November!

764 days ago
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