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Pauly D

'Jersey' Investment Tip


8/12/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D's an $11 million man ... he's got some investment advice for every Joe Schmoe looking to make fast cash -- BUY GOLD FOOL ... it's only going up up up.

Pauly was out in NYC Thursday when we asked about his recent placement on the Forbes list for highest-paid DJs -- which said Pauly raked in $11 million in the last year -- and he said, "Crazy, right?"

Very -- but the best part ... when we asked how he'd invest his money ... Pauly said GOLD.

Pretty funny ... considering gold is a terrible investment (if you ask us) ... but hey, it's your money.

We also asked how many cars Pauly has -- check out the video for his answer. (Hint: it's between 5 and 412.)


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Good for Pauly D!

781 days ago


Gold could be at the top of the bubble now. May crash like real estate. In any case, it can't go much higher. It was good five years ago, not now.

781 days ago

Sir Boo    

With his looks and talent, he should be worth $111 million.

781 days ago


Word to the wise!
Consider the source.
Would you buy a used car from this man?

781 days ago

john johnson    

gold is an outstanding idea(gold bars that is) if you have the money for it, get a few bars, put em in a valut, then forget em till a rainny day. you will find it to be a beautiful thing. as for anything else like chains or something, no.

781 days ago


I switched to a precious medals fund in my 401K about 5 years ago; gold quadrupled and it recovered my previous losses (like everyone had). Now that gold is up to what, 1750 an ounce, not as good an investment. Maybe like 25% of a fund is all.

781 days ago

BB not bb    

Investing ends up being like gambling. I say the best investment is to be generous to others and lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Anything on earth can be stolen or corrpted. As for gold, I had heard that was the best investment, but now it is declining. It might continue to go up, but I heard some of the certificates have no real gold behind them. If you buy the bars, they are hard to store and seem hard to sell.

Money seems like headaches to me. I guess it is better than squandering it to try to invest it, but Jesus said to cast your bread upon the waters. It is crazy to think of having that much money when you just took a job to work in a tee shirt shop and get $250 an episode to be filmed living and working there.

781 days ago


Buddy stick to what you know and that's being a jersey douche!!

781 days ago


Aliens seems to need it, so hey, it's a good investment.

781 days ago


When Mr. Superdouche said that he was going to invest in gold, I'm pretty sure that he meant chains & necklaces that he could hang around hisr neck.
Hopefully he would then go swimming.

781 days ago


Gold is a bad investment. The money you have to spend to insure it and safely store it is more than you earn as the price goes up. Only the dumb and newly rich invest in gold.

781 days ago


Gold is a bad investment, only if you don't like to grow your wealth consistently year over year for decades now... It is MUCH better to invest in a stock market that is at its peak or less than 10% or so away from it's all time high... THAT'S THE SMART THING, GIVE YOUR MONEY TO WALL STREET!

Stupid writer...

781 days ago


isn't it illegal to give investment advice WITHOUT being licensed????

781 days ago


who the **** would ever ask TMZ what they thought about any investment?

781 days ago


Actually gold coins are a better will pay taxes on gold bars when you go to sell them...coins are NOT reported and you will NEVER pay taxes when you go to sell back the this creepy guys as received GREAT advice from someone...

780 days ago
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