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Bruce Jenner

Usain Bolt is


8/13/2012 7:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usain Bolt is OUT OF HIS MIND ... at least according to Bruce Jenner ... who doesn't think the Jamaican sprinter was living in reality when he called himself the greatest athlete of all time.

Jenner -- who took home the gold in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics -- was leaving LAX this weekend when we asked him about the declaration of greatness Bolt made about himself after dominating at the Olympics last week

"He's the best sprinter," Jenner said ... adding, "He can't pole vault, he can't throw anything ... that's an athlete."

Jenner made it clear ... he believes decathletes rank the highest when deciding "most athletic" ... and when asked if Bolt would be able to compete in his sport, Bruce didn't hold back ..."He would be terrible."

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Bruce dear, why not stay with what you know,being kicked around by ur family. you were the **** how long ago FORTY years? The man has no legs but he still has his pride,whata bout u?

803 days ago


Who the hell are you to talk about delusional omg youre such a puppy no one remembers you so go home and be quiet about people you know nothing about if you cant be happy for soem oen then shut ur face ot go back to getting some plastic surgery to keep ur trp closed....

Kris jenner dont even listen to you...............gosh i wonder why IDIOT

803 days ago


haha i find Bruce Jenner comment to be very funny talk about callingthe kettle black.................

take a look at your own mess.......Let the guy do what he wants your no expert.

yeah i agree Bolt could be more layed back but its not his personality so as long as hes not disrespecting anyone WHO CARES

803 days ago


Ashton Eaton is the greatest athlete right now NOT Bolt. Eaton won the Decathlon Gold London2012...Bruce is right!

802 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Bolt is not the best ever, he is the worst self promotor though. His ego is so ridiculously large who would want to buy a product he promotes? Say what you will about Bruce Jenner, not only is he right, he's the real deal.

802 days ago


Bruce IS right THIS TIME!
If Bolt makes so much money than he should invest in hiring some PR people because he comes off as childish and arrogant. Great men never have to behave that way...There greatness speaks for itself. Let your feet do the talking Bolt and shut your mouth.

802 days ago


*YAWN* Who cares what Plastic Boy thinks anyway~

802 days ago


So I suppose Muhammed Ali was dilusional as well? I think Bruce is out of his gourd to stay with that dingbat of a so called wife!

802 days ago


who's making this about race? this is why most of you won't get anywhere in life and I don't mean the blacks

802 days ago


Ok, can any onee name 6 people from your neighborhood that can run with the explosiveness that usain runs with.

95% of you obese pieces of filth would pass out after two seconds of explosive running. shut the hell up with the nonsense... comments and bruce jenner joker looking ass.

802 days ago


Some of the comments here are moronic as ****. Athletes tend to specialize in ONE field. They don't jump from sport to sport. Athleticism has more to do with the body than it does with how many sports you excel in. Athleticism is a combination of explosiveness, strength, speed,
stamina, quickness, coordination; and how you use these to your advantage in your sport. Michael Jordan only excelled in Basketball, do we deny him his greatness as an athlete because he only excelled in ONE sport? No... so shut the hell up.. again, the commentators and Bruce Jenner.

802 days ago


Grandma Kardashian is giving this guy heck. You tell him Grandma.

802 days ago


Bruce is correct. Bolt is not. Aston Eaton is the greatest. Bolt is a very ****y runner. Ven after they won the4x100 relay. He don't even mention his teammates.

802 days ago


Out of all the athletes he feels it's safe to pick on Usain for whatever reason. I don't think Usain said "Bruce, would you please comment?" I've never heard him speak ill of Bruce, if he even knows who Bruce is. Wonder why Bruce is flapping his gums? Except the obvious--some press.

802 days ago

Rudy Tidwell    

I agree with Jenner! Comparing a one-dimensional runner with a decathlon athlete is an exercies in despair! Bolt won one type of contest:: Running A decathlon ah tlete ahws to excell in TEN competitions! The comparison is ridiculous!

802 days ago
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