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Chad Johnson 911 Call

'He Hit Her on the Head'

Don't Tell the Media!!!

8/13/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Chad Johnson
's wife Evelyn Lozada had a bleeding gash on her forehead when she ran to her neighbor for help this weekend ... this according to the neighbor -- who begged 911 dispatch to keep the whole situation hush-hush.

As we first reported, Evelyn fled to her neighbor's house following a domestic dispute with Chad Saturday night, during which the NFL star allegedly head-butted her in the forehead.

The neighbor called 911 -- telling the dispatcher, Chad "hit her on the head ... She has a nice cut on the forehead that I believe is going to need stitches."

But the neighbor wasn't just worried about Evelyn's cut, he was also freaking out about an inevitable media firestorm surrounding the domestic dispute ... telling the dispatcher, Chad is a "very high-profile person and we'd like to keep this as quiet as possible."

He pleaded, "We don't need the news here."

So much for that.

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furious cupcakes    

We don't know the full story here. Anyone who has watched Basketball Wives is VERY familiar with how violent Evelyn Lozada is. She has punched, verbally berated, threatened to kill and also thrown a wine bottle at her castmates. She is an extremely abusive person and has been also verbally abusive to Chad O on her show. You NEVER know what happened here, so until the real story comes out I wouldn't judge him. He's always carried himself very well on her show and handled her verbal assault with a lot of calm humor. I really think her story sounds fishy.

771 days ago

furious cupcakes    

I guarantee you Evelyn Lozada flipped her lid on this guy and was ALL up in his face, and I mean right up in his face and an accident happened. Anyone who is familiar with him knows this isn't his style at all...it's hers....she trips OUT on people.

771 days ago


"high profile" he is a guy who bits up women, dumbaz. The guy on the phone is such a coward.

771 days ago

No comment    

I worked police department. Most of the cases are public record except where is could lead to certain types of investigations. Some cases are reported without names such as sexual assault, or cases involving children. Early each morning depts get calls from news papers, radio, and TV looking to see if you had anything transpire that is news worthy. They need to fill their news slots. If you kept a domestic violence quiet, it would be considered protecting the famous in this case. Departments are most likely to keep it quiet if it is another officer, especially someone with rank, or with political influence.

771 days ago


High profile so its ok and shut up up so as not to embarass him? He beat up a chick half hsi size Ohhhhhhhh big man....piss on him!

771 days ago


Hopefully Chad is her last victim. She is pure poison. This woman is as low class as low class can come. If you want people to believe that you are sophisticated, you have to carry yourself that way. Her behavior is worse than any one that I've seen on TV, and that's saying a lot.

771 days ago


If they didnt want it to get out to the media then they should have went to the hospital without calling 911.

771 days ago


Well the dispatchers job is NOT to go calling the media. There concern should be about the ailing victim. Just like nurses. So Im sure he felt he could tell them that

771 days ago


To bad Chad wasn't as concerned with his celebrity status as his next door neighbor was or he would have thought twice about his actions. Turns out Evelyn didn't want to be the one to pick up the phone and call police,but she sure didn't stop the neighbor from calling either. If this were the 1950's the police wouldn't have made a big deal out of it, they would have merely suggested he go for a walk around the block or spend the night someplace else,but TODAY 2012 if a woman has ANY visible marks of being physically battered then dude is going down & since they Hate these Celebrity types anyway they (authorities) will go out of they're way for the media to get a hold of this information. They both are going to lose behind this!

771 days ago


The caller was creepy and must have said "high profile"10x....how did he know she "wasn't injured anywhere else on her body" when the operator asked if he was a neighbor who "just pulled up"????? btw, how does a 6'4 dude "headbutt" this 5'5" broad IN the forehead? All I have seen of her is HER always starting the fight and throwing the first punch (or wine bottle).

771 days ago


What goes around comes around!!!!!!!!! I hope Jen from BBW is laughing her butt off!!!!!!!!!!

771 days ago


well now.....when a football player beats his wife he will think twice of letting her walk....he will more than likely kill her so he dont loose his job or reality show if he has one....don't know the answer.....

771 days ago


What a nice neighbor..However, flashy marriages don't last.

771 days ago


I am the grandmother of Chad Jr. and I want people to wait for this to play out. Chad has lost everything and I don't believe that he head butted her. Like her, Chad makes money with his face as well and if you knew him you would know that his face is very important to him and I have known this young man before the NFL and he is not a violent person at all but Evelyn has shown how violent she can be and I believe she might have hit her head in that small a** car while trying to attack him but I really do not believe he did anything to harm her. Just wait...he has lost everything because she couldn't handle her own words and I don't believe that there would have been a wedding if she hadn't told him that he could cheat. If Chad head butted her I think he should go to jail but unless you show a video I won't ever believe he did that to her. Chad has a lot of haters out there that is getting off at his down fall but could everyone please remember that this man has children that can read every bit of this trash so can we just wait to see how this all play out and how hard Evelyn try to bury this issue. Maybe she wants to be the spokesperson for abused women you know she don't do anything that don't have a price tag connected to it, including sex and marriage.

771 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Are we SURE this wasn't a stunt for their lame reality show gone bad? Worrying more about the media than the event...hmmm...these 2 d-bags DESERVE each other! And we know exactly the kind of gold-diggin' heaux that tells her fiance on TV that he can cheat!!! So why she trippin' 'bout da condom receipt?! Yeah, R-I-G-H-T! ;) O.M.G.!!!

771 days ago
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