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Chad Johnson 911 Call

'He Hit Her on the Head'

Don't Tell the Media!!!

8/13/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Chad Johnson
's wife Evelyn Lozada had a bleeding gash on her forehead when she ran to her neighbor for help this weekend ... this according to the neighbor -- who begged 911 dispatch to keep the whole situation hush-hush.

As we first reported, Evelyn fled to her neighbor's house following a domestic dispute with Chad Saturday night, during which the NFL star allegedly head-butted her in the forehead.

The neighbor called 911 -- telling the dispatcher, Chad "hit her on the head ... She has a nice cut on the forehead that I believe is going to need stitches."

But the neighbor wasn't just worried about Evelyn's cut, he was also freaking out about an inevitable media firestorm surrounding the domestic dispute ... telling the dispatcher, Chad is a "very high-profile person and we'd like to keep this as quiet as possible."

He pleaded, "We don't need the news here."

So much for that.

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sad amc fan    

the case will be thrown out. she is a liar. you can hear her lying on the tape when she tells her neighbor she is "36". she has been 36 for a few years now.

808 days ago

chris medina    

bitch should of never ? the reciept she found that had a purchase of condoms. hes a rich mofo wit money what do you aspect.

808 days ago


So now Evelyn now knows how it feels to have violence against her.... and Chad knows how it feels to be arrested for domestic violence... she likes to throw bottles @ people and he likes to butt heads... they both are non mutha funking factors (these were evelyn words on basketball wives to tammi).....NOW!!! he has losted his job and their reality show has been pulled and will not be shown....

807 days ago


Wow some of your comments are just dumb as hell.. If you actually watched Basketball Wives you would know that Ev only gets bad with other WOMEN..... Her and Chad would only go back and forth with words.. A receipt for condoms were found and now Chad is the spokesperson for TRUTH.... Be for real...

807 days ago


TMZ failed. Clearly didn't listen closely. Dude said it wasn't bleeding. And he wasn't sure if the heads simply collided. Y'all bugging.

807 days ago


Hate to think she headbutted Chad, dont think she would risk hurting herself like that, wouldnt be her style when it comes to a fight. She would just hit him upside his head and probably did and he just headbutted her to stop her cus he felt that is all he could do to stop a fighting person like her without hitting her with his hand. Regardless of who hit who, why would he get condoms and you supposed to be honeymooning.Really? Who does that? They have only been married 5 weeks. This is less time than Kim K marriage. Violence doesnt solve anything but I surprised she didnt call 911 to come and get her off of him cus she was about to kill him, for getting condoms. How you gon' treat Ev that way when she can have any man she wants. Maybe after this someone will get the chance, but Im thinking Chad will go get help and she will stay with him, but now there is no contract and its an embarassment to be Chad Johnsons wife now, I was sorry to hear the next day her brother n law died, that is sad. He walked her down the aisle, and I know it was cancer but I wander if the news of what happen with Chad worsened his health, since he passed so quickly after the altercation. I pray for the both of them and hope that Ev is praying right now too cus you reap what you sew. So much for " Ev and Ocho" getting canceled. Didnt want to watch anyway. Do wish the best for Ev moving forward but........God does not like ugly..........What up Jennifer!!!! Holla @ your girl she needs you now! lol oh wait thats right thats her ex-bff too soon to forget! Just sayin

807 days ago


He loves men

807 days ago

T-Lo Kidd    

Uhh...why did the dispatch ask if he was white, black, or latino? What kindda racist ass question was that?! What the hell does that have to do with anything? Whether or not to beat the sh*t outta him when they get there? Smmfh...maddness

807 days ago



807 days ago


Hmmm, the dispatcher actually recommended a "...tourniquet to control the bleeding", for a HEAD WOUND. So where is he supposed to tie it, around her neck?! :/

806 days ago


Ev is full of herself, you guys are so right she do pick fights and yes he just might be sorry for HB her but she is know for getting in others face. If it was me and you got all up in my face like she did that other girl it would have been on the bottle would have came back quick, but like I always say she knows who to fool with, hell she gave the man permission and now look, that Pu%^y was not all that, like she thought. T.O busted that head before and got rid of her and glad he is doing the same. glad the relationship is over she dont have her best friend or the man she definded to Jen... how sad boo.

806 days ago


I just glad she did not just sit there and say but I love him... he was wrong and Im glad she got what she wanted out of the marriage except love

806 days ago


What a jerk.

803 days ago

Stacy Stowe    

So everybody is commenting that he head butted her, so ima put my two cents in....was he wearing something sharp on his forehead? Gotta ask, cause from what I hear, she had "A bad gash on her forehead that might need stitches". One of two things went on here, he head butted her (hit her w/something) all right, but it WASN'T his head...or, she did something to herself to get him arrested. Could it be a reality show publicity stunt...maybe...it's getting an awful lot of attention.....

802 days ago


This was all a facade from the get go, you have single moms out here struggling while these *******s are perpatrating...get otta a here

791 days ago
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