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We're PULLING Chad

Johnson's Reality Show

8/13/2012 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson just lost another job ... VH1 tells TMZ the network is cancelling plans to air Chad's upcoming reality show in the wake of his domestic violence arrest.

The series, titled "Ev and Ocho" is already in the can and was supposed to debut on Sept. 3.

But now, after Chad was arrested for allegedly headbutting his wife Evelyn Lozada ... VH1 tells us:

"Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series 'Ev and Ocho' from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it."

The show was a spinoff of "Basketball Wives" ... which followed the couple's relationship from dating to engagement. The new show was supposed to focus on "the journey of this charismatic and passionate couple's every step, as they prepare to walk down the aisle and into each other's hearts forever."

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It was a good thing on every front. Those two are too fvcked up to even pretend to have have their crap together. VH1 was at least smart enough to see that things were only beginning to heat up. They were going to be pulled into the court drama, women were going to be turned off as the plot thickened [can't imagine why any straight man would watch that crap]. Ratings were going to sink from nothing to less than that and Chad said he didn't give a fvck about his "career". I'll be more interested in watching them try to do damage control because they were both BANKING on that money and it's G-O-N-E, GONE.

769 days ago


Honestly, i can't stomach either one of them. Lozada acts like a dude, nothing feminine about her, and i could of forseen this coming. I also cannot stand Chad O or whatever the hell he calls himself now. He is and always has been soooo into himself. He's sickening. Who the hell cares about these 2 morons. They should have never had a reality show from the get-go. So happy Miami cut him. The Pats got rid of him, and she totally SUCKS on Basketball wives. What the hell is she on that show for anyhow? She's not with a basketball player....Sorry, but these 2 a NOTHING.....ewwwww

769 days ago


Oh, but they're allowed to smack the crap out of each other on Bad Girls Club? Where do we draw the line exactly? I just want to make sure I understand the rules of who I'm allowed to beat nearly to death and who I'm not.

769 days ago


WHAT!!!!!! Now this is a surprise. As trashy as VH1 shows are I thought they would still air the show for the ratings it would bring in, especially after all that's been going on Chad.

769 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    


769 days ago

mike hunt    

Chad Chad Chad,, You have your pick of the litter and you choose a passed around ghetto foul mouth, fight starting, drink throwing, CLEAT Chaser.

769 days ago

mike hunt    


769 days ago


I wish they would pull all of their crappy so called Reality Programming

769 days ago

Dietrich Buxtehude    

To paraphrase JayZ, Chad's got 99 problems and a bitch IS one!

769 days ago


It was just a matter of time that KARMA caught up with this Miss THANG.... thinking she's all that... Now what you going to do Ev? Your ex is broke, and your new hubby is out of a job for football and tv? YOU, are a liability....

769 days ago


His life is ruined. I'm sure he dreads the day ever meeting this chick.

769 days ago


#1 how the heck does god have to do with any of this? It's amazing how messed up people can get when religion comes into play. Brainwashed people are scary.

769 days ago


Do women still wonder why so many young men these days don't want to get married?
Feminism has created this anti-male atmosphere where women can assault men and commit domestic violence...and get caught on video...and have that video all over national media....and *not* be arrested.
But if you're a man and it's so much as an *accusation* that you've been violent, your career is over, you lose your jobs, and people wish you to be put in prison, beat, raped and left for dead.
Domestic violence laws are largely dictated by feminist bureaucrats...who make million dollar paychecks off of running the "women's programs"...money they make off of the taxpayers.
If their domestic violence statistics go down for men...which they literally source from police arrests...not established guilt....then those feminist bureaucrat administrators will no longer receive gov grants, and won't have paychecks anymore.
Get it?
The only way the feminist bureaucrats can sustain their own income...is to keep submitting statistics reports that show that men are predators and abusers and women are saintly little victims.
Factually, most domestic violence is *mutual*, and it's very common for a woman to hit first and the man to hit back, then for the man to get arrested while the woman is treated as a victim.
All done to create the illusion with police arrest statistics that men are the main abusers, when in fact women are just as violent and just as often.

769 days ago


Wow, who'd a thunk another "WEDDING" that was taped for Reality t.v. goes kablooie quicker than Kraptasian's did. Well, I'll give Kim this, at least the wedding aired.
Good on the NFL and VH1

769 days ago

tired of celeb gold diggers    

Chad, its a damn shame you have lost all that money for what ?!?!? Seriously, if you knew you was going to be cheating, you should of not married her. Wow, I just don't understand these guys with money. The NBA and NFL need to send their new recruits to a class on how to handle yourself and your money.
Rule number one: If you are going to be humping a round, get a damn Vasectomy!!! It will save you time and a whole lot of money in the future.
Rule number two: Don't be a damn ass and marry the first pretty female that is part of a reality show. Too much Drama that will make you look bad in the end (for example Chad lost over 10 Million in one weekend).
Number three: Enjoy life resources before you settle down so you can get cheating out of your system.

The NFL and NBA really need to start up programs to educate these fools because in the end the fans and owners lose great players to all this drama.

769 days ago
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