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Kim Kardashian

Rear Ended on the Beach!

8/13/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian in a black one-piece bathing suit.Kim Kardashian could barely keep herself contained, as her ginormous ridiculous ass nearly spilled out of her sexy one piece black bathing suit in a beach pic she tweeted yesterday.

Kanye West's "perfect bitch" really is the most bootyful woman in the world.



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What a pathetic attention whore.

764 days ago


One word photo shopped. Her body looks nothing like that in real life and her nasty ass is fake. This plastic slut has had fat injections injected in her ass to make it look bigger there is nothing natural about her. Its whores like her that give us decent women a bad name and that's why some men think they can treat us how they like. The fact that her own "boyfriend" refers to her as a bitch shows even he thinks shes worthless and a slut. Maybe she needs to take a deep look at herself and see that 95% of the public think shes a disgusting human being and a high paid prostitute.

764 days ago

Trooper Tom    

And the pic is photo shopped LOL

764 days ago


Is this photoshopped? Most people would cover up something as unsightly as this.

764 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

She must be part negress to have an ass like that.

764 days ago


She needs her own line of giant toilet seats

764 days ago


Ok we know that Kim's relationship with Kanye hasn't exactly brought her the big media attention that she craves, but this constant "Look at me, look at me"! "I'm in a swimsuit" stuff is getting really old. Maybe she should go back to her dedicated research in becoming the new mayor of Glendale...

764 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

LOL. The most ridiculous ass augmentation ever.

764 days ago


Ew! No she's not!

764 days ago


Who the hell likes big, fat, cottage cheese butts???? It must be a ghetto thing. GROSS!!!

764 days ago


Riiiiiiiiight - like if she walked in to your bedroom one evening and seduced you and said, "Do whatever you want to me...I'm all yours tonight"...all of you guys who claim she's gross would say, "no're just not for me."

764 days ago

Sherri McFadden    

My eyes!!! My eyes!!!!! God, don't scare people like that, I thought it was the end of days!!!!!!

764 days ago


Everybody is entitled to their opinion. What one group of people think is fat or ugly does NOT make it so! As an African-American woman I NEVER look to white mainstream America to validate me. Mainstream white America is always talking crap about our hair, our shape, blah, blah, blah. God made me and I am beautiful, full lips, kinky hair, brown eyes, and all the things that mainstream America makes fun of. WHATEVER!

Anyway she was not put on this earth for the ones who think she is ugly or fat. Personally, I think she is a pretty girl. I hope she finally finds true love from whomever accepts here as she is.

By the way for the ones that say she is dumb. Well she is NOT too dumb because she is raking in the money AND she has probably made money off some of the ones who are putting her down! Personally, she has not made one dime off of me, because my style is different from hers, but I still say WORK IT GIRL!

764 days ago


Yes Kim. We get it. You have a pretty face. But what annoys me so much about you is this HUGE ego of yours. WHY are you posting tons of pics of yourself in twitter? It makes you look like a fool; in love with yourself. I wish this skank would just disappear.

764 days ago


Just nasty. There is no doubt in my mind that the Kartrashians are paying TMZ to run stories. I like Bruce Jenner, but the rest of the gypsies are just terrible. I would never take pride in making money by leaking my kid's sex tape, getting peed on, and exploiting her butt - literally. She has a fat butt, already has cheese, and wears pounds of makeup and spanx to cover her numerous flaws. West is a little boy down below and her butt swallows him.

764 days ago
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