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Lindsay Lohan

Rolling in


8/13/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was flat broke at the time she was sentenced last year in her shoplifting case, but things have changed dramatically, because we've learned she'll rake in more than $2 million this year.

Sources directly involved in Lindsay's finances have given us the breakdown:

-- Playboy (December issue but she was paid in 2012) $1 Million

-- "Liz and Dick" Lifetime movie -- $300,000

-- "The Canyons" -- $6,480 (scale)

-- "Scary Movie" (Lindsay is about to sign on) -- $200,000


In addition, Lindsay was paid for her appearance on "Glee." And she's pulling in money for being the face of Philipp Plein. But wait, there's more. Lindsay is also getting $$$ for endorsing Jag Jeans. And she makes $2,000 -- $10,000 per tweet endorsement for several companies.

Our sources say, all tolled, Lindsay will make north of $2 million this year.

The way we see it, definitely enough to afford a driver.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Let's see, she got a supposed MILLION dollars in the beginning of the year for showing her rapidly sagging body for Playboy in a very underwhelming photo shoot and $6,480 at the end for having sex with man, woman, and beast at the middle of the year.
Kind of makes you wonder what kind of exciting opportunities will present themselves by time December rolls around. I'm guessing a donkey show just over the border in Tia Juana - no doubt by then the donkey will get top billing.

765 days ago


That's peanuts compared to how much real actresses are making. Even the Jersey Shore cast, Kartrashians, and Paris Hilton are making more than her. Also she wont have that cash for long this dumbass is in serious debt to a lot of companies, she has to pay her owned tax, plus the account she spends on her coke and crack, and dont forget she has to pay her pimp mama 10%. Oh yes all the lawsuits where she has to pay of her victims and her lawyer she'll be broke again by the new year. I have no sympathy for her she made millions and millions which most people would be grateful to have just a fraction off and she spend it all on drugs and a load of crap. She doesn't deserve another chance to be in any movies again after all the things shes done. I understand if she made a few mistakes as no ones perfect but shes constantly in trouble or treating people like their nothing. Give movie parts to young actresses that are looking for their big break not this washed up, nasty looking hag.

765 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

It's sickening people are willing to throw their hard earned money in the direction of these people, really sad. They laugh at their 'fans' all day and night long, I would too frankly. I don't get this American "Celebrity worship" thing, and most of them I wouldn't leave my wallet laying around frankly.

765 days ago


This is chump change for the way she spends and what she owes. How much do her drug habits cost her per year?

765 days ago

help this young woman    

Dear I.R.S.......


I have 2 million more dollars. Come and get it!

765 days ago


One thing is for sure... People do NOT like Lindsay! What a difference a couple of DUI's, 5 jail stays and 5 rehab stays make!

765 days ago


TMZ, again, failed to calculate the following items: 1) agent percentage 2) taxes 3) pending lawsuits 4) insurance claims 5) other monies due. Basically, she is or will be broke again by the end of September.

765 days ago


TMZ, again, failed to calculate the following items: 1) agent percentage 2) taxes 3) pending lawsuits 4) insurance claims 5) other monies due. Basically, she is or will be broke again by the end of September.

765 days ago


Uncle Slam is on his way over to the Chateu marmont to kick the door in..
and siez all her assets....good by Hobie

765 days ago


Is it me or does Lindsay's Playboy pictures look phoney? To me it looks like her head and someone else's body. They are some of the worst pictures ever in Playboy. I'm old I have seen a lot of Playboys.

765 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> TMZ, why does a supposed gossip site run these BS 'exclusives" when there are REAL, TRUE stories like this one:
> This story is what your readership wants to see, not the crap that you cut and paste from Dina Lohan's e-mail to harvey.
> What I found most illuminating about the Eastwood dust-up was that Clints daughter was there with about a dozen friends, while Lohan showed up with one guy - I'm guessing it's that guy she hangs out with who always wears the baseball hat.
> I'm guessing Lohan saw camera's rolling because Eastwood's kid has that reality show and the coke whore figured anyway to get on video is a good way. She ends up getting thrown out of yet another Hollywood establishment and what do you think the odds are that Producer Clint will ever let any of Lohan's antics ever see the light of day.
BTW, what kind of addled mind would ever think that making yet another drunken/drug fueled scene is good for your career?

765 days ago


Can't think of a more undeserving person to receive this kind of money. When Meryl Streep is asked about Lohan and all she says is that she prays for her, no mention about her talent, just that she prays for her, you know you're in trouble as an actress.

765 days ago

help this young woman    

One million > $300,000.00 > $6,480.00.

In one year, Linds' earnings have shrunk by "close to" 90%. Way to go, Linds!! Time for a "stalker" story. Make sure to schedule "Scary Movie31" to coincide with the Next PerpWalk, so you can claim you "need to work because you're broke".

765 days ago


She should use some of that money to take a vacation in rehab.... She needs help.... Own sick gal....

765 days ago


You forgot about taxes, which will bring her income down (thats if the skanks pays em) to about 1.3 million...which is nothing compared to what other actresses make on one movie.......or actresses make on a hit tv series.......and the way people sue this bitch left and right...and what her lawyers and management team takes...this aint crap!

765 days ago
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