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Paul Ryan


And 'Biggest Brown-Noser'

8/13/2012 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paul Ryan high school photo.
Years before Paul Ryan became Mitt Romney's chiseled running mate -- he was a high school ALL-STAR ... prom king, soccer stud, student council president ... and the "biggest brown-noser" in the entire class.

The images are from Paul's yearbooks while at Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin in the late 80s -- where he played soccer, participated in the Latin club, volunteered as a nature trail guide for grade-schoolers, and was elected Junior class president.

Paul Ryan high school soccer photo
According to the yearbook, Paul was even voted Prom King his junior year.

And if all that wasn't enough to predict a bright future in politics -- Paul was also voted the "biggest brown-noser" in his class. He graduated in 1988.

Paul Ryan high school prom photo.
Smart, good-looking, expert ass-kisser -- sounds like Vice-Presidential material alright.


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I hated guys like this in high school, too. They were confident, intelligent, well-liked and successful & who would want that for a VP?

768 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

One thing we know for sure is that he was born in the USA-and has a Ligitimate Birth Certificate- Unlike the Kenyan!!! We know his high school and College records are clean- He is not paying a dozen lawyers to keep his life records hidden from the public-He is a crooked Chicagoan, just like Emanuel, Brago, Ayeres, Rev, Write !!!We will find out LATER, that we elected a president Ill- legitmatly - He lied his way to the TOP of POWER!!! He made FOOLS of the American People!!!!

768 days ago


maybe we should focus on the issues not so much on the petty BS. This election should be about who can turn the country around whether or not it's barack/biden or romney/ryan. After all, Harvey Levin has had his nose up so many asses that I'm sure it's brown

768 days ago


Well, now, in 100 words or less, we know more about Paul Ryan's high school career, than we do about Barack Obama's.

How can it be?

768 days ago


Only question - Why is the photo in B&W in 1987? What the what? There was color in the 80's

768 days ago


Sarah Palin with a little more smarts. But that's not saying much.

768 days ago


TMZ, for every prom picture, school record, prom dates, best friends of Paul Ryan, please publish the same photos of Obama at the same time frame.

Oh, wait! You can't! I visit your site once a day to be amused. Keep this political cr@p up and adios, amigos.

768 days ago


For those of you that are sayin this Paul Ryan is anti-gay: Stop smearing the dude if you don't even know him. In 2007, he supported the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, banning workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians and said he has gay friends. “They didn’t roll out of bed one morning and choose to be gay. That’s who they are,” he said, acknowledging he “took a lot of grief” for the ENDA vote from members of his own party, so much so that he “stopped worrying about it.” He says his attitude towards gays is a “generational thing”
Does this sound like someone who hates gays?

768 days ago


So many people spouting garbage they know nothing about, Sounds like a fox news and Rush Limbaugh love fest. They resort to the same thing as the other sheeple, name calling and insults. The only thing they know. Incapable of intelligent comments.

768 days ago


He is odd looking, kind of creepy...

768 days ago


Ryan is a country candy as s. As out of touch with Americans as Ann's dancing horse.

Wait...those on here queuing up to sound off about Obama's college transcripts. What dog food do you smoke? Tax returns and college transcripts are as unconnected as crack and tylenol. Obama's psych 101 grade is of interest to you? It's relevant how?

It's amazingly difficult to make progress because of plain stupidity and willful ignorance. Prejudice, rancor, and feeble vision will only persuade those drunk on the kool aid.

Obama is a shoe-in for 2012

768 days ago

moe l.    

Maybe a brown-noser, but you'll notice "plagiarizer" isn't on his resume unlike the current VP.

768 days ago


Hey look its a normal high school student. This is horrible. Whats next asking his kindergarten teacher if he picked his nose?

768 days ago


TMZ, your article is all about his past achievements in High School. What about his PRESENT achievement as a House Representative? For the record, he's been in congress for 13 long years and so far he has ONLY passed 2 bills. The first bill was renaming his town's post office and the second bill was lowering the tax on BOW as in bow and arrow. Why the moronic second bill? Because he's a hunter. TMZ, for a change please be relevant. At least politically.

768 days ago


Liz, thanks for comment, this Brown Nose stuff came from the drowning Demo Party....

768 days ago
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