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Robert Pattinson

Passes on Blasting Kristen

for Cheating Scandal

8/13/2012 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The interview just aired ... and RPatz pretty much came to one conclusion -- he needs a publicist asap. But like we told you, he still did NOT bash Kristen.

While eating pints of Ben & Jerry's, Jon joked with Rob ... "Boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb!"

Stewart buttoned up the convo by saying, "When you are young and you break up it's powerful and you feel like the world is ending. This is first time I've seen the world actually react that way. It's insanity." Well said.

Robert Pattinson
took the high road in his first interview since Kristen Stewart 'fessed up to cheating on him -- because he did NOT publicly tear her a new one for the scandal.

Pattinson just finished taping his 'Daily Show' interview with Jon Stewart ... and sources in the studio tell us RPat seemed anxious about answering the inevitable Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders affair question.

But Rob refused to rip his ex-gf. When Jon Stewart asked how he's holding up ... Pattinson said something to the effect of, "I intend not to say anything."

Jon didn't press further, saying ... "I wish you the best, these things happen when you're young."

Outside the studio ... some of RPat's fans actually booed him as he entered, because his SUV limo pulled in without stopping.


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People have you ll forgotton how Krsiten was already going out with the actor from teh forbidden kigdom movie with jackie chan, and that guy found out the same way rob found out about the cheating ....IN PICTURES... shes young she shouldn't get into a serious relationship if shes going to be cheating on every single guy she gets.. i dont understand why hes being booed when shes the one who cheated

807 days ago


People have u all forgotten that kristen was already going out with another actor ( the guy who played i jackie chans movie called the forbidden kingdom) before filming the twilight movie , and her previous boyfriend found out the same way this rob guy found out about the cheating BY PICTURES ....
She did it once and heres a second time, shes yound and will keep on doing it until she finds the one , why the hell do people boo this guy when hes not the one who cheated , this is crazy

807 days ago


I always knew he could have any girl in the world, especially with all those twilight fans, and Kristin was just to stupid to see it

807 days ago


Also kudos to Jon Stewart. He knows how to handle his guests, and himself, in a classy way.

807 days ago


TMZ...Could this possibly be a pr stunt from the beginning for the upcoming final movie for breaking dawn??? I'm really curious...I'm curious to see how they will both act if they both show up on sept. 6th at the mtv awards show. let me know TMZ. Whatcha think??

807 days ago


When are you fans going to realize Hollywood lies to you and laughs at you daily by making up these fake romances to get your money? They think you're that stupid! All this is just another big PR fakeout to promote his next wooden performance, and to scrounge more money for the disappointing Snow White, and the next Twicrap. Who knows if Kristen cheated on the director's wife, because look at all the PR Liberty Ross is getting, and who's ever heard of her before? She didn't cheat on RP because, like 75% of actors, he's not into girls.

807 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

I agree about Rob being classy and a real gentlemen. Refreshing. Rupert and Kristen seem to be the real losers in this whole ordeal.

805 days ago

Vegas chick    

Its so sad that everyone is wrapped up in Rob's and Kristen's pain. It's hard to know what to believe after all the false press. Guess time will tell, and in the meantime we all need to get a life and let them live theirs.

805 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

So really the story here is ..."If he wont stoop to that level we at TMZ will"...

802 days ago


its really sad rob is so hurt and i dont think she cares what people she hurt along the way rob let her go you are to to good for her she dont care you know that

802 days ago


Rob didn't pass on ANYTHING. All interview material is approved long before the camaras role. Rob LET Jon Stewart be the one to trash Kristen and both of them loved every calculated minute of it. That makes Jon a creep and Rob a coward. I sure hope it makes them feel superior to strike someone when they are already down. I hate them both and hope they rot.

802 days ago


False rumors and fake photos:

794 days ago


Rob, Kristen, from what I’ve read/watched about your relationship, I’ve always believed that Rob already made his decision about you, Kristen. He picked you flaws and all, was old enough to know what he was looking for, and was ready to make a life long commitment when the right person presented herself. But Kristen, as I’ve watched you, I’ve always worried that though you love Robert deeply enough to make that decision, there’s a tiny part of you that perhaps regrets (or is maybe even angry) that your relationship with Robert began when you were so young, at a time when you hadn’t really had a chance to “live” yet. And more over, it’s been under the intense scrutiny of dim-witted, emotionally immature and overcwrought fans who can’t spell the cruel words they throw at you. I know Robert may have felt blindsided by what transpired, but I was not remotely surprised (and not because I think you’re any of the nasty names *fans* are tossing around).
Here’s why—I’m 29, a teacher, and a mother to two kids. I married the love of my life 4.5 years ago; we’d dated for 4 years, and known each other for 4 years before that. My husband is the type of man who makes decisions and sticks to them. In my opinion, he’s out of my league. He’s far more handsome and charismatic, and though I’m no dull crayon, he’s the sharpest tool in the box (don’t mind my mixed metaphors). All that said, I’m the one who has tried (on several occasions) to break it off. When we were in the late stages of dating before engagement, I indulged, intentionally in two minor indiscretions, because I felt I hadn’t “lived” as much as he had and wanted freedom. (He knew by the time we were engaged). And I know this won’t make sense to some people, but because I do feel like he’s such a catch, and that I don’t always feel worthy, I have in the past attempted to break off the relationship myself as a defense mechanism, so that he can’t hurt me down the line when we have more invested (like kids and millions of memories). Kristen, I don’t know whether you can identify with any of those emotions, but if you can—I’m telling you I relate and you’re not alone—and it doesn’t mean you don’t love him as deeply as necessary to stay together for the long haul.
Robert, (I know I’m really flattering myself here with the notion that you’ll both read this), but anyway, don’t walk away completely. You weren’t actually married yet; you haven’t actually made that commitment to each other. (Sanders had, but he’s a slimy coward for ducking out after he made that commitment and had kids). Don’t rush about! Ask questions, try to understand why it happened (she might not even know), and if you think she has the ability to not just love you like a story book, but to make a decision and not stray again, then don’t walk away from the relationship forever. I don’t know why, but I have a gut instinct, (and I have REALLY good instincts, which is a whole different story) that if you fight through this, you’re one of the few Hollywood couples that could last a lifetime—that said, I’ve also always thought you all would need to battle through something like first for you to BOTH recognize what you have with one another.
Do I think you can each survive without the other? Sure, but if there’s something there worth salvaging you might as well start learning to make the DECISION of love rather than waiting for it to sweep you off your feet again.

791 days ago


.I know this is all old news, but I'm itching to finally comment. Rob--you're great. Kristen--I love you, too. Or rather, I love both of you based on what I know of you both good and bad from the tabloids and entertainment magazines. Kristen, first and foremost, you’re really getting the Sh*t end of this deal. Why the h-e-double hockey sticks Mr. Sanders is not taking the fall with you, I’ll never understand—apparently women’s suffrage just hasn’t yet worked it’s magic in the realm of romantic missteps yet.
Anyway, I know the odds of either of you ever reading these comments are slim, but I am taking my time and writing to you as humans, who are only a few steps behind me in age, and who I believe are navigating the murky waters of true love--the type of love that the rest of us normal, non-famous couples must deal with—the kind that can feel unexciting from time to time, but can also stitch together broken hearts. Over the course of years, people inevitably let each other down—friends fight with friends, mothers and daughters drive each other crazy, and lovers feel neglected and disrespected by their partners--be it an affair or simply a sense of emotional disconnect in the relationship.
But the bond of true love can make relationships persevere because true love is a DECISION made deep in the heart. And because true love is a decision, not an emotion, parents take back prodigal sons, couples celebrate 50th wedding anniversaries, and infidelity can be forgiven. This love doesn’t look a damn stinkin’ thing like the lavish romances depicted on screen and between the pages of a novel. (Which by the way, is part of why I think actors have so much trouble making relationships last).
I am not purporting that couples who are abusive to each other or who are serial cheaters should remain together. I am saying that as humans we make MANY mistakes, and a big part of any lasting relationship (romantic or otherwise) is learning to cope with our own shortcomings and those of the people we are close to. Our society promotes quick fixes---and instant gratification—this is not the way.

791 days ago
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