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Evelyn Lozada


Needs Professional Help

8/14/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_evelyn_lozada_chad_johnson_tmzEvelyn Lozada has a few words for Chad Johnson after his arrest for allegedly head-butting her -- first, stop blaming me ... and second, get help for your problems, now.

Evelyn tells TMZ, “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me." As TMZ first reported ... Chad told police that it was Evelyn who actually head-butted him during their blowout argument Saturday night.

Chad was arrested and booked for domestic battery.

Evelyn also says ... "It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well."

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R U 4real    

Chad it's not to late to get this joke of a marriage annulled..probably the best move you can make right about now....She ain't nothing but a gold digger...And she set your black ass up....this trashy slut puppy need to go and sit her old ass down in a corner somewhere and never to be seem or heard from again..she has a bad attitube and a bad temper to match....and with her history from BBW she is nothing but a chit starter...the only one she didn't fight with is shunie..maybe because that's the hand that fed her money hungry ass...Antoine had his reasons for not making her wifey for the 10 years they were together..anyone who sleep with a person for a handbag is nothing but tramp...Chad you should have known she wasn't nothing when she came to visit you when you was playing with the bengels and sent her those ugly ass shoes.. ..those draws came off so fast you would have thought she didn't have on any...that's probably why she felt it was okay to sex others as long as you had brought condoms...cus she was out there probably looking for her next victim......I believe she was up in your face arguing and both of your heads collided....she is truely is an angry tropical brid..

802 days ago


geez...it's okay for her to bully women on her show and threaten to beat someone's else and does ...but it's okay because its woman on woman???? She's one delusional bitch.

802 days ago


I figured she had TMZ's ear but now I think it's confirmed. I wondered why you guys use to do random reports about her here in the past, considering not that many people know who she is (which she is lucky because she's built quite the rep for herself on Basketball Wives).

Chad may need help and he may be lying but she can't be surprised people are suspect of her actions. Now she's saying she wants to encourage other women to break their silence. So I assume Ev is saying this has happened before? Or is she going to attempt to milk the somewhat positive attention she's getting? I don't dismiss charges of violence but I'm also not so scared to be PC as to where I won't look at behaviors and question the character of the victim if applicable.

TMZ wrote a post about Chads past violence but hasn't mentioned Evs. Include a couple of clips of her throwing glasses, bottles, jumping on tables and slapping people with bags in the head and then it will be seem a bit more fair. I mean TMZ had NO PROBLEM mentioning Brooke Muellers past when she made her accusations, so I know being a victim of DV hasn't stopped you all before. Why the kid gloves now? And the strangest thing about this is, I believe I'm one of the few that doesn't dislike EV, she just has been an aggressive bully for so long, its hard to swallow her stance now.

802 days ago


First off...I am NOT condoning his alleged behavior. I think he's got some serious issues in a lot of departments and needs to be put in his place. BUT hse has some very serious issues and needs help herself....talk about the pot calling the kettle black.....she's been the instigator more than a few times of the violence that has happened on the so called reality show she is on. I',m not an avid viewer of the show, but didn't she pretty much say that as long as he came home to her that she didn't care what or who else he did? So why would she get upset that he bought condoms? She'll take him back. She'll say it was an accidental bump to try to save face. The day I look up to her as an example to base my life on is the day I need to be locked up in the mental ward for life.

802 days ago


Keeping it real here...this post is not about the domestic violence (which is wrong) this is about crazy Evelyn. You CAN'T script a daughter telling her mother that all she does is cause drama and people stay away from her. I have a friend like this and it is sooo true. For those of you who think her anger is scripted, please go to the OWN network and see that she will be on Iyala Vanzant's show for her anger issues in September. BTW, please note that Evelyn is reading every comment you write and will flip out on TMZ to remove them. She does it to MTO.

802 days ago


For all of you who condone what he did, it doesn't matter what she did in the past or what kind of women she was/is, He had no right to assult (butt head) her and make her head bleed...Period!!! No women should be assualted by their husband or any man.

802 days ago


More trash

802 days ago


Evelyn Lozada is the most violent person on “reality” TV!!!

Thug Evelyn IS a bully, a mean woman, a violent fighter and a proud thug, who IS the poster child of physical violence towards others.

Thug Evelyn was more than likely the aggressor and violently attacked Chad Johnson after discovering the condom receipt. Their heads more than likely collided in Chad’s teeny tiny smart car as Thug Evelyn violently attacked Chad. The truth will come out when Chad Johnson tells his side of the story. Look at her video history of violent attacks towards half a dozen people within the last 2 years alone on the BBW reality TV show. Thug Evelyn more than likely found the condom receipt, then threw something at Chad (that’s her start-a-fight style), then slapped him, punched him, kicked him and their heads more than likely collided as he tried to stop her from attacking him. Thug Evelyn has violently attacked many women on the BBW reality show. Here is a brief summary of Thug Evelyn’s "video recorded" violent history: BBW Episode-1 Thug Evelyn threw a drink AND drinking glass in a women’s face at a restaurant and threaten to continue to physically harm the woman. Thug Evelyn had a physical altercation with Tami Roman because Thug Evelyn slept with Tami’s husbands twice (or more) while he was married to Tami. Thug Evelyn threw a drink and martini glass at Royce Reed then violently attacked her. Thug Evelyn violently attacked Kenya Bell and threw a large bottle of wine towards Kenya’s head which could have killed Kenya. Thug Evelyn violently attacked Jennifer Williams twice, once at a restaurant which Thug Evelyn successfully hit Jennifer in the head with a handbag. On a second occasion, Thug Evelyn jumped over a large dining table to violently attacked Jennifer Williams and attempted to throw a large oversized vase at Jennifer’s head which could have killed Jennifer. Thug Evelyn and Chad’s heads more than likely collided as she violently attacked him in his tiny smart car.

Any person who believes ANYTHING that a thug like Evelyn Lozada has to say without first hearing Chad Johnson’s side of the story is an idiot.

802 days ago


If this isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black then I don't know what is. How does she fix her mouth to suggest someone get help for their problem when she is the one that has continuously displayed that she has absolutely NO control & is EXTREMELY volatile. What makes her actions any better than the actions that she's alleging Chad took? And wasn't she agreeing with Shaunie, on the last BBW reunion, that Jen shouldn't have pressed charges on Nia cause nobody died??? hypocrites...I just can't with this chick. Im sorry if he did it on purpose but I don't believe you, you need more people

802 days ago


Surprised TMZ isn't all over the mistress that came to speak via Twitter: http://www.examiner.com/article/chad-ochocinco-s-mistress-shares-devastating-details-of-affair

Now I feel like TMZ, ha.

802 days ago


More trash

802 days ago



802 days ago


Um Evelyn you are his issue. He seemed carefree and happy until you and your insanity came along. Chad you are a knight in shinning armor and Evelyn is a wicked witch. I don't believe for 1 minute that Chad did anything she says he did. Evelyn has continued to be vile and loathsome and evil since day one. Shaunie Oneal you are an enabler for putting this psychopath on a platform you are like Robert Kardashian Sr to OJ Simpson...Bad karma very bad!

802 days ago


Wait. The wench needs counseling herself. This coming from someone who jumps over tables and throws bottles at people. Evelyn, we are so over you.

802 days ago


this is the same bitch that attacks people in every episode of bbw's shes the one that needs help. another athlete that screwed himself cause he wanted to marry some good pu$sy

802 days ago
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