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Chad Johnson


In Desperate Attempt to Save Job

8/15/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
lied to his coach's face this week in an effort to keep from being cut from the Miami Dolphins ... but it didn't work ... and Chad's humiliating termination was all caught on tape.

Johnson's ill-fated meeting with Coach Joe Philbin was captured by the crew at "Hard Knocks" ... a weekly HBO documentary series following the Dolphins which aired last night.

"Hard Knocks" cameras followed Johnson on the day after he was arrested for domestic battery ... when he met with Philbin at the Miami offices ... and tried to talk the Coach out of firing his ass.

During the very short meeting, Johnson told Philbin ... "Coach, I've never been in trouble before ... ever."

He lied.

As TMZ previously reported, Johnson was convicted of domestic violence back in 2000 ... after slapping his then-girlfriend during an argument. Apparently, the arrest slipped his mind.

But even if Chad would have been honest with his coach, it's highly unlikely he could've saved his job ... Philbin made it clear the organization didn't want to take a risk on an aging player with very little upside and a TON of risk.

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C'mon--slapping the old girlfriend around isn't really trouble. Even if the police are called and you get arrested and convicted and fined. C'MON...
Now, if you beat her within an inch of her life and you get arrested, that might be trouble.
You know, 99 problems, 'aight??

801 days ago


A mediocre player who hits women....... You friend will never play pro ball again.....ADIOS

801 days ago


He meant in his NFL career.

801 days ago


Johnson is an egotistical, arrogent jerk. He is the only one who thinks he was gods gift to the team and his crap don't stink. This is a business. The NFL is getting tired of being dubbed the National Felon League.

Thats the bottom line. Makes the Dolphins look bad, professional football look bad and not worth the risk. They are tired of this garbage.

Look at Plaxico Burress. If it wasn't for Tyree Davis amazing catch from Eli Manning that allowed Burress to get the winning TD in the superbowl. Burress of course another egomaniac grabs all the credit, parties in a NY social club bar, gets a friend to go to his house in Jersey brings back his un-registered gun to NY and the idiot ends up shooting himself in the leg. Buress is charges with felony gun posession, un-registered weapon over state lines and gets 3 years in jail.

Michael Vick another one with the dog fighting which is the most disgusting of them all. The list goes on.

Can't blame the owners or NFL...They don't want this crap or the rotten publicity.

Ocho Cinco is now Ocho Seis. Your 86'd. All his own doing.

801 days ago


Hey Coach, get some longer shorts. We don't want to see that much of your legs....

801 days ago


I wish all the crazy people would stop shooting random people and please kill EVERYONE at TMZ, they are a disease that needs a cure.

801 days ago

Sam Sunshine     


801 days ago


I'm no fan of his and I think he was wrong, but I still feel bad for him.

801 days ago


I think that they both need help. I do not condone a man hiting a women, but i also don't think that it is fair
for a women to push a man until he loose control. There is a part that they both played in the heat of the battle and they need to admit it. If i was the owner of the team, firing him is not a good idea because you did not help him or her. I would have made him get some counseling plus make him speak again'st men abusing women and make him spend some time with kids that has seen there parents being abused or kids that are abusive to women. You can't fix something by running away from fit, you have to go straight to the problem and see how you can fix it and turn it into a positive. This has went way to far without someone trying to fix it rather then puting gas on a fire...

801 days ago


In that fake humility scene, he mumbled something about them having a talk about "having fun" and the media. I suspected they warned him about his antics and his media whoring. There was no way in hell that guy was going to extricate himself from the media once he hunkered into the team.

801 days ago


As much as I would like to feel sorry for Evelyn, I can't. She has ruined this mans career singlehandedly and it all started because of something she condoned! She told him that she was fine with him cheating and that he could even bring one of his lady friends to the bedroom and then when she sees a condom receipt she flips out? And now she's playing the victim, "standing up for battered women everywhere". How is she going to do that when she herself batters women! These men, especially black men will never learn. They go after the h o e s and then are surprised when they get burnt by them. He is definitely not the last.

801 days ago


Still don't understand why a box of condoms caused such a provocation and problem.

Evelyn Lozada walks away from this scot-free.

So for her it almost seems like a p.r. move.

She looks good - he looks bad - he loses 3 gigs.

801 days ago


We all know Evelyn's personality and I have no doubt in my mind that she pushed him to that point. I'm a woman and I feel that as bad as it is for a man to hit a woman , it is just as bad for a woman to provoke/hit a man. Everyone has a button and if a person no matter what their gender pushes it, the other will explode. Women can't continue to provoke or hit a man and then cry when he defends himself. It simply can't happen.

801 days ago


"Philbin made it clear the organization didn't want to take a risk on an aging player with very little upside and a TON of risk."


Who's making this end-of-time pronounce on Chad Johnson -

Philbin - or TMZ?

Weirdest story ever - Lozada goes off on him for a box of condoms - makes a huge huge deal, etc.

Thing escalates - he loses it - anger takes over.

And now HE'S out three gigs -

What If Dept:

What-if Lozada provoked this -- in that paychecks SEEM to be drying-up for Chad -- thus it's time for everyone to distance-clause.

Had he just signed a 110 million dollar contract?

Married her but with a strict pre-nup?

Would she have made the same huge deal out of this -

I don't know, it just smells funny to me.

Motive and agenda written all over it - P.R. for Ev.

801 days ago


It is obvious TMZ is on Team I will throw glass and fight you Evelyn Lozada team.

When Chad stated to the coach he never had been in trouble before he was speaking on the topic of the conversation regard to being in trouble while he is in the NFL. Chad was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft and the trouble TMZ stated was a year “ONE year” BEFORE he was EVER drafted to play in the NFL.

Guarantee the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins and Chad all other NFL teams he played with in between have already known about that problem he had BEFORE his NFL career. TMZ is NOT the only player can find that information out all NFL teams are very capable of finding out any of their NFL players past BEFORE they hired them to play for their team.

Therefore, Chad did NOT lie to the coach.

801 days ago
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