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Chad Johnson


In Desperate Attempt to Save Job

8/15/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
lied to his coach's face this week in an effort to keep from being cut from the Miami Dolphins ... but it didn't work ... and Chad's humiliating termination was all caught on tape.

Johnson's ill-fated meeting with Coach Joe Philbin was captured by the crew at "Hard Knocks" ... a weekly HBO documentary series following the Dolphins which aired last night.

"Hard Knocks" cameras followed Johnson on the day after he was arrested for domestic battery ... when he met with Philbin at the Miami offices ... and tried to talk the Coach out of firing his ass.

During the very short meeting, Johnson told Philbin ... "Coach, I've never been in trouble before ... ever."

He lied.

As TMZ previously reported, Johnson was convicted of domestic violence back in 2000 ... after slapping his then-girlfriend during an argument. Apparently, the arrest slipped his mind.

But even if Chad would have been honest with his coach, it's highly unlikely he could've saved his job ... Philbin made it clear the organization didn't want to take a risk on an aging player with very little upside and a TON of risk.

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his ass is so cooked

807 days ago


That's what he gets for marrying a gold-digging classless hoe. When will these men learn. Now she has literally ruined his career. How much you want to bet she is going to do a Rihanna and play victim, victim, victim

807 days ago


Not that I condone spousal abuse (and I don't. It takes a special kind of cowardly man to hit a woman; usally the kind too afraid to hit another man), but you just knew he was headed for disaster once he divulged he was going to marry her. And as for her hypocrtical self, does "taking a stand for battered women" mean she'll remove all those women's AND men t-shirts from her site calling women bitches and other condescending phrases? Also, does she plan to quit her television show that is extremely degrading and insulting to women of color? You know the show where they regularly assault other women with open-hand slaps to the face or drinks being thrown in each other's faces? Seems when anybody takes "a stand" against abuse on that show, the producers fire them...

Hmmm... violence, apparently only acceptable to some women when it produces cash from ratings....

807 days ago


Oh well that's what his dumb, stupid ass gets DAM!!! WHAT A FOOL! The NFL has given him tons of chances team after team and his attitude just sucks, he even went over seas to play and they sent his stupid ass back, then he gets married and ****s that up. Chad is fool and deserves everything that is hitting him right now. The Miami Dolphins was his absolute last chance to get it together and i was shocked when i heard they were giving him a chance and he even ****ed that up wow!. So now no job, no wife because she is filing for divorce today lol.

807 days ago


Pure and simple The Dolphins wanted him gone and found a way with out a cash pay out. He did it to himself. The wife set him up and now instead of getting annulled she filed on him. he would be wise to file annulment papers fast before hers hit court dockets. Did he lie, yes. Did the coach, of course. Its the politics of firing someone when you want to but have to find cause without payment. He should be ashamed of himself, but my guess is He isn't. after all He lost one show but not the other. He will be picked up by some hurting team (hell they picked up as*hole Vick)

807 days ago


So a guy who would hit the female in his lif would also tell a lie? Really?? Some "men" make Mr. Cruise look like a mancho man.

807 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

God, is Harvey living in Lozada's well oiled rectum? Yeah, Chad Johnson is not the most humble person on earth, but he's not a conniving, nasty souled harpy.
It's obvious that Lozada will still be on some grotesque reality TV show, so you know where ol' Harv will have have his lips.

807 days ago


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807 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

If his firing wasn't filmed it would of went down differently. Ya coach, Chad is a good person just in a bad way.
Phishie from Philly

807 days ago


That damn idiot, besides being a liar, a womanizer, woman beater etc... doesn't have the wherewithal [brains] to have a private conversation--especially considering the situation. Everything is a media opportunity and a joke to him. That's why he's fired. The team is not going to allow itself to be
dragged into his craziness.

807 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I agree his wife was nuts and was a gold digger, fame chasing, & KIm Kardashion want to be. I'm sure she caused the fight. But no matter what she did you don't hit. It just show who chad really is on how he handled it.
Phishie from Philly

807 days ago

Dicky Dew    

"the organization didn't want to take a risk on an aging player with very little upside and a TON of risk" Bull****. That's exactly what he was when they signed him in the first place.

807 days ago


Didn't happen during his NFL days and that's the only thing relevant when discussing player behavior at this level

807 days ago


Give Chad a break, he hasn't been convicted of anything and his soon to be ex isn't pressing charges. It was a spur of the moment unwise heated argument fight with a gold-digging Ho. We have all lost our cool in certain situations some worse than others. This wasn't a real conscious decision and I'm sure he regrets it. Suspend the guy IF he is found guilty but firs him? Look at Charlie Sheen his admitted drug abuse domestic violence and people give him chances over and over. His made a mistake in the heat of the moment, don't ruin his career over a passionate fight. Good Luck Chad.

807 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Terell Owens WILL be joining him soon enough, I know his type... never able to curtail their arrogan, juvenile, hedonistic behaviour for very long no matter how hard they try. The same way you see him talking to his coach (like rose petals just fall out of his ass)... this is the same way his type of parasite manages to keep those same women we always ask ourselves "Why the hell did she take him back again?" The coach just doesn't have a vagina or watch BET so he's just doing the prudent thing by doing the inevitable proactively. Before you even start... I myself am a proud black man... and in the end all the troubles that follow people like him and Owens are well earned on a karmic level and all those bleeding hearts who keep trying to proclaim that they are good people and no one should judge them but GOD... will soon be on an episode of MAURY with the rest of the idiots and gold diggers... aka Evelyn Lozada.. dudes like these never truly change. Just my 3 cents.

807 days ago
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