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Donna D'Errico RETURNS

from Noah's Ark Hunt --

My Life was in Danger

8/15/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081512_donna_derrico_splash_launchDonna D'Errico says she KNOWS people are making fun of her quest to find Noah's Ark ... but she doesn't care ... claiming she's willing to RISK HER LIFE to hunt for the biblical vessel.

The former "Baywatch" babe finally returned home from Turkey last night ... where she sustained several injuries to her face and body after a nasty fall on Mt. Ararat ... where the ark is rumored to be hidden.

"I'm just glad to be home," Donna said ... adding, "I found a lot of information."

When asked if she was in fear for her life, Donna replied, "Yeah ... I was."

But she explained, "I've just always wanted to climb Mt. Ararat and search for Noah's Ark ... and I know  everybody thinks it's funny and it's a big joke and people don't believe in it ... but I do ... and I've wanted to do it ever since I was a kid."

Donna said she wasn't just hunting for the Ark ... she was also hoping to find Donald Mackenzie ... a fellow Ark hunter who went missing during his trip to Ararat a few years ago.

While she didn't find Donald ... Donna claims she refuses to give up her search ... and vows to plan her return trip as soon as possible.


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It's her dream, and she's going for it. I think what she's doing is great!
Let the idiots and morons hate.

765 days ago


people who take the bible literaly are a special kind of nitwit. there's an idiot on the radio here in detroit who comes up with some hilariously bizarre theories as to how some of the more unusual biblical tales were possible. for instance....(paraphrasing) "of course moses was able to live to the age of 600 (and something). back then, they didn't have the diseases that exist nowadays!"

-adam and eve existed as the 1st 2 people ever in the history of history.

-the earth is only 6,000 and some years old....

i guess if you're going to believe that kind of nonsense, you have absolutely no use for scientists who've dedicated their lives to study, who're considered experts in their fields..."what do they know? the bible is the only science book we need!"

sad, morbidly stupid and exhausting some people are....

765 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

She should try the Netherlands. Look for a Dutch guy. The word is he knows EXACTLY where it's location is.

765 days ago


There was a Noah's Ark, but one would think that the wood has gotten a little bit worse for wear after 2, 000 + years. The chances of finding it now are about the same as finding Bruce Jenner's testicles.

765 days ago


She's looking for an imaginary thing just like the imaginary man in the sky. It's all fiction.

765 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

does she have a drinking problem, for some reason she looks like she does...

765 days ago


Oh ye of little faith.

765 days ago


You can't find what's not there. Maybe next she can join the Mormons looking for the Golden Plates on their mountain. Religions based on what doesn't exist...dumb people are everywhere...

765 days ago


She's delusional. It's not that we don't believe that there could be a big boat buried deep in the mountain. It's that we know the story attributed to it is a fairy tale. Drrr.

765 days ago


Get her off your site TMZ please !

765 days ago


5,000 years, and nobody else finds it, but she thinks she is going to?

765 days ago


She is looking for one thing: Press. Why else would she post a photo of her little scratches and try to convince us that her life was in danger. The only thing in danger was her notoriety which she manged to revive with this stunt.

765 days ago


The Ark was found years ago by a Christian named Rene who was giving a picture of the Ark taken by a photographer during ww2 who was flying over the mount. He was a Russian in a Russian plane. Rene interviewed a man in MD, who grew up in a village at the base of the mount, and played in the Ark as a child herding sheep with his uncle. The Ark broke apart when an earthquake struck and half of it fell in a canyon at the foot of the mount.

765 days ago


Dumb as a box of rocks comes to mind. There is no Noah's Ark. It's just a story. I assume she just figured she 'dturn a corner on the mountain somewhere and there it would be-with the dead explorer alive and well and at the helm of the boat.Of course there would be skeletons of Hundreds of thousands of dead animals too.
Bet that never entered her pea-size brain.

765 days ago


LOL...wannabe historical researcher. EPIC FAIL

765 days ago
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