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Kris Humphries


In Kim K Divorce

8/15/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_articleLawyers for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will square off in court today and -- in technical legal terms -- we're told the judge will force Kris to either s**t or get off the pot.

Lawyers for both sides must tell the judge what they have done to either settle the case or prepare for trial.  As TMZ has previously reported ... Kris has refused to settle, even though he signed what we're told is an iron-clad prenup that gives him zilch in the 72-day marriage.

What makes things puzzling ... even though Kris won't settle, he hasn't prepared for trial. In fact, we know Kris' lawyers have not even taken Kim's deposition ... this, despite the fact the judge said all depos must be in the can by today's hearing.

As we previously reported, Kris' lawyers have said they want to put reality TV on trial, but it's unclear what their end game is because Kris has no damages. He made hundreds of thousands of bucks off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as well as the wedding special, and he signed a $24 million basketball contract -- and the notoriety that made him a celeb didn't hurt the negotiations.

Short story ... it's almost certain the judge will not screw around with the case by prolonging it. If Kris doesn't want to walk away with a clean divorce, the judge will almost certainly set the case for trial -- whether Kris and his legal team are prepared or not.

We're not so cynical to believe Kris is dragging things out because he likes the publicity.


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No Avatar


What TMZ fails to realize is that Kris Humphries is one of the best defensive players in the NBA and was so before he met Kim.....Reality TV doesn't make you a better basketball player.

Kris Humphries knows the truth concerning the Kardashians' TV shows, this should concern Kim!

765 days ago


Team Kris, I admire your adamance...Judges see things clearly most of the time..good luck..

765 days ago

Joan K    

Good old KMZ.

765 days ago


This stubid divorce is lasting longer than their entire relationship. Get it done already!

765 days ago


She's a piece of wealthy trash. I'd like to think he is a chump but I just find it hard to believe that he thought whatever they had going on together had anything to do with love. Sorry Kris, you just aren't that innocent. Stupid maybe, but not that innocent.

765 days ago


One more thing I would like to add ... that wedding was garish, vulgar, and totally over the top. It wasn't even a nice wedding for anyone, let alone her and her family of monkey women.

765 days ago


TMZ is so far up Kim's fat ass, I don't think they could ever report something in an objective fashion.

765 days ago



keep eating off that hoe Hump! Take a lesson from Ray J, don't let that hoe get away. milk that Krap-trash-ian cow for all it's worth..
Take that b!tch to trial !
Convience the judges to televise that ish !
& expose that hoe !

765 days ago


"he signed a $24 million basketball contract"
Which had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do w/ KarTRASHian. He's a talented b-baller.
He simply wants Kim to admit that the whole marriage was just a sham. She never loved him. She just used him to further publicity & profits for her worthless un-reality show.
Team Kris H!

765 days ago


I'm sure there is a reason his lawyers are doing what they are doing. Even if Kris doesn't get a penny, why the hell should he make it easy for poor little kimmy.

Kimmy is scared to take the deposition because she would have to literally tell the truth under oath. That scares the crap out of her. A Kardashian telling the truth? Kris has nothing to hide they do.

Maybe they will use the kim/kanye joke. Hell, they are still badmouthing him.

Ah kimmy, just wait 'till the plastic surgery starts melting, botox and the butt lifts no longer work. More plastic surgery to fix the old plastic surgery no longer works.

Humphries has a good solid career and he will be just fine.

765 days ago


TMZ are really bias against Kris Humphries. He could have gotten a longer contract for much more money. His value went down after the divorce fiasco. He did well in his first year with the Nets and they talked of signing him to a long term deal but after the divorce filing and all the drama, he could bearly get signed on the last day for only 1 year. He did well again and players who perform at his level would normally be signed for longer deals, he had to settle for 2 years. Kim has devalued him big time. So TMZ needs to stop with the non-sense.

765 days ago


I heard this morning from a gossip radio station that Kris wants Kim to admit the marriage was all part of her reality show. He is not wanting anything from her but the truth.

So TMZ why are you so against Kris if you know perfectly well that Kim and her family are not worth backing-up??

765 days ago


TMZ....why do you keep saying that Kris wants publicity? He has not done any interviews or taken any staged pictures (Like Kim) so the only publicity is gets is when TMZ reports on the status of the divorce and trashes him. It is so obvious that TMZ is in the Kardashian fold....

765 days ago


Why does TMZ allow all this spam in the comment section?

765 days ago


..."made hundreds of thousands of bucks off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as well as the wedding special,..."
ANd Kim had denied she made ANY money off that special. SO know its proven Kim lied (among other things about herself) . Yes Kris H. may want the publicaty and money that comes from, but I hope they put Kimmy on the stand and make re a lying fool. We already know she is a cheating HO.

765 days ago
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