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Kris Humphries


In Kim K Divorce

8/15/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_articleLawyers for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian will square off in court today and -- in technical legal terms -- we're told the judge will force Kris to either s**t or get off the pot.

Lawyers for both sides must tell the judge what they have done to either settle the case or prepare for trial.  As TMZ has previously reported ... Kris has refused to settle, even though he signed what we're told is an iron-clad prenup that gives him zilch in the 72-day marriage.

What makes things puzzling ... even though Kris won't settle, he hasn't prepared for trial. In fact, we know Kris' lawyers have not even taken Kim's deposition ... this, despite the fact the judge said all depos must be in the can by today's hearing.

As we previously reported, Kris' lawyers have said they want to put reality TV on trial, but it's unclear what their end game is because Kris has no damages. He made hundreds of thousands of bucks off "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as well as the wedding special, and he signed a $24 million basketball contract -- and the notoriety that made him a celeb didn't hurt the negotiations.

Short story ... it's almost certain the judge will not screw around with the case by prolonging it. If Kris doesn't want to walk away with a clean divorce, the judge will almost certainly set the case for trial -- whether Kris and his legal team are prepared or not.

We're not so cynical to believe Kris is dragging things out because he likes the publicity.


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!st TMZ is an entertainment media source so you will see very little revelent stories about plane crashes, maybe you should tune into MSN or CNN dumb a$$ LK! As for Baby K; you're just ignorant like the others who spend their life hating Kim K, but following her! How idiotic is for someone to say she's not famous, we're tired of reading about her, but here you are on the site reading about her! I believe as I had, you too had to click on the article! You made the choice to view this article. TMZ nor did ENews ever come to your house put a gun to your head and say hey loser click on the article we have on Kim K,. You guys are funny, you keep going on and on about her sex tape...rotflmao...Maybe you should take lessons and use some of those positions you keep rewinding and maybe your blow up doll won;'t be so bored! Why don't you push back from the computer, put up the vaseline and stop jerking off to mere mention of Kim K. Because you either really want to be with her or be her! Why do you hate but love her so much? Yes you love her because your world revolves so much around her! Kris Humphries was in it for fame, he's dragging on the divorce for more fame! Yes he is pro-baller, but not a note worthy pro-baller! No one really knew who he was before he got with Kim K, If he wants to be done with her why linger on to her? No one mentioned he has rumored to gotten his latest girlfriend preggers while still married (but separated) from Kim K...but he can serve Kanye with a subpoena, why? What does Kanye have to do with them ending their marriage, but to bring more drama into the dissolution of the marriage. Kris got paid from E for his appearances on the show, he even bartered for more air time while shooting! Is that seeking fame! He got paid from the Wedding shown on E...don't hear anyone asking him to give back anything. You're targeting her because you envy her! She made a mistake and got married to the wrong man....but she's smart enough to get before she became a battered woman. No one is supposed to live unhappily, even Kim K. What did she do so wrong that you ppl hate her and her family so much? She;s not building bombs ppl!

You are your own remote control! Change the channel if you hate her so much!

696 days ago


Kris probably still loves Kim and wants her back. He is still upset she is with Kanye. He really needs to move on because I am sure he has other women just that right now he won't commit to any of them since he is a player. He has already gotten what he wanted - worldwide fame and huge money - so then there is no reason for him to keep going after Kim in the courts. In recent pictures he is always smiling and happy, no longer in 'pain' from KKTNY. So what is left for him to still be dragging this out. The answer is obvious because I really doubt he is that evil.

695 days ago

baby eli    

Kris.. is a moron. .she play you soo good jajajajaja

333 days ago
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