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Kris/Kim Divorce

Serves Kanye West

In Nordstrom Box

8/15/2012 9:44 AM PDT UPDATED: 8/15/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0815_kris_humphries_kim_kardashian_getty_articleKris Humphries' lawyer engineered a sneak attack by trying to serve a subpoena on Kanye West by putting it in a Nordstrom box and sending it to Kim Kardashian's house. 

Kim's lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, told the judge in the divorce case about the ploy during a hearing that is still going on. 

Wasser groused to the judge ... Kim has already racked up $250,000 in attorney's fees, yet it's unclear exactly what Kris wants out of this.

Wasser said she's heard the reports that Kris and his lawyers want to put reality TV on trial, and there seems to be evidence to back that up. Wasser noted that Kris has served Kris Jenner with a subpoena and NBC Universal and Bunim/Murray, which produces the Kardashian reality shows.

Wasser said she's perplexed as to why Kris Humphries thinks the marriage was a fraud -- because he went in eyes wide open.

Kris Humphries' lawyer, Marshall Waller told the court he wants to prove the marriage was a fraud, which Kim wanted solely to benefit her reality show. He says he wants to be armed with information about the show before taking Kim's deposition.

Kim's lawyer, Laura Wasser followed up by asking why it's so important for Kris to get an annulment. Waller did not answer. Wasser then said she intends to get Kris to pay every penny of Kim's attorney's fees.

On her way out of court, Wasser said, "We're just moving forward. My client just wants to be divorced."

Neither Kim nor Kris was in court today.

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Kim Kardashian is a sinking ship, clinging desperately to Kayne West for support. Narcissists are considered natural magnets for the co-dependent personality.

765 days ago


I’m sorry but I don’t feel for Kris at all. He knew exactly what he was getting into and if he didn’t then it was his own fault and he has to take responsibility for that. Nobody made his marry this girl, he did that all on his own. Heck he didn’t even know she was married before, hello there is google everybody knew. And if the girl’s got a sex tape out she damn sure ain’t the marrying type. He is a baboon. There is no way in heck I would stay married to someone I could not stand for what the sake for being right? I strongly believed they both used each other. She wanted to get married and have kids cause her sisters where doing it and she thought she found the perfect patsy and he in typical baller fashion wanted some eye candy and his name trending on twitter because nobody knew he the heck he was before he wifed her up. Now he’s wasting his money acting like a child There is no way in hell I would waste one more dollar on my ex or moment of my time. Move on little man move on and next time trying dating the nice girl next door and not some air brushed tart.

765 days ago


Her eyelashes are absolutely frightening in this picture, how can anyone think that tarantula look is pretty???

765 days ago


I dont unstand why people still watch their show and buy their stuff. Come on people these people are fooling ya. They only want your money. They dont give a rats ass about you. So why do you support them?? STOP WATCHING THEIR SHOW AND MAKING THEM RICH.

765 days ago


Kim what are you hiding from? Do the trial and get divorced. I think Kim is ashame for her actions. She knows she would loss a lot of money if she told the public that her marriage was FAKE. We all know that her marriage was fake. So quit playing bs games and go to trial. TEAM KRIS.

765 days ago


TMZ so biased. You cal tell by the pictures they choose of each of them.

765 days ago


Tarantula eyelashes!!!! Awful, how can she think that looks good!! IT is disgusting.

765 days ago


I have noticed that Kris Jenner, Kim and Kylie all have the same evil looking, narrow, slitted eyes.

765 days ago

Who Knew    

Kardashians=fraud, lying, conniving, attention whoring, fake, porn makers, pee loving, unnaturally huge unshaped A$$, twitter addicted, selfish, the list goes on.

765 days ago


Poor Kayne- he fell for the "come hither" glances and practiced little girl behavior ,of the seductress~

765 days ago

small asian penis    

She should tie a steak to her ass and one to her face and go swimming in a shark tank.

765 days ago


Kris should just sign the papers and move on, he just signed a huge contract he should take his money and walk into the sunset.

765 days ago


Why are they trying to serve Kanye anyway? What does he have to do with their "marriage"?

765 days ago


Taunya- because Kayne is her partner in ADULTERY!! She is a legally married woman,but is blatantly engaging in an illicit relationship. Her role model and example is her mother, who believes, if it feels good, just do it Right or wrong, anything goes.

765 days ago


The slut just needs to go away. Get over yourself. Your family is thrash. I pray this girl never has children. She does not deserve to be a mother, let alone someone to look up to. Garbage=Kim. I can no longer read TMZ.

765 days ago
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