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Lindsay Lohan

$3,000 Shopping Spree


8/15/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_lindsay_lohan_shopping_article_AKMLindsay Lohan's back to her old ways -- at least in the reckless spending department ... because TMZ has learned, she recently dropped nearly $3,000 on a surf-themed shopping spree in O.C.

Lindsay and her bro Cody hit up the famous Jack's surf shop in Huntington Beach Friday -- and according to the receipt, the actress spent a total of $2,723 on surfer swag for her brother ... and that was WITH a 30% famous-person discount.

0814_lindsay_lohan_shopping_receipt_AKMWe're told Cody's an aspiring surfer -- and Lindsay wants to encourage him as much as possible by kitting him out.

But the $2,700 bill is just a drop in the bucket for Lindsay -- TMZ broke the story ... she's rolling in dough this year, raking in more than $2 MILLION.


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Coming this December on Lifetime" "House Of Cards: The Predictable Demise Of Lindsay Lohan", starring Courtney Love as Linds, Victoria Gotti as DUIna, and will be produced by Marv Fiore.

777 days ago


Hell I watch several NY and NJ tourist spend that much at the Wings store in Corolla NC the other day just on beach stuff and none of them was "Stars" just vacationers on buying sprees....I did a little shopping myself and believe me it don't take long in a beach shoppe to up a big bill up....LOL...ask the general...he was not a happy man after that little stop..I on the other hand got a Great pair of Beach Towels for myself...and a few things for the grandbabies....LOL

777 days ago


DM - “Still insist nothing's going on? Lindsay Lohan introduces James Deen to mum Dina as they hang out after The Canyons wraps.
She has denied they're dating, but last night was a picture of domestic Tinseltown bliss for Lindsay Lohan.
The party animal redhead was seen introducing The Canyons co-star James Deen, who just so happens to be a well-versed porn star too, to mother Dina during a night at The Churchill bar in LA.
Lindsay seemed rather pleased to be photographed initially as she left the venue in a simple yet striking ensemble, but seemed to change her mind when James was seen crawling into her car.”
Read more: has denied they're dating, but last night was a picture of domestic Tinseltown bliss for Lindsay Lohan.
Of course, the ever gracious Dina immediately offered him a handjob.

777 days ago


OMG a millionaire spent a few thousand dollars on herself and a family member for clothes and other things? The outrage! No wait, actually how is this news??

777 days ago


My dearest darlingest Linds.....

Do you remember when you used to get big boxes stuffed with hundred-dollar bills just to show up at parties and nightclubs? I bet you do.

"Ha ha ha"|.

777 days ago


The highlight of last nights party was when Lindsay demonstrated, at the urging of James Deen, that using only her labia, she could climb a wall like a snail.

777 days ago


Actors Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are set to play a couple in an upcoming sequel of the horror parody "Scary Movie."

Sheen and Lohan, who have each struggled to revamp their images following very public meltdowns in the past 18 months, will portray "the world's hottest new couple" in "Scary Movie 5."
Buffy is going to be JEALOUS!!!!

777 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

I want to t1tty f#ck her droopy t!tties

777 days ago


The question is??? How long before they sue her for a unpaid bill. Just cause their is a picture of her bill doesn't mean she paid it/
Lohan is known for not paying stores her bills

Lawsuit in the making

777 days ago


I love how her titts sag down to her fat belly. What size are those shorts?? Looks like they are 9/10.. What a beefer she has become

777 days ago


Why Does The World Hate Lindsay So Much? SMH

777 days ago


Lindsay is topless, nude, in Machette.

Concerning Red Cloud and Lindsay being topless or naked in Machette, there is a scene where she is topless, and she would certainly get an indecent exposure ticket if she was in public. The proof is below. Please go to the below link and watch the short clip from Machette. Her nipples are visible and she is topless:

777 days ago


We all know $2 million is not raking it in. Take that and subtract % for agents, managers, publicist, and I'm sure her lawyers. Doesn't leave much.

777 days ago


Get a look at those Photos of Lindsay and James Deen from the wrap party for The Canyon movies last night....Damn but she looks just look on of the old boys down at the country store who sit around on the steps chewing their tobacco and spitting it on the rocks at the edge of the steps ..She looks like she got a whopping big wad stuff in that right cheek and the way her mouth is all pukered up she just about to let fly......LOL
and Somebody need to tell her and Dina that the stray tan goes on the back as well as the front of your arms and legs....and while are Lindsay knees white ? like her feet and the rest is Orange like in Yukkie !......
Really Dina at your age..At least wear a dress long enough to cover your ass is you been over...Geez ! put on some slacks...Now I know were Lindsay get her God-Awful dress sence.......
Ok !!!! that was fun....I know its mean but really Folks they lay theirselves open for it every time and I'm human and can help myself....For people who supposedly live for fashion and style they are clueless ....If it doesn't scream "Whore" they won't wear it...

777 days ago


O. M. G. Mag!
When did you make that avi??? F'n awesome dude!!!

777 days ago
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