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Lindsay Lohan

$3,000 Shopping Spree


8/15/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_lindsay_lohan_shopping_article_AKMLindsay Lohan's back to her old ways -- at least in the reckless spending department ... because TMZ has learned, she recently dropped nearly $3,000 on a surf-themed shopping spree in O.C.

Lindsay and her bro Cody hit up the famous Jack's surf shop in Huntington Beach Friday -- and according to the receipt, the actress spent a total of $2,723 on surfer swag for her brother ... and that was WITH a 30% famous-person discount.

0814_lindsay_lohan_shopping_receipt_AKMWe're told Cody's an aspiring surfer -- and Lindsay wants to encourage him as much as possible by kitting him out.

But the $2,700 bill is just a drop in the bucket for Lindsay -- TMZ broke the story ... she's rolling in dough this year, raking in more than $2 MILLION.


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You go Lindsay keep spending that money that you still really don't have.

770 days ago


“Welcome back. Thanks for stopping by. We’re so honored to have you on again”.

“Great to be back, Matt. We’re always so busy with deals and scripts and branding. I’m a single Mom… you’d think I never sleep”.

“So tell us, DUIna - Did you smash a champagne glass when you found out you just got punked by Pitbull, or did you just get all gacked on coke and kick Hobie again? Everyone‘s laughing. You lose every time. Why even bother?”

“What?!!! What is this?!!!”

“It’s an interview. Where do you think you are? Broadway? This is the Today Show. Oh yeah, right…. Broadway. You lied about Broadway too, right? Rockette? Huh?”

“This interview is OVER!!!!!”

“Got any more lies, DUIna? Maybe a “parting lie”…. You know - one for the road”?

“You’ll be hearing from my lawyers!!!!!”

NBC stock will immediately multiply exponentially in value. Miss Cleo is never wrong.

770 days ago


Ketjo, you could very well be on to something there. Whoever took the above photo could be a tmz pap she called for a little bank. Why no pics of her and Hobie schlepping all those bags to her car? One measly little pic of them browsing? BULLSH!T, YAWN! Purchase the items, show the receipt for tmz to show what a 'good person' she is buying her baby bro all that swag, the store gets publicity, they return all the items, and viola', Blohan makes money from tmz for an 'exclusive' and spends nada. That's definitely a 'Lohan' for you. . . .

769 days ago


No, boys and men come in all sizes. A 16 year boy hasn't even finished growing anyway. Lindsay probably has her usual hooker heels on plus he's slouching a bit. But he's quite a normal height in any case, unless you're surrounded by giants.

769 days ago


wonering about the discount?
usually her clothes are half off

769 days ago


Everything was on sale this weekend, so it's not a celebrity discount or anything special.

769 days ago


Have to share this one with you guys cause its way too funny.

So its a crappy rainy day here on Long Island. Got the family here and we decide lets have some fun and pull out some fun games.
My Niece( she's 27) and I got to the liquor store to get some wine to make it funnier ( people give the funniest answers when they have a buzz on. No one is driving home too)
Anyway while in the store this lady comes stumbling in with a blue bottle in her hand. Its one of those gadaraide drinks. She buys a flask size bottle of vodka.
When she leaves we see her walk to the end of the strip, she pours out 3/4 of the gataraide and puts the vodka in.
Bwahahhahahha! Remind you of anyone we know..
I never laughed so hard. Just thought I would share that with you.

Off for some fun family game time.

769 days ago


So I guess the lawsuit isn't "Locked up like Lindsay Lohan"
(sorry, I had too)

769 days ago


So, has anybody else noticed that Buffy and AGENT NEEDS HELP IN HIS PANTS have been awful quiet since the news broke about the Pitbull case and the fact that Linds and James are an "item"??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

769 days ago


Dina Lohan will make a personal appearance tonight at Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles this evening.
Although she has no book to sign, she will be giving handjobs from 8:00pm until closing.

769 days ago


OK, so that's the end of "Lohan vs. _____________"

As far as "_____________________vs. Lohan"....

There's Dump Truck Driver, Hookah Bar Manager, two random skanks from nightclubs, Gieco Insurance for the Porsches (plural), BiRite! Insurance for the cactus damage......

In collections: Elite Limo, Car chase victim, kidnapping/carjacking victims (plural), Dawn Holland - one million, the I.R.S..............

Good times, H8turds. "Ha ha ha", HELLpTurd.

769 days ago


have to put it up again
Even LiLo’s lawsuit against rapper Pitbull has the look of a train wreck.
Lawyers for Lindsay Lohan, who’s suing Pitbull for using her name in a song, are bailing out of the case amid accusations that their legal arguments were plagiarized from Internet sites.
“Ms. Lohan's and her attorneys' course of conduct demonstrates that they commenced this action in bad faith, looking to make a quick buck through an expected settlement," Pitbull's lawyer Audrey Pumariega said in papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.
The rapper, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, wants sanctions against the lawyers and dismissal of the suit — which seeks “substantial” monetary damages for uttering LiLo’s name in “Give Me Everything.” They also want the lawyers sanctioned for plagiarizing
The troubled starlet’s lawyer Stephanie Ovadia is withdrawing from the case. Her co-counsel Anand Ahuja filed an affidavit suggesting he’d had a falling out with Ovadia and was not really Lohan's lawyer — even though his name appeared on court do***ents.

Read more:***ents-pit-bull-people-article-1.1137162#ixzz23fRtUzyg

769 days ago


So ****ing what!!!!

769 days ago


Dear Inside H8turd,
While flipping thru the channels tonight, I came up on some game show, and we of the teams was calling themselves the "Quackpack" I think you should sue for 1 million dollars.

769 days ago


So I was skimming through the last few pages of comments as I was out for awhile. James Deen and Lohan are now an item??? LOL. Dina is the only mom that you could introduce your porn star boyfriend to. Poor Red Cloud.

769 days ago
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