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Mitt Romney

Accused of Hijacking

Silversun Pickups Song

8/15/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0816_mitt_romney_letter_launchMitt Romney's been engaging in illegal activity -- playing the rock tune "Panic Switch" on the campaign trail without permission from the band Silversun Pickups -- this according to the band which fired off a cease and desist letter to the candidate today.

According to the band's frontman Brian Aubert, Romney has been using their 2009 hit ... even though no one ever asked them for permission, but it's pretty clear he wouldn't have gotten it even if he asked.

Aubert says, "We don't like people going behind our backs, using our music without asking, and we don't like the Romney campaign. We're nice, approachable people. We won't bite. Unless you're Mitt Romney!"

TMZ obtained a copy of the cease and desist, in which the band points out this also happened in 2008 ... when Sen. John McCain was sued by Jackson Browne for using "Running on Empty" without permission.

According to the letter, Republicans promised to "respect and uphold the rights of artists and to obtain permissions" after that debacle.

Aubert also says Romney's a victim of irony ... because "he is inadvertently playing a song that describes his whole campaign."


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Amazing how politicians hold themselves up as paragons of virtue & "protectors of the law", yet always manage to ignore silly little laws like theft & copywrite infringement. This same exact thing happened with Sarah Palin, when she used Heart's song "Barracuda" as her entrance song without even bothering to check with Heart if it was OK. Friggin' politicians...

778 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

So you don't want people listening to your music who don't blow Obamaswand like you morons do? Shove your 'art' up your azzzzz.

778 days ago


This really common with politicans ....take things first without asking ...thinking they have all the right to ...steal first an than ask second with caught with thier hands in the cookie jar ...stealing is stealing

778 days ago


Pay for your campaign songs Mr. Roboto.

778 days ago


That's a crooked Republican for need to pay Romney

778 days ago


I think this shizzzzz is hilarious. What a bunch of nitwits. I hope this goes to show people he doesn't play by the same rules as everyone else. Any self respecting musician would have done the same. Good for them!

778 days ago


STUPID TMZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

778 days ago


Lemme guess...TMZ is rooting for the half-Kenyan reparationis?

778 days ago


That's the best song on the album. Mitt should be using a Britney Spears or Jonas Brothers song.

778 days ago


I am glad the band exercised their rights against the horrible Romney campaign.

778 days ago

Jay W.     

I think 'Ole' Mitt is screwed... and hijacking songs has nothing to do with it.

778 days ago


It doesn't matter that no one has heard of this group. They took the time, recorded a song that they felt good about. The fact is, it is their right to decide if that music should be associated with anything, be it a commercial or a campaign. So what if that group is crappy or unheard of, that is totally irrelevant.

778 days ago


I hear Mitt paid for that song fair and square on iTunes.

778 days ago


Did my comment go thru?

778 days ago


This is why you SHOULD NOT vote for mitt Romney. He's such a b@$t@rd. He looks like the kind of guy that would look you in the eye and lie to your face with a smile. Do your really want that as your president?

778 days ago
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