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Shia LaBeouf

'Transformers' Felt Like

A 'Finger Up My Ass'

8/15/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0815_tmz_shia_labeoufShia LaBeouf claims filming "Transformers" felt like having a "a finger up your ass" -- and now, the actor says he's quitting big budget movies for good.

26-year-old Shia spoke with The Hollywood Reporter recently, swearing off studio flicks for the rest of his life ... in favor of a career in indie films -- saying, "I'm done ... There's no room for being a visionary in the studio system. It literally cannot exist."

Shia said, "You give Terrence Malick a movie like 'Transformers', and he's f**ked. There's no way for him to exist in that world."

Shia then gushed about the people behind his new movie "Lawless" -- saying, "These dudes are a miracle ... They give you the money, and they trust you -- [unlike the studios, which] give you the money, then get on a plane and come to the set and stick a finger up your ass and chase you around for five months."

That stinks.


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Fuck Celebrities    

Buh-bye, you talentless, incredibly lucky moron.

744 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Awww, how cute.
Now that Transformers made him rich enough to never work again, Indie Hipster douche decides to trash the industry because he is sooo noble and above it all.


744 days ago


"Working with those suits was so oppressive - that's why I went back for the sequel. It was the worst fisting I've had to endure! But then I decided to go back for the three-quel."

Yeah...Shia, that's how much sense it makes. Save the 'Hey look hipster buddies I'm not a sell-out, I hated the whole experience' speech. You can grow all the facial hair you want and put on all the hemp skinny jeans you can get your hands matter - you still filled your bank accounts with big studio money.

744 days ago


I see his point and his decisions are his own, but I don't see the reason to state the obvious while being nasty and finger pointing (nyuk nyuk). Move along quietly young man.

744 days ago


This hack wannabe that couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag gets paid $10.75 MILLION for 3 movies and he has the unmitigated gall to bitch about it?! =UCK OFF D0UC3BAG!

744 days ago


What a rough life he has. Poor thing...I mean he can probaly barely survive on the millions he's made.

744 days ago


Here is the salary he made from these three movies:
Salary (Transformers 3): $5,000,000
Salary (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen): $5,000,000
Salary (Transformers): $750,000

I don't thank many people would mind a finger up the bum for that kind money. And wouldn't complain about it either....

744 days ago


Guess that makes him a total top….

744 days ago

Rude Boy    

First Megan Fox and now him complaining about the films tht put millions in their pockets. Last time I checked, when you take a job where a boss signs your check, you AGREE to do as you are instructed. They restricted his need to be a 'visionary' but made a blockbuster franchise, chose him over countless actors that would have killed to get that part and put at least six zero's worth of money in his bank account while doing so. If only all of us could live under such unfair cir***stances...*rolling eyes*

744 days ago

Asian 101    

Thanks Shia for perfectly describing how the public feels about the Studios shoving you down our throats! More like a fist up the AS#

744 days ago


He was hired for the job- got paid alot of money. He knew what the job duties entailed.. Alot of actors would of loved to be in his position.. He should be thankful he got the big pay check and the stardom from the film role!

744 days ago


This so called "actor" has always been complaining. Every time he opens his mouth. You'll always be a man-child Shia. Grow up and go take some acting lessons. And oh yeah, you might grow some balls while at it. Idiot.

744 days ago


I'm sure Shia gave his A$$ to a lot of executives in Hollywood. I never understood how he was famous. Now we know why. He's ugly, untalented and ungrateful. Dude seriously forgot where he comes from.
I'm sure there are plenty of much better and talented actors out there who would be more than happy to find such an opportunity.
Good riddance! Never understood what was so special about him!

744 days ago


Hollywood has never been an outlet for creative people. At some point an artist is going to butt heads with an executive who's only interest is profit. It's the reason Heath Ledger was so miserable.

744 days ago


He is the finger up someone's ass.

744 days ago
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