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My Publicist is LYING

About My Ugly Car!

8/15/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

8:20 AM PT -- Eight minutes after we published this story, we received the following email from Will's publicist:

"Hi --

When I asked [Will's] assistant yesterday morning she thought this had been resolved but was incorrect, hence I passed on incorrect information to you - apologies for this.

Will ask manager this morning about it.


At least she owned up to the mistake -- and we gotta respect that.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark ... and according to ... it's because his publicist is a LIAR!!!

Will is still FUMING about his ultra-rare, super-expensive, incredibly-hideous custom car ... claiming his $700,000 ride is still missing ... despite what his publicist is telling the media.

We broke the story ... Will claimed his car was "stolen" after a party in Hollywood this week ... insisting he left it with the valet at Bardot nightclub but when he went to get it back, the car was nowhere to be found.

The next day, we reached out to Will's publicist, Sallie Olmsted, and asked about the car ... she wrote back insisting, "Everything is fine, he has his car."

Hours later, Will went on Twitter and COMPLETELY REFUTED his publicist's claim ... saying "my car is still m.i.a."

Confused by the contradicting statements, we reached out to Will's rep ... who told us, "I wasn't on site at the time, but all is fine now."

Again ... someone is lying ... because just a few hours ago, Will tweeted again and totally contradicted his publicist ... saying, "According [to] my GARAGE it hasn't been found."

Pants on fire, Sally ... pants on fire.


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Jim in LV    

Um, if I had a $700k car I'd have a low-jack or similar to always know where my car is at...I mean, even iPad's have that technology...

797 days ago


Cool car, much better than the original Delorean, one of the ugliest cars invented, next to the Pacer :D

797 days ago


Insurance fraud. Maybe.

797 days ago


this story is giving me migranes!

797 days ago


Will if your publist lied or you can't trust her fire her. But please get rid of the car it belongs on the bottom of the junk heap. If you are mad be mad at the ones who sold you that crap. By the way can i sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

797 days ago


So who is Michael?? oops....glad you fixed it

797 days ago


I smell "publicity stunt"...

797 days ago

MJB's #1 Fan    

Why would anyone buy a car that looks that ugly? Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth?? Why would he want to purchase any car that has a connection with those piece-of-**** companies?

I guess -- an ugly car for an ugly guy. IJS

797 days ago


It sounds like the publicist made a mistake. Why you got to be a dynk and call that person a liar in public. You're an arrogant dynk dynk dynk.

797 days ago


To all the dingbats claiming insurance fraud...

First off I bet it wasn't insured for 700k to start or anywhere close. Hell he might not have had insurance or even normal insurance since you can get around the law if you have the money to secure a bond.

When a 100k+ car is stolen the gieco rep doesn't drive out in his Prius and print out a check for 700k. If he saw this check within a year I would be shocked. I am a adjuster and they don't just print checks.

As for the fraud part.. For someone that can built 100more of them today wouldn't be stupid enough to try it. This isn't like someone stole your sisters fail honda. They will pull all stops to get this back including investigators and most of the companies have connections on the street and they will also be watching all freight leaving LA. etc. Its not uncommon for the insurance company to break a case and turn it over to the cops.

This car is not some kit car from the mags and its all one off and its mostly metal so to undo it to get a Delorean back is way to much work. Whoever stole it wanted it like it is and needs to be unseen and I bet it will head to middle east or Asia.. People have no clue on how many high end cars are stolen every day and shipped out.

As for lojack.. a 2cent thief better know how to find it under a min and kill it. There are tools out there that cost about 100bucks that can help find it.

My money is on someone from that club and they took it knowing all the money on electronics inside and they will find it stripped. Very common from kids stealing hondas for the motors to thieves stealing customs cars for the gear...

either way if he did insure it for 700k then he isn't paying 100 a month on that policy and I bet it isn't insured for more than 50k.. most are not unless fiance company forces them too.. Rich people are cheap..

797 days ago


It is a ugly car.

797 days ago


The slight problem here is that the vehicle does not have a VIN so it is not really a car and therefore not legal on public roads

797 days ago

Jules Destaing    

No one is's definitely an UGLY car

797 days ago


700k for a car and no low-jack? smh

797 days ago


So now we know...who it is...that needs to go back....TO learn use...ellipses! Michael Walters...your annoying as...

797 days ago
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