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'Batman' Massacre Victim

To Megadeth Singer:

Don't BLAME Obama!

8/16/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine is an idiot ... because Barack Obama is not to blame for the Aurora massacre ... so says one of the people who was shot in the theater that night.

TMZ spoke with Carli Richards ... who sustained multiple gunshot wounds when James Holmes opened fire during a screening of "Dark Knight Rises" last month.

After watching the footage of Mustaine blaming Obama for "staging" the Aurora shooting to push an anti-gun agenda, Richards is lashing back ... telling us, "Some people think the President is a good scapegoat but he didn't shoot me."

Richards adds, "It’s obviously kind of absurd and people who make up conspiracies just want attention."

"Everybody is emotional at this time and needs to blame somebody I guess. I don’t think they realize the consequences of not being responsible for your own actions and James Holmes needs to be held accountable for his, to whatever way the justice system deems fit."


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Dave Mistain is an Alex Jones disciple. If you don't know who that is, look it up. He is a leading conspiracy theorists and he makes his living by playing on people's fears that the government is going to enact martial law and Obama will become a dictator. They are just fear mongering. I don't like Obama, nor will I vote for him. But he didn't pull the trigger the nutcase with the gun did.

761 days ago

BB not bb    

How is she an expert on national politics, international affairs, conspiracy theories and ettiquitte, all for just being shot at? She isn't going to win any money suing the movies for someone shooting her there. I suppose people think that you should feel so sorry for her that no one is allowed to disagree with her opinions on the cause of the matter. That is about as dumb as you can get.

Are those bullet holes or bullet scratches or shrapnel from exploding bullets or what? Does she still have bullets inside her? It doens't seem that way because you would think the hospital would have dug them out and she would be all bandaged up then. She is doing alot of complaining and bossing around for someone who was only scratched.

761 days ago


Stupid druggie has been idiot s*** bag metal head.

761 days ago


Wtf is wrong this white racist mofo .obama had nothing to with theses shootings Obama don't want to take ur guns alway he just want to get military weapons that belong military off the street. And another thing the reason anybody but the military need a ak47 is to kill lots of ppl

761 days ago


All of the head banging must have jarred something loose in his head. Sure, all of our problems are Obama's fault. Give me a break! All of this was put in motion years ago, before any of even knew who Obama was. If McCaine had won, do any of you think that things would be better? I'm betting that things would be about the same. Of course it's easier for some in America to blame a black President than it is to blame a white President, which is obvious by some of these comments. None of you will admit it, but the fact is had the elections gone the other way, McCaine wouldn't be under the gun like Obama.

761 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, Godspeed for Ms. Richards on her recovery.

Clearly, most of those making comments, are plainly oblivious to some of the immoral and sinister activities of YOUR "government".
Again -With, The True and Living Yahweh as My Witness- I would put ABSOLUTELY nothing past one of the most Oppressive and Fascist-like regimes in U.S. History. While I do not have enough information on the allegations by Mr. Mustaine, the entire tragedy is cast in a highly-suspect light.

As our once Godly-blessed nation begin a second decade -inarguably- of Death and Destruction, on a national-level, we are truly reaping, what Corrupt, Godless, and Special-Interest serving politicians have sown.

Again, the true differences between the U.S. Pharaoh, Romney, Mr. Cheese (Ryan), Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians: The deceptions that they perpetrate, the benefactors they serve, and the true cost PAID BY AMERICANS.

As citizens, Ms. Richards is entitled to her perspective, and Mr. Mustiane MUST be allowed to freely exercise his 1st Amendment Rights.

Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE (Come and Armageddon it, coward Fed-Fascists),
Proverbs Twelve;7 is NOW,
Zechariah Twelve;8 is NOW,
St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW,
Psalm2;012 is NOW:
The Most Blessed Christ King Yeshua reigns!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of The True and Living Yahweh!

761 days ago


Is this girl calling the kettle black or what?

As far as I know, she's the only victim exploiting this terrible tragedy(along with her tacky tattoos and wounds) to every media outlet that will post about her.

Indeed, Left, right, up, down.. United we stand, divided we fall. Politicians know that, and are using it to weaken we, the people.

761 days ago


It doesn't matter if you're a Republican or Democrat! The goal is the same, they're just coming at it from different perspectives and that goal is for the elites to rule over everyone else... So who do the elites submit to? Their illuminated master Lucifer/Satan via the secret socites they are all a part of... It doesn't matter whether there was brain-washing done to Holmes or not... It was demonically instigated and carried out in order to futher justify the removal of our right to bear arms... There is an agenda but that doesn't mean every decision there-in is made in our realm... Satan's real folks... Demons are real... Truth is not what you think it is and not what I say it is... Truth is what God's Word says it is...

761 days ago


That is probably one of the most reasonable things that has been said about the shooting. Good for her for being so level headed.

761 days ago


What I don't understand is that the media continues to put the blame on everything: The film itself, Barack Obama, etc yet the blame isn't being held upon the culprit himself, James Holmes. I guess that's the society we live in!

761 days ago


i wish mr holmes shot and killed this girl. she's a pos.

761 days ago


Sadly, I do enjoy the music of Megadeth, but do not care for Dave's personal politics. Hopefullyhe'll come to his senses, but I highly doubt it as he hangs out with Alex Jones.

761 days ago


Dave shouldnt have opened his mouth, I agree but dont assume that people with Power such as Obama are innocent and are always on the up and up.

761 days ago

Joan K    

This guy has to be a complete moron, he proved that by spewing such garbage.

761 days ago


Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine is an a-hole deport his ass. What a loser. Shut your stupid ignorant mouth. Someone should shot his dumb ass.

761 days ago
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