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'Batman' Massacre Victim

To Megadeth Singer:

Don't BLAME Obama!

8/16/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine is an idiot ... because Barack Obama is not to blame for the Aurora massacre ... so says one of the people who was shot in the theater that night.

TMZ spoke with Carli Richards ... who sustained multiple gunshot wounds when James Holmes opened fire during a screening of "Dark Knight Rises" last month.

After watching the footage of Mustaine blaming Obama for "staging" the Aurora shooting to push an anti-gun agenda, Richards is lashing back ... telling us, "Some people think the President is a good scapegoat but he didn't shoot me."

Richards adds, "It’s obviously kind of absurd and people who make up conspiracies just want attention."

"Everybody is emotional at this time and needs to blame somebody I guess. I don’t think they realize the consequences of not being responsible for your own actions and James Holmes needs to be held accountable for his, to whatever way the justice system deems fit."


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This was a staged false flag operation. If any of you little apes had the mental capacity to at least Google "Batman Massacre False Flag" it would be apparent. But Nooooo, you would rather get on here and run your *****ucker's about something you have no clue about. Not only will you do that, you will crucify someone who points out the truth. You are weak pathetic losers who would rather eat the corn out of Kim Kardashians sh!t than educate yourselves, you make me sick

740 days ago


“If there are degrees of evil, it is hard to say who is the more contemptible: the brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his mind."

740 days ago


Yes he is right, so sad that most of you think otherwise. So oblivious of whats really going on...

739 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Dave Mustaine is an idiot. Plain and simple. He played a concert in Northern Ireland some time ago and overheard people talking about "the cause". Genius that he is, he thought it "sounded kinda cool" and "totally metal, dude", went on stage and dedicated a song to "the cause". Yes, he dedicated a song to a terrorist organisation (IRA) that was killing (among others) school children at the time without even knowing what he was blathering about. A few miles from where the murders took place. That, in a nutshell, is all you need to know about Dave Mustaine. Some people mouth off before they use their brain. Dave just mouthes off, alcohol and drugs have taken care of the rest. And every mistake he ever made in his life was really Lars Ulrich's or James Hetfield's fault.

People like Mustaine are the reason you can't have a fruitful political discussion anymore. They just yell asinine crap they saw and heard on the TV at the top of their lungs. They don't even listen to what the other side has to say before they go off on their rants. They can't even go for two sentences without throwing out insults, stereotypes and derogatory terms. They think their opinions are facts, not just their interpretation of reports on facts.

BTW, don't give me that "he had a tough youth" crap. That's not an excuse for being ignorant and hateful. And don't think that just because he can still put surprisingly coherent sentences together he's intelligent. He's not. Some of the dumbest, most ignorant stuff I've heard people say was wrapped in excellent rhetoric.

738 days ago


The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Do***entary)!

738 days ago
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