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Katherine Jackson

Wants Estate to Pay for TP

Not Janet's Mortgage

8/16/2012 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We have more info on Katherine Jackson's request for the Michael Jackson Estate to pay for expenses related to Janet Jackson's Las Vegas home, and it turns out toilet paper -- NOT mortgages -- is on her mind.

As we previously reported, the Estate filed documents asking the court to allow the Executors to pay Katherine for "expenses relating to .... a residence in Las Vegas."

We're told the residence is Janet Jackson's home.   Fact is ... there's no need to cover any mortgage expenses, because we're told Janet doesn't have a mortgage -- she owns the home outright, but never spends time there.  In fact, we're told she bought the home so Katherine could use it.  And, she has provided various other forms of support for Katherine over the years.  So what we reported initially -- that the Estate would pay part of the mortgage -- isn't the case.

Sources connected to Katherine now tell us, Katherine wants the money because she incurs various expenses when she spends time at Janet's property.  Our sources say the expenses include, food, cable, utilities, Internet, travel and even toilet paper.  

It's unclear why Katherine feels she's entitled to more money for things like food and toilet paper, because what she consumes and uses in Vegas she doesn't in L.A.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

She gets enough money every month to buy out a small family-owned business store. How much money does she need to buy toilet paper and pay utilities? Doesn't make sense.

694 days ago


The money is there and MJ left a percentage for his mother to be taken care of while she's alive. Katherine should enjoy more than the estate is allocating to her. MJ was very generous with her when he was alive. If there was no Katherine or Joe there would have been no MJ. Show Katherine the money!

694 days ago


You got it wrong the first time so why don't you just DROP IT!

694 days ago


And what is the 70K per month suppose to be for?

She can't be this cheap, assuming this story isn't BS.

Maybe she's starting to lose her mind.

694 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael entitled Katherine to have her share of inheritance until she dies but this does not give her the right to ask for money continuously and the Estate should say NO since she gets ALL the money she needs and even more!!! Michael wanted her to have a comfortable life until se dies, nothing else, the legacy is for his children not for her who tries to squander all that she can with these absurd requests!!!!

694 days ago


Still makes no sense. It would be like me going on vacation and expecting an additional paycheck to pay for necessities. The expenses she is asking the be paid are nonsense.If she cannot afford to stay at Janet's then stay home or better yet at a hotel where basic's are included.Janet can't provide these items for her mother? What a twisted family this is.Yes you can stay at my house but if you want TV, food, toilet paper etc. you'll have to provide that yourself.Janet is being down right cruel to her mother, makes me sick.

694 days ago


This makes it even worse for Janet that Janet is so broke she cannot afford toilet paper for her mother.

694 days ago


Doesn't it smell like roses ?

694 days ago


Oh, please! Is there no end to their greedy manipulations for MJ's money?????? Janet, surely YOU can buy toilet paper for your mother!!!! Shame on you. And,Katherine, you are no better than your children as far as your greed. You certianly get more than enough to cover your expenses. It's a joke, really.

694 days ago


Actually this sounds like a retraction of their original story ..
The part about the TP just sounds like a cheap shot at the Jacksons, due to sour grapes , and to distract from the fact they got this thing completely wrong..
I wouldnt be surprised if this was actually for Joe since Katherine is usually in Ca while the kids are in school

694 days ago


Joe is going to bottle it like a fragrance; to sale in a kiosk at the mall!

694 days ago


hahahahah, I bet all those who called Janet out, feel real awkward now, lmfaooo- where's the comments calling Janet a gold-digger ? i wanna see them hahahahah

694 days ago

People Annoy Me    

Oh lord, just let this madness end DX

694 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think the estate should pay Joe Jackson to keep all these Jacksons in line. Once Joe breaks out his pimp hand and starts smacking the Jacksons around like he did in the old days they will stop with this endless money grab. I had no idea that Joe was the glue to that family. And the first Jackson I want Joe to tee off on is Jermaine

694 days ago

really! really?    

Who knew there was such a thing as gold-plated Charmin?

694 days ago
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