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Kim Kardashian

The Divorce is NOT

So I Can Marry Kanye

8/16/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is telling close friends she is not pushing for a divorce so she can marry Kanye West -- she's saying Kris Humphries has simply become "a cancer" she wants out of her life forever.

Sources connected with Kim tell TMZ ... after Wednesday's court hearing, Kim said, "Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f**ked with my emotions." She added, when their marriage started to fall apart "He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn't edited right."

Kim, who is telling friends she is "emotionally exhausted" from dealing with Kris, says if he really thinks he can convince a judge she defrauded him, wait 'til he sees the outtakes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- which show Kris as a "manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk."

 Kim is telling friends, "It's all on camera and it's going to backfire in his face."

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No Avatar


Who really cares about Kim , wasn't her 10min of fame over LONG ago.

799 days ago


Edited outtakes, I'm sure.

799 days ago


Kim Kardashian is so stupid and apparently has very low standards for the men she dates/marries/hooks up with. Neither one of those guys are good enough for me. They're not good looking enough nor of good enough character. Yes, they both have some money and a little fame, in some circles. Not good enough for husband material for me. I wouldn't even date them. I don't understand these Hollywood women. They seem to have no idea how to select a mate.

799 days ago


I CAN'T STAND KIM KARDASHIAN! She is a cancer on society as is her mother. She admitted she knew before she walked down the aisle that it wasn't right, that she shouldn't be getting married. She could have stopped it. She knew it wasn't going to work because she didn't want it to work. Why, I'm betting Kanye knows~

799 days ago


This KMZ site blows!...it's so slanted towards favoring the Krapdashians....yellow journalism at its finest...since Kim is into water sports!

799 days ago

karen stine    

Kim No one believes you & your crazy family but We do believe Kris Because We seen Kanye on your show & that is When you Changed you mind About your marriage & wanted out!! QUIT telliing Lies >> Haven;t you Done enough to this man?????

799 days ago


Kim Kardiashian is a slut and major ****. The media needs to stop enabling people like her and the Jersey Shore retards. The more the media brings up her name, the more a diva she becomes and the more money she'll take from actual working-class citizens who work 9 to 5 jobs and even sometimes work two or three jobs at a time just to feed their families and get by. Whereas people like Kim make money for waking up every day.

If this is what the world is coming to, then I don't know if I would really want to live in such a world. Kim clearly used Kris, as she uses anyone and is clearly using Kanye too (who is another one who needs to go.) Anyone that supports Kim Kardashian clearly can't be very intelligent as they are too blind to see that Kim is basically stealing from lower-class people. Instead of giving Kim millions, why not donate that money to orphanages, charities, etc. so we can try and make the world a better place to live in.

Also, it says something when a 19 year old is able to realize this, but anyone older whom you would expect to be more wise can't.

799 days ago


I hope he takes u to the cleaners !!!

799 days ago


For someone that lost her dad to Cancer and has gone through the pain of a loss she needs be careful how she uses this word. YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!

799 days ago


WHo would marry ugly ass Kanye if he had no money???? Any takers? the guy is more than fugly and seems to have the personality to match+ at least two exes have complained that he beat them, what a catch!

799 days ago


i waiting for that 1 day when the Kardashians get expose and go away...no matter where i turn about celeb news they always in top headlines, just so sick and tired of hearing about them and seeing them.

799 days ago

henry wheeler    

Her ass is HUGE !!!!!

799 days ago

Maren Lane 11    

Good! This is what happens when you are "famous" and marry someone so quickly, I can't stand this family either and would feel like I'm losing I.Q points if I were to watch their show! I hope this divorce takes YEARS!!!!!!!

799 days ago


Kardashians- out of business-

799 days ago

southern girl    

So I guess her FIRST divorce wasn't traumatic at all...

799 days ago
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