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Kim Kardashian

The Divorce is NOT

So I Can Marry Kanye

8/16/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is telling close friends she is not pushing for a divorce so she can marry Kanye West -- she's saying Kris Humphries has simply become "a cancer" she wants out of her life forever.

Sources connected with Kim tell TMZ ... after Wednesday's court hearing, Kim said, "Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f**ked with my emotions." She added, when their marriage started to fall apart "He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn't edited right."

Kim, who is telling friends she is "emotionally exhausted" from dealing with Kris, says if he really thinks he can convince a judge she defrauded him, wait 'til he sees the outtakes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- which show Kris as a "manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk."

 Kim is telling friends, "It's all on camera and it's going to backfire in his face."

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who the **** cares? Dumbashian and mutant chipmunk is no news

801 days ago

BB not bb    

Kris is so mean that it is unreal, except that guys like him are a dime a dozen. If you are a sincere woman looking for love, they will be on your trail like flies on dog waste. I am glad that Kim saw the light. Thank God. So many women are destroyed by men like this and blamed for the situation. Men like this are a cancer. Kim had the support of her family which saved her life. Her mom told her that marriage shouldn't feel so miserable and Khloe told her that she was acting terrible. They told her the truth and she realized what the problem was.

Men like this try to destroy the confidence of women. It is like a rape of not just a body but of a soul and a life. They are like vampires. I guess his Minnesota life wasn't enogh for him, so he had to suck out the life of a person who lived a full and exciting life. I think Kris really hates women. Maybe he should come out of the closet instead of obsessing over what Kim's friend was hiding in his.

It hurts me to see women take such verbal and emotional and psychological abuse like I saw Kim take on that show.

801 days ago


They are all disgusting human beings (and I use the term loosely).

801 days ago


Kim said Kris told producers he was going to ruin her career. What career? Kim you're a nasty porn star turned reality star which isn't even considered anywhere star worthy.

801 days ago


Kartrashian on your payroll? Even the pics, you always display KH looking bad! That whore is nothing but a fame monger.....I hope he rattles her word to the rotten core, get rid of the kartrashians!!!!!

801 days ago


Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the dumbest of them all?

801 days ago


Kim Kardashian calling someone fame-hungry? HAHAHAHAHAHA

801 days ago


I like how it is quoted that Kim says Kris is a cancer she wants removed from her life, Welcome Kim to how most of America feels about you and your family!! When watching tv the other day a stupid VMA commercial came on with you and Kanye, I guess all the tmz, Perez Hilton, Intouch, and Us weekly stories about your relationship wasn't enough to fulfill your attention whore ways! Please get the divorce soon, get married to Kanye and all of you including your family go away! K thanks!

801 days ago

King of TMZ    

Kim Kardashian just want to act as the little innocent princess lol
If she breaks up with Kanye same cycle will happen her bashing on him and destroying his jackass career lol
Ray J = Zero
Reggie Bush = Zero
Kris Humpheries = 24Million
Kanye (after inevitable egomaniac breakup) = Zero or jail lol if not death lol
Kim seriously woman up you career destroyer.
You screwed the guy royally and now its your turn to taste your own Using & Disposing medicine.

#TeamKris = #TeamTruth

801 days ago


Yeah, breaking up with him "f'd with her emotions" sooo much, she didn't bother to TELL HIM and filed for divorce behind his back!
This whore is truly soulless.

801 days ago


Referring to someone as being a cancer in your life, is about as low as a ho can go. How dare you belittle anyone who has been affected by that disease just so you can show off in the media. You are such a mindless slut.

801 days ago


kim is trying to change all the things she said about her future with kanye, now that they can use it in court and he was connected with her before and during marriage ( and now living together). they call kris a fame --ore, which is stupid, because i havent seen anything about him other than something the kardash people and their friends put out about him. kim and her lawyer, say he wants to drag this out, but his lawyer cant get kris jenner and kanye to give depo (they are hiding from person trying to serve them) sounds like kim and her camp are the ones who want this to drag on. if kim wants this over with, why not accept papers for depo? she hasnt been deposed because she is so busy , but everyday she has time to place photos of her butt and breast on internet and travel with and entertain kanye (for photo ops). she wants it over with but on her terms (no secrets revealed). so love her hate him but be honest, its not him making this difficult (he just wants to tell his side and defend himself) which a prenup would prevent but an anulment would make prenup void.. and yes he would have been well know without kim, he is well known in nba, for his playing record. not all sports figures who are well known had to be involved with a kardash.

801 days ago

Don Martin    

Would someone please call the ASPCA on this BIOTCH and get her off the streets.

801 days ago


Maybe after this long drawn out misery of getting a divorce ... it will make her think twice before she jumps into a marriage again with someone she has only known a few months.
If she had waited a little longer, gotten past the infatuation stage and gotten to know Kris better, she would have figured out she should not be married to someone like him ... and saved everyone involved a whole lot of aggravation - and that includes nearly every person in this country who has had to continually read about this marriage and divorce for over a year now.

801 days ago


Kim K is white trash - go Kris. When are they taking the Kardashian's off the air? Cannot imagine anyone watching the program.

801 days ago
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