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Kim Kardashian

The Divorce is NOT

So I Can Marry Kanye

8/16/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is telling close friends she is not pushing for a divorce so she can marry Kanye West -- she's saying Kris Humphries has simply become "a cancer" she wants out of her life forever.

Sources connected with Kim tell TMZ ... after Wednesday's court hearing, Kim said, "Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f**ked with my emotions." She added, when their marriage started to fall apart "He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn't edited right."

Kim, who is telling friends she is "emotionally exhausted" from dealing with Kris, says if he really thinks he can convince a judge she defrauded him, wait 'til he sees the outtakes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- which show Kris as a "manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk."

 Kim is telling friends, "It's all on camera and it's going to backfire in his face."

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No Avatar


What a freaking waste of life! Please just die.

806 days ago

Who Knew    

Keep trying TMX, you will never get people on that Skanks side. Nice choice of pictures again.

806 days ago


For crying out loud, TMZ! Enough of this trash. I've been following TMZ on Twitter for a long time. I'm so tired of these KARDASHIAN bullcrap tweets I'm ready to completely UNFOLLOW. Too bad Kim doesn't have the 'low down' on Harvey like Chelsea Handler. If she did, the Harvey would leave her alone, and stop annoying the hell out of the rest of the world with this redundant BS.

806 days ago


Kim's gross and Kanye looks like a hospital orderly.

806 days ago


Thats right. Kris told her family that "he would burn the place down" in one of their episodes while they were together. It's in the footage, that guy appears to be dangerous, or he is just lose with words.

805 days ago


They are birds of a feather. You marry a woman who became famous because of a sex tape and are SHOCKED that she behaves with no morals. Really?

805 days ago


blah, blah, blah...black **** whore!

805 days ago


blah, blah...black c*ck whore.

805 days ago


Hard to imagine they have WORSE footage of how he acted than what they already showed on TV. He looked like a jerk on every episode when they were apparently "in love" . She'd ask him to do something nicely and he'd act like a 16 year old and then go do the opposite just to mess with her. He had parties in their private hotel suite and fill it up with people he doesn't even know. He's a spoiled brat athlete who didn't enjoy it when he wasn't in the center of the limelight. Very mature. He is just angry because he thought he was the big man and wanted to control everything and wasn't able to.

805 days ago


This must be a Mikey story...seeking out the worst picture of Kris he can find. How does his wife like him kissing Kim's ass everyday??

805 days ago


Certainly Kim is clueless about somebody having morals and integrity because she has none. Kris wants the marriage annulled because he believes that marriage is sacred and not to be taken lightly. He was not the one who joined in the marriage for money and ratings and come to think of it, he's not been the one trashing you in public. Your cameo in Kanye's video and the snide jokes about "72 days" are not funny,, even if you and your vile family think they are.

805 days ago


The arrogant Kardashians think that they are invulnerable. Take away their ill gotten wealth, (fleeced off the gullible public) and they would be nothing more than the miscreant family, that they have always been.

805 days ago


If Kim thinks Kris is a cancer why doesn't she allow him to annul the marriage and it would be over.

I hope Kris wins completely. Kim is the modern day Greek mythology's Narcissus, gazing at her own image and falling in love with herself.

805 days ago


How much can he really be "f***ing with her emotions", when evidently they have no contact with each other and she has moved on to what seems to be a happy relationship? I think she is confusing f***ing with her emotions with not getting her own way when she wants it regarding an annulment.
While she may have wanted the divorce even if she were not with Kanye, I'm guessing she wants to close the deal with Kayne as soon as possible.
Regarding "threats to the producer" who knows what that context that was is. I might have threated too if editing made me look like the bad guy all the time. As for the outakes, if the show is basically scripted, how would that reflect on anything but the script? I have no idea what went on with these two, but this post from "sources connected to the situation" doesn't bear much scrutiny.

805 days ago


I really have mixed feelings about this one. It is true that the Kardashians have built an empire on their reality show, none of the Kardashian sisters are actors, singers, etc. They are famous for just being famous. However I watched some of the show Kourntey and Kim take New York, and it is a fact that Kris had a very degrading way of speaking to her. Kim knew there would be an incredible backlash toward he forr filing for divorce after just 72 days, but she did it anyway. Maybe something happened off camera that no one is aware of. I'm sure her mom must have sensed the tension between the two of them in the weeks leading up to the wedding, but she seemed to encourage Kim to go on with it. I wonder why her mom or any of her family members did not suggest that she break it off. It makes one wonder was it all about ratings.

805 days ago
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