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Kristen Stewart


She's the Fall Guy

8/16/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_kristen_stewart_rupert_sanders_fameflynet-DATEKristen Stewart has publicly shown remorse over her affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, but privately she is FURIOUS she's taking all the heat ... sources directly connected with Kristen tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us ... Kristen can't believe the public isn't painting Rupert Sanders as the bad guy.  She's grousing that he's 19 years her senior and was "in a position of power over her" ... being a director of a movie she had just shot and presumably someone she was going to work with again.

Kristen is also incensed that she's being called the big cheater. Although she knows she shouldn't have done it because she was in a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson, she feels Rupert is in a totally different and far more culpable situation, being married with 2 kids.

We're told Kristen fears her career may be irreparably damaged -- something she believes she doesn't deserve as a 22-year-old single woman who made a stupid mistake.


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I'm way over half a century old, but even I know that no celebrity can get away with anything for very long! Everyone has a camera! DUH!!! You have to wonder about the IQ of some of these folks, doing something stupid and then, even worse, being surprised they were caught! DOH!!!!

769 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

Majority of guys are pigs, that always wanna tap. She's the one that opened the gates, and let him tap it. She's a skank.

769 days ago


No sympathy from here. She will still get to do the Snow White and Huntsman but he wouldn't anymore. Even though he is the main person who made the movie, he is the director. If her way of thinking is like this then she is not going to learn. She is 22 yrs old. That is not young. When I was 18 and younger I know not to have a relationship with a married man. Period. It would have been a slight difference if they had a history.But he has a family and SHE KNOWS that. On top of it, she worked with HIS WIFE in the movie. They are both the bad guy but she is going to get the heat because she is more famous on top of the things I have mentioned above. Oh and she still got to do the movie and Rupert is not anymore due to their "Affair". So again no pity from me to her. She still earns millions, she still get to have movies.

769 days ago


Give me a damn break. She needs to stop making excuses. They are both at fault. Just because he's married and has kids doesn't mean he was more wrong than her. She slept with a man she knew was married and had kids. That makes her equally as guilt.

"A position of power of her"-- another excuse. She's 22. Grow up. In this day and age you don't get promoted on your back.

769 days ago

DC Native    

I would agree with Kristen's argument were she not aware that Rupert was married with 2 children, and she not an "in-demand" actress who could, at this point in her career, write her own ticket. To blame him for "being a director in a position of power over her" only makes her look more unwilling to accept responsibility for her action.

But, I agree, she is shouldering all the blame for this mess when they're both, equally responsible for the hurt they've caused. However, she stood to lose the most, as Rupert's wife will forgive him and take him back...

769 days ago


She is taking so much heat because she cheated on some one half the world is in love with and also wrecked a marriage!!! Deal with it home wrecking tramp!!!!! Have you one time told that mans children your sorry for turning their world upside down or is it always about you!!!!!!!!!!!!

769 days ago


If this story is true, when is she going to apologize to her friend/co-worker Liberty Ross and the two children. I am getting so fed up with reading she is only 22....That makes her an adult folks! She knew he was married, she knew he had children, she was friends with his wife, she was in a committed relationship with Pattison.. This of course does not take any blame from Rupert Sanders, the dirrector. He has lots to be ashamed about...His lovely wife and children were probably home waiting for his arrival, family dinner cooked all at the time he was dallying with Stewart. Both of these people make me as a movie goer quite sick. The only thing both of these two have in common now, is that they were both remorseful that they got caught! They were in a public place grinding, kissing each other...Both are adults regardless of the age difference...She is certainly not a child and neither is he....If she is planning to go to Toronto for the red carpet for her latest movie I hope she receives alot of boos....She has contributed to making two children unhappy and a wife without a husband....Shame shame shame on her... Regrets...I bet she has a big big one....she now knows that all her former fans and admirers have found out she is a complete fraud....

769 days ago


I can't help but laugh at this story! IF it's true:

Kristen, you are not going to gain any support or respect by placing the blame on Rupert. Here's the deal. You cheated on a man who you made a commitment to, and who clearly loved you. YOU deceived him, not Rupert. Rupert is wrong too, but he's no more wrong than you are. You both cheated on people you were in relationships with.

These statements sound like a desperate attempt to save her career, with no regard to the feelings of the man she cheated on. No mention of how she broke the man's heart, just selfish regard for her own well-being. By minimizing her betrayal, she is simultaneously saying that she doesn't hold herself culpable for what she did.

All of you people who say, she did nothing wrong, and everybody cheats--I feel sorry for you. If you can't commit to someone without cheating than you are in for a rough road ahead because that is a morally bankrupt thing to do. I understand making mistakes but this isn't an isolated incident for her and her behavior since she was exposed say a lot about her character in general. Had she not been caught who knows what would have happened? She obviously wasn't planning on admitting her misgivings.

She should acknowledge what she did and try to make yourself better for it. That's all anyone would ask of her. Making excuses for herself and placing blame on others just makes her look arrogant and immature.

769 days ago


I can't believe she cheated on sexy Rob Pattinson with this old and ugly movie director. What was she thinking?

769 days ago


Well, if she wasn't screwing him, it wouldn't be an issue. Now would it?

769 days ago


Thats what she gets for being a dirty slutwhore, I hope her career dies.

769 days ago


I believe that he should be receiving more bad publicity for it since he is married with kids, HOWEVER, where I just feel she is disgusting is that his WIFE was her mother in the movie. You are working with his wife!!! I mean she probably could've gotten away with her that excuse if she wasn't around and pulled that "oh he said they were separated" but now deal with it!

769 days ago


KS is a slut, and when you act like a slut you get treated like a laid down in your bed, you're stuck with what you are

769 days ago


***** have no brains.... She being 22 and single should no better that being with a married man with kids and wife... He is definitely a dork too and both are self centered jerks.

769 days ago


in the public eye she just lost all respect, she may as well pick a nice spot to retire

769 days ago
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