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Lady Gaga's Bodyguard


Takedown in Romania

8/16/2012 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga's bodyguard WRECKED some dumbass autograph seeker who tried to get too close to the singer in Romania ... and the brutal takedown was all caught on tape.

Gaga was trying to walk through her hotel, flanked by two beastly private security guards, when the autograph seeker tried to go through a revolving door and get in Gaga's face.

But the bodyguard POUNCED ... grabbing the dude by the head and slamming him to the ground ... instantly neutralizing the threat.

Gaga seemed startled at first ... but quickly realized she was in good hands.

The autograph hunter eventually picked his sorry ass off the ground ... and was immediately thrown out of the hotel.


No Avatar


That was actually quite entertaining to watch!

744 days ago


That was needlessly excessive; he could've blocked the man and just held him back instead of slamming him to the ground. He was armed with a pen, paper and camera, NOT a gun. Nice way to treat your fans, overzealous or not.

744 days ago


I don't care who you are, That's assault caught on tape if you ask me.

744 days ago


Americans know better. Romanians just caught up with the learning.

744 days ago


all he wanted was her autogtaph...,,,her used by date will be up soon and no one will be interested in her..i can;t believe they are interested now

744 days ago


Dude needs a bodyguard? Wimp. Untuck the junk "Lady"

744 days ago


The poor guy could have been the father of a child idolized Gaga & dreamed of one day having her autograph. Maybe he took a chance for his kid? So many parents would. Imagine the embarrassment that guy felt & now it's all over the internet. People are so cruel

744 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Got damn he murked that guy lolololol! No wonder famous people get such big ego's. I'd be laughing my ass off if I had two goons walking with me who'd take down freaks like that. So funny. I keep watching it over and over, then Gaga looked at him like "how pathetic" then kept walking LMAO

744 days ago


The bodyguards did what they were hired to do and did it well, without anyone getting hurt!

744 days ago


Poor dude, his daughter probably sent him, and a simple signature would have made someone happy. Instead the bodyguards act as if it's Obama himself they're protecting. UNLIKE!

744 days ago


That's not assault, in the context of the situation it would be defense and he didn't get slammed, btw. He ran at her in a very threatening manner and could have been holding anything in his hand. There are crazy people out there (in case you haven't noticed). Her security dealt with the situation professionally and the guy got up and walked away. I think we all learned a valuable lesson today- don't be a dumbass.

744 days ago


How AWFUL! He was just approaching for an autograph with pen and paper in hand and is treated like a felon. I would SUE! Why is GaGa so special? Would I be allowed to have a man "take down" another man for approaching me????? I hope he has a "serious neck injury" and sues her ass. It's one thing to be "touched", but he just waned an autograph.

744 days ago


Who do these s*** bag "singers" think they are anyways!!?? Royalty?? Stay out of public places if ya dont want people to bug you! Lady what" Lady gag gag? F--- OFF!! Hope the poor guy sues her fat ass....

744 days ago


gooh goohs goonbees suck&why did security let the fat basterd in the door any who?,it was a staged and than they rolled the beachball out the door just for wanting a goohie graf?.her 20 mins are over about two years ago boomer rumma and waren buffet moobos

744 days ago


I THINK I`ll not go there than!

744 days ago
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