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Lady Gaga's Bodyguard


Takedown in Romania

8/16/2012 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga's bodyguard WRECKED some dumbass autograph seeker who tried to get too close to the singer in Romania ... and the brutal takedown was all caught on tape.

Gaga was trying to walk through her hotel, flanked by two beastly private security guards, when the autograph seeker tried to go through a revolving door and get in Gaga's face.

But the bodyguard POUNCED ... grabbing the dude by the head and slamming him to the ground ... instantly neutralizing the threat.

Gaga seemed startled at first ... but quickly realized she was in good hands.

The autograph hunter eventually picked his sorry ass off the ground ... and was immediately thrown out of the hotel.


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Sean Sullivan    

I hate petty ass celebrities, dude just wanted an autograph he wasn't trying to rape her or anything.

797 days ago


I don't condone actions like this. Celebrities are cherished by their stupid fans. Especially this dirty POS. Lady GAGA is the worth celebrity influence on anyone. People who adore celebrities are IDIOTS. They are just humans who make more money than yourself. They act like they are GODS because people allow them to be. To me they are just that (PEOPLE) who work just like us in what they LOVE.

797 days ago


The girl in the shorts is hotter than GAGA

797 days ago


The girl in the shorts is hot

797 days ago


For the sue happy crowd, if you were paying attention you can clearly see the bodyguard in question put his arm out in front of the guy as to try and stop him from approaching further. It is then that this man pushed passed the guard to further advance on Lady GaGa. You mustn't argue this as a simple autograph gone wrong, after all it could have been a knife in his hand etc. Safety First especially when traveling in a foreign country with someone who is a 'high risk' client.

797 days ago


That's just awful I use to be a fan until she just went overboard with trying so hard to impress or something. But damn the guy just wanted a autograph he had both hands out holding a marker and paper. She could of least check to see if he was Ok after she realize what was going on. I mean really after all she love ALL her "Little Monsters"

797 days ago


What a BITCH! She could have signed his paper. She acts like she is royalty and looks at the guy who spent money on her CDs etc and keeps walking.

797 days ago


Lady Gaga needs to take lessons from Elvis Presley on how to treat her fans. He is still loved by them 35 years after his death because he treated people like people.

797 days ago


Absolutely staged!

797 days ago


"The threat" was ... a piece of paper and a pen.Shame on the bodyguard.

797 days ago


If that happened in the United states, you have an assault and battery arrest and a lawsuit.

796 days ago



795 days ago


Pffft! Of course it will be easy -- the guys was just going to ask for an autograph. What if the guys really wanted to hurt her and a martial arts expert? This video would have a different story.

795 days ago


Who wrote this article? Sound like some 13 year old kid did out of his moms basement. TMZ should sack the author of this piece.

"WRECKED some dumbass"

Wrecked? He never got recked. Excessive force was used in my opinion but the guy never got wrecked.

And why is he a dumbass? I don't know for sure but my guess is his kid was outside and he went in for an autograph. He just made an error of judegement. He is not a dumbass. We are all capable of making mistakes. And by the sound of things, your mum and dad made a very big one.

"neutralizing the threat."

When you use phrases like that it makes all kinds of force seem acceptable. You are an ass.

"picked his sorry ass off the ground"

The guy was shaken up. He never expected to be assaulted. Show him some sympathy. His life will change because of this.

He could quite believably have just tried to be a good and got his kid an autograph of her favourite celeb.

You need to go back to school.

794 days ago


Yeah right, "great job" indeed. "Brave protector" "neutralized" an "aggressive", "dangerous" silly harmless Romanian peasant but pouncing on him, flinging him back by 20 yards and tossing him on the floor. Yeah, and it was all absolutely necessary. Simply blocking the guy and telling him to go away would not have been enough. Fkn, nasty bully, looking for an excuse to abuse somebody, not a protector... Pity the Romanians didn't have the balls to but that mother f...r in jail.

788 days ago
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