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Cries Over Chris Brown

'He Needed Help'

8/16/2012 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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With tears pouring down her face, an emotional Rihanna opened up to Oprah about Chris Brown ... describing how she "lost her best friend" after he attacked her back in 2009.

During the interview, set to air Sunday night on OWN, Rihanna described her emotions following the beating.

"It was a weird, confusing space to be in ... because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help ... and who's going to help him?"

Rihanna continued, "Nobody's going to say he needs help. Everybody's going to say he's a monster without looking at the source ... and I was more concerned about him."

"I lost my best friend ... everything I knew switched ... switched in a night and I couldn't control that."

Brown ultimately pled guilty to felony assault for the 2009 beating and was sentenced to 5 years probation and was ordered to stay away from the singer. The restraining order has since been lifted.


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This chick is as slum as slum can get. Dumb as a slug. Ghetto slug.

799 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

Rihanna, I have been waiting on this opportunity to discuss this topic. First, and foremost; I believe this was a publicity stunt to push your narrow ass in the ratings. 2. I believe if it really happened Chris had no choice but to protect himself from you abusing him. 3. I believe after you slept with Ja Zee he should have left your nasty ass along 4. Why are you now ready to be his girl, after you almost ruined his life?

Rihanna, I have watched you video's and I see all the devil worshiping that yuo and Beyonce are into. Chris Brown needs to get as far away from you as possible, before he ends up in jail or dead......

799 days ago

Bwoy dem    

Make all your jokes... what she said explains a lot.

799 days ago


More concened about her attacker than herself. Spoken like a truly abused woman.

799 days ago

Eva Stuart    

Didn't see interview but hopefully Oprah educated her on abused woman syndrome...

799 days ago


Hasn't she milked this enough OVER and OVER again......? She boosted her sales and made many appearances on TV and covers thanks to Cris Brown. Now she wants an Oscar for her crocadile tears. These people are disgusting..!

799 days ago

Kev the Realist    

She is pitiful. She cannot even stand up for herself and say that NO WOMAN ever should put up with that. Stop making excuses, you moron, he is a batterer and has no brians to undersdtand, no matter WTF is up with you you NEVER hit a woman. Stop being a 2 bit enabler. You have proven you do not deserve to be a role model and NIVEA was 100% correct to dump your trashy ass. SHANK

799 days ago

Eva Stuart    

Her behavior shows a lack of self respect...sadly, the perfect victim for an abuser.

799 days ago


Rihanna is obviously an idiot.

799 days ago


This happened sooo long ago...who gives a damn. Anything to keep your forehead in the news I guess....what an idiot.

799 days ago


I can honestly say I am floored by how slow this girl is. I had no idea. Unlikeable too.

799 days ago


Aye Homie You Need Some Help?

799 days ago


I feel for her. She loves him. She won't get serious with anyone else. That's why she hasn't.

799 days ago


no no - i agree w u that he needs help. but, if he doesn't want it, he aint gonna get it.

799 days ago


Ok, I'm calling complete & total BULLSH*T on this stupid slut's story. "She lost her best friend"??? C'mon; she lost her best friend because he was too busy beating on her. And... why did she lose him? Because the stupid braindead slut was egging him on by grabbing the car keys out of his hand & throwing them out the window. She didn't deserve to be beaten, but she definitely contributed to the situation by enabling someone she knew had a bad temper. She's a stupid braindead slut; let's stop giving her tv time as though she's someone important...

799 days ago
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