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Kristen vs. Rupert

Playing the BLAME Game

8/16/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kristen Stewart's taken the lion's share of the blame for the cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders -- so, is that fair? Should the older, married, responsible guy be taking more heat?

Plus, Halle Berry's child custody trial begins -- and will Salma Hayek's plea to the court be enough to get Halle clearance to take Nahla to France ... away from Gabriel Aubry? We've got details from court.
And Vanessa Bryant sure sounds like the new Marie Antoinette. Her comments about expensive handbags ... and only marrying a guy who wins championships divided the TMZ newsroom. Kobe Bryant better listen closely to this convo!

(0:00) Breaking news -- Mayim Bialik's rep is full of it ... telling us the actress was fine after a nasty car crash. We got photos showing Mayim is way more messed up than her rep was letting on. So... what's the point in lying about it?
(4:11) Kristen Stewart thinks it's unfair that she's taking all the heat for cheating on Robert Pattinson with a married director. But when it comes down to it ... SHE'S the famous one ... not the director ... so it makes sense she's taking the brunt of it.
(10:10) Halle Berry is bringing out the big guns for her custody battle with Gabriel Aubrey -- Salma Hayek. But our lawyer Jason doesn't think she has a chance at moving Nahla to France.
(15:20) Mitt Romney uses a band's song without permission -- which seems to happen every time an election rolls around. When are politicians gonna learn they're not above the law?
(18:45) Rihanna breaks down during an interview with Oprah Winfrey -- saying she wanted to help Chris Brown after he beat the crap out of her because no one else would.
(24:45) Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa does one of the best interviews ever -- saying she won't be with a man unless he wins championships ... and that's just ONE of the crazy things she said.
(28:42) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce war gets nastier by the day ... and Harvey thinks it's exactly what Kris wants.
(32:31) Al Roker stands up for his pal Ann Curry -- cracking a great joke about her firing in front of Matt Lauer and Samantha Guthrie.
(34:10) "Double Dare" host Marc Summers is on the phone -- he explains the nasty car accident he got into that BROKE HIS FACE.
(41:00) We take your calls!

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Harvey - we love ya here in Kansas! But I'd be doing you a diss-service :) if I didn't tell you it looks like you have a "moose knuckle" going on with those pants. Camera needs to pan up LOL! DON'T HATE ME!! - Stacey

796 days ago


my buddy's ex-wife made $16182 past week. she been working on the computer and moved in a $490700 condo. All she did was get fortunate and apply the clues laid out on this website

795 days ago


PIC OF Halle being followed by paparazzi in France...

Halle is full ish!

795 days ago


Pic of Halle being followed by paparazzi in France. Kind of kills her argument.

Halle is officially full of ish!

795 days ago


PIC: French paparazzi following Halle while she is visiting schools for Nahla in Paris...oh yeah Halle France will keep you from the paps! A mess! Stop being selfish! Highlight link to see pic!

795 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    


795 days ago

South Beach    

Al Roker 1, Matt Lauder 0. Good one Al!

Matt, you're still a s*** bag.

795 days ago


As far as KStew v RSanders, both should take equal amounts of blame, especially when it comes to putting a viable movie franchise in danger due to their dalliance.

795 days ago


it takes 2 to tango!!

795 days ago


Here's my 2 cents on Halle Berry story. I call BS on Halle's move to France for Nahla's safety. She's only moving there for Olivier...His career is mostly in France and since they'll be apart for too long, she has decided to move to France with Nahla. She doesn't care about Gabriel's feelings, or putting his relationship with his daughter in jeopardy by separating them as long as she always gets what she wants. That woman is just heartless and selfish. We all know she used Gabriel for his sperm and now she wants Olivier to father her daughter. Gabe you better prepare yourself to say goodbye to your precious little daughter, sorry bro.

795 days ago


Halle berry is punishing her daughter more than gabriel. Nala migjht have trouble learning french and the french kids will be absolutly nasty towards her.

795 days ago


they're BOTH in the wrong. damn, now can we all move on? -_-

795 days ago


One thing to remember: Kristen may be getting more grief in public (obviously because she was famous and Rupert wasn’t) but he’s getting the worst of it in private. Kristen is losing her boyfriend of a few years. Boo hoo. Rupert is losing his family. His wife of 7 years, who he’s known since she was 16, and his two very young children. Tell me again who’s paying the higher price? What would you rather lose?

795 days ago


who cares? get a life of some substance. the world is going to **** and all you care about is this garbage. really.

795 days ago


My heart goes out to Kristen. She is a young girl in Hollywood. She made a mistake. She is human. I am curious why there is little being said about the married man, with children who is twice her age crossing the line. Seems to me that in all reality, the bigger issue here that has not even been mentioned, is that he is the director of the movie. Would that not make him her boss? Or at least superior? Could this possibly be an old school Hollywood casting couch? Kristen is being dragged thru the mud? I would hope that he is prevented from causing another young girl emotional and professional harm. Since his age didn't tell him that he should know better, and his marraige vows meant nothing to him, would be nice to see him not asked to return to direct any sequal. Maybe he needs a clause in his contract that prevents him from being alone with anyone in the cast for future projects so that no one would feel any pressure he might imply. Chin up Kristen!

794 days ago
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