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Joey Kovar

'Real World' Star DEAD

Family Suspects Drugs

8/17/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joey Kovar -- the troubled "Real World" star who appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" -- was found dead at a friend's home near Chicago this morning ... and family members believe drugs are to blame ... TMZ has learned.

Kovar was 29 years old.

Kovar's rep tells TMZ ... Joey was discovered by a female friend early this morning who noticed blood coming out of Joey's ears and nose.

The woman called 911 ... and authorities rushed to the scene where he was pronounced dead.

Kovar had famously battled drug issues -- and sought help for cocaine and ecstasy during his stint on "Celeb Rehab."

While on "Real World: Hollywood," Kovar entered rehab halfway through the season for alcohol and drugs, admitting he'd struggled with substance abuse for years. It was a pretty powerful moment on the show.



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Another tragic loss of life. When will folks learn that drugs and alcohol don't make life better, it makes it worse. R.I.P. Joey Kovar. May your soul be free now.

799 days ago


Wow, If that first picture doesnt tell it all!


799 days ago


who was this junkie s***bag and why should I care? no better then any other POS you see homeless in the street dead with a needle in his less s***bag in the world...FREE DRUGS FOR ALL, LET THEM ALL DIE IN THE GUTTER!

799 days ago


That is a very sad story You cannot blame anyone. Drug adiction is a terrible sickness. I fought it for years and I am clean and sober for the last 12 tears.
Please have compassion for him and his family.
If you have not been through it personally you have no idea how painful it can be No one wants to be an addict it just happens

799 days ago


Only 29, sad.
Drug addiction is a hard battle, as is any addiction, it's always sad when someone who's relatively young loses the battle and dies.

799 days ago


Lets all remember here the Dr. is not the one w/ the problem. They are. This is so so sad!!! Granted the Dr. may have made a profit from the show, its the persons who has the problem to take there own lives into there own hands and change the situation. Bottom line here is dont start drugs and you want have to worry about stopping. I pray for the family this has to be an awful thing to go through.

799 days ago


It's really surprising how common drug and alcohol addiction is nowadays. My area has more recovery houses than I can count. My condolences to his family and friends.

799 days ago


@the_truth_hurts # 19
It is obviouss that you are an illiterate A$$ HOLE with no compassion foir someone who did not choose to die
You probably don't believe in Karma or even know what it is but when it's your turn you will understand it Maybe I forgot you are an idiot

799 days ago


F*N addiction, man. Horrible. Plain & simple.

799 days ago


It's always sad when someone so young dies...I feel bad for his family. ....and btw is he the guy who posed nude for Playgirl?

799 days ago


Very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace, young man.

799 days ago

i'm mad as hell    

Greasy c*cksmoking USA politicians don't have the f*cking balls to make ANY illegal drug possession(including prescriptions) a FELONY.Rack up three separate felony convictions & institute a MANDATORY death sentence carried out immediately.Who says mixing democracy & communism wouldn't be a great idea?I'm getting f*cking pissed off continually reading about all these God-damned LOSERS with their serious drug & alcohol issues!Wake the f*ck up America!You can't ever be addicted to drugs & alcohol if you completely abstain.If you are hopelessly addicted i will be happy to come on over & help you fatally overdose so you & your loved ones don't have to ever deal with this unnecessary drama in your lives ever again

799 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sad. Good journey, JK.

799 days ago


Wow, TMZ had to show a picture of him all coked up. Fact is people do drugs and alcohol to numb whatever pain is eating him/her up. This guy had pain he couldn't shake. Sucks man, 29 is just too damn young.

799 days ago


Sadly people will reach for just about anything to fill the voids and try to numb themselves from the hurt/pain in their lives. But whatever they're using, although some things may last longer than others, they're only temporary. And it's only putting a bandaid on the problem, and prolonging the even bigger problem down the line. However, I do understand how it can happen that way, because anyone's pain can be very real and overpowering to them even when it isn't to others looking in.
I'm praying for his family and friends as they deal with another senseless tragedy due to drugs and/or alcohol.
People may make fun of me, cuss or whatever, but I truly believe that God is the only one who can fill the voids. And God is fortunately very addicting but with no harmful side affects!!:)

799 days ago
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