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Taylor Swift

How to Kiss a Kennedy

8/17/2012 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift kissing boyfriend Conor Kennedy.It's a love story ... and now, it's PHYSICAL -- with Taylor Swift and her 18-year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy locking lips in a passionate kiss earlier today in Massachusetts.

22-year-old Taylor and Conor have been dating for the last few months -- but this makes it official ... because it's the first time they've been seen kissing in public.

FYI -- Conor is the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy. He is also Patrick Schwarzenegger's second cousin.

Small world.


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So what!! Good fo he she deserves a personal life and if he makes he happy so be it!! Congats Taylor!!

730 days ago


Too young to be a cradle snatcher, tsk, tsk, tsk!

730 days ago


Stop hating on Taylor. She isn't a slut, she's just looking for the right person. Isn't that what we're all doing? She is strong and independent, if guy hurts her he better watch his freaking back. I admire her.

726 days ago


I thought the song was VERY funny, a bit edgy, but funny. My comment is this- if anyone made fun of a black celebrity's family in a parody song like that, they would be sued, boycotted and overrun by Al Sharpton, the rainbow coalition, 1000 Black Men, Black Clergy of America, Rodney King is still alive groupies, etc. This country is getting screwed up with racial mess. That woman of color on your show that accused Harvey of 'hatin'" because of his comment regarding the Obama Mrs.' speech was another example.

715 days ago


For people who are saying "Leave Taylor alone, they are perfect for each other!" Just to let you know this guy is a line from "The Kennedy Family" one of the worst families. The family is cursed, treats women like **** and a slave who wants to kill themselves, and are always unfaithful after they ****ed there women and had a kid.

1. Taylor is rushing things way to fast, and she doesn't even realized she is dating an 18 year old who isn't even in college yet. She is obsessed with this guy, I never seen Taylor THIS obsessed with someone, she even bought a $4M+ home that is across the street from HIS house.

2. The boys mother just died less then 12 weeks ago, his father was unfaithful and didn't even care about her, he's the one who pretty much caused her death because the ***got didn't want to HELP her.

3. The Kennedy family have a long history of disappearance & deaths of there wife, whenever someone dates a Kennedy it's like they are on a spell and fall in love with them ending up acting strange, rebel & becoming there wife really fast. Have you read the books? And the family is one of the worst in the U.S You have to mentally challenged & what to die if you chose this path!

4. She is already acting weird & like a rebel and a dirty whore, I never seen a side of Taylor like this at the VMA's she wasn't even allowed to say the things she said in her song. And she still did! Look at her under her stomach area close to him, he has his legs open and her area under the stomach is right in there close to him as possible.

5. She is going to become his sex slave, this kid probably isn't even a virgin. She will have a child with him like look at this picture, it looks like she already wants to have a child with him right NOW! And she always wanted kids Taylor, she just hasn't found the right man, and I can tell she THINKS she found him now, so it's her time to try and get kids now because she thinks this is the RIGHT man for him, like look at her she bought a house across the street from him and spent over $4M! CREEP!

6. Once she has a child under the age of 24 with this guy, she will officially become a Kennedy, now she is open to being killed, so now she is a Kennedy she will end up dead.

7. He is going to become unfaithful of her, not going to care about her, let the dog **** under the dining table then soon she will increase her chances of being dead.

8. The child will have no mother, and then follow the generation of his grandpa, father, and other past history and doing the exact same thing that his father & old history did with Taylor and the other women, looking for a new women.

9. Then a new line begins, and another famous or popular, or rich lady will come by, go through the same thing as Taylor and become dead sooner or later.

10. She's going to be riding planes & cars with him, which is a horrible and worst idea known to everyone. So well, good luck.

11. The kid is probably still in shock from his mother dying, and there dating when the boy in in shocked.

12. Taylor is 4 years older then him, he isn't even smart, he is way behind and still in High school, which is a failure, and will screw her up big time!

13. When the 'couple's split she'll write a song about him. And Kenndys don't just get mad, they prefer getting EVEN. Which will end up, her & her song getting screwed. Who knows if she will be around enough to make it to WRITE A SONG. And she's this obsessed so I can see her marry him under the age of 25

I am a fan of Taylor, but how she's acting she's acting dirty, like look at the picture the guys legs are open and she moved her body so close to his area and pretty much stuck her area close to his. She is acting so mentally challenged! What she's doing now is the worst, and no she hasn't dated thousands of guys she dated pretty much 5 guys & hasn't dated for 1 year & 1/2 now. She's falling in his trap like the older people did. And the same thing pretty much happens over & over AGAIN, AND AGAIN. She read a book about them, and she still doesn't care to listen...

712 days ago


Oh and look how close her body under the hip area is close to his dick and under his body, like she is reaching in. See, she is going to get pregnant when this kid is 18 then, **** up her career, lose her fans then end up dead. If she doesn't have a kid she will end up dead, but if she does she will be safe until the kid is born then probably end up dead.

Taylor, I am a fan of you don't turn into a whore now and have a child, stop rushing this bull**** and run! You are going to LOSE YOUR LIFE!

712 days ago


I am a fan of Taylor but she is in a bad situation, honestly she will end up dead or pregnant sooner or later, she's falling in his trap already she is already missing him, and rushing things like they are married. She's going to get pregnant, then after she gives birth to her kid > Dead, and if she doesn't HAVE a kid she will end up dead. I bet he isn't even a virgin if he is that's really shocking. But I guranteed Taylor will get ****ed & have a kid, lose her career and fans, then end up dead. She is going to be treated like ****.

Good luck Taylor, hope you make it I would love to hear a new song if you can make it there...

712 days ago


Guys, I don't even think she will come out alive, I read another article and she really wants to have a child this from another article:

Swift reportedly wants to get married soon and have Conor’s baby, but that seems far fetched. For one, Conor’s only 18 and still in high school. Of course, they do marry young in Tennessee. Other reports claim that Swift wants to be the next Jacqueline Kennedy.

See, she is like under a spell she is so obsessed she wants to have a child with an 18 year old who isn't even in college yet. I never seen Taylor like this what the **** is going on with the world! What the hell is she going to do once she gets her baby from this Kennedy?

Run Taylor, stop being stuck in this trap you idiot! Your WAY TO YOUNG TO HAVE A CHILD AND WITH A KENNEDY SHE'S IN DANGER@!

712 days ago
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