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Chad Johnson

College Dom. Battery Victim

Wants Sitdown with Evelyn

8/19/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
's college girlfriend -- whom the ex-NFL player was convicted of slapping in 2000 -- wants a pow wow with Chad's latest alleged battery victim ... his wife ... and TMZ has learned, it's all in an effort to find closure.

Sources close to the former girlfriend tell TMZ, the woman has been attempting to reach out to Chad's wife Evelyn Lozada on Twitter and Facebook -- ever since news broke last weekend that Chad had allegedly attacked her.

We're told the ex-GF believes she and Evelyn have a lot to talk about and can help each other heal in the process.

According to our sources, the GF has had no luck in reaching Evelyn thus far..

And how's this for irony ... TMZ has obtained Chad Johnson's certificate of completion from a domestic violence batterers' treatment program back in 2002, following his domestic battery conviction.

According to a status report from the program, Chad was cooperative and appeared to make good progress -- but "struggled initially with accepting the need to make lifestyle changes as well as minimizing his past behavior."

The report says Chad eventually came to terms with his problems -- and his "risk to re-offend appears low."

Low, indeed.

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"struggled initially with accepting the need to make lifestyle changes...."

I wonder if they threw the 12 steps at him and he didn't accept it? Or something different? I just say that cause a lot of domestics are substance/alcohol related...yeah?

759 days ago

john johnson    

i smell a new show, battered wives.

759 days ago


Person A assaults partner off camera which results in immediate arrested, loss of job and possible jail time.

Person B assaults a person ON camera which results in book tour and multiple job offers.

Violence is always bad, just make sure you are person B and not Person A.

759 days ago


Whole thing is ridiculous.
"I need closure for a face slap" :D
"So I'm going to discuss it with a woman who beats the piss out of people" :D
Media referring to the college woman as a...."victim"...because of a face slap :D
Media that laughed and made jokes when Catherine Becker mutilated and disabled her husband.
She's looking for money. National Org for Women and a number of feminist groups...who are funded by taxpayers...are courting Evelyn to pay her big money$ to make appearances and make cookie-cutter statements about domestic violence on TV.
Feminist organizations and the people who run them, make their *huge* million dollar paychecks off of taxpayer's money, funding.
They make it by submitting statistics reports to petition for more grant money and to sustain current grant money.
In other words...if statistics show that less men are hitting women than the previous year...feminist administrators lose grant money...their paychecks shrink.
Get it?
The feminist bureaucrats and leaders **must** give the impression...lie...that more men are hitting women than the previous year, if those feminist bureaucrats want to keep that mansion, yacht and maid and butler they have ;)

759 days ago


She's kidding me. Talking to Evelyn will help her get closure. Girl, you should have moved on long time ago. Don't drag yourself into their mess. Seriously, is she kidding me?

759 days ago


Just like sick SOB, you would rather blame, shame, and guilt the victim!! This is why everything in this country is going into the toilet!!! Evelyn, if your watching, many and I mean many are very proud of you!!

759 days ago


Sounds like someone is looking for he 15 minutes. Geez, she just got slapped once, what, 15 years ago?!?! Now, you know d@mn well that if she had slapped him, there would have been no charges filed. In fact, if he had even tried filing a police report for getting slapped by a woman, sadly, he probably would still be laughed at today for it.

759 days ago


I'm sure she wants a sitdown. Here's the first question she asks Lozada...

"So...how can I turn this into a reality show and make money for being a gold-digging ho like you?"

759 days ago


While I'm sure she was traumatized back then for that slap when Chad accused her of cheating, wanting to talk with Evelyn screams wanting to get yourself out in the media. Someone very close to me was battered for years, so I sympathize with any woman in these situations. But this ex from the 1800s needs to fall back. You need closure? Please!

759 days ago



Goofy-sounding name.

759 days ago



759 days ago

buzz kill    

WOW! Thats one certificate to be proud of, I wonder if he proudly displays it in his living room.

759 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Reaching out? Or planning on a hustle for her 5 minutes of fame?

759 days ago


There are cases of domestic violence (abuse) and there are cases when a man or woman slaps each other. When Chad slapped his girlfriend that was not domestic abuse, but men of color are label for any and everything they do. Because he slap this female he had to attend a domestic violence class. Now because Evelyn tell police Chad head butted her her word only not one witness to prove what she said he goes to jail, the Media help destroys his career, NFL drops him, VH1 drops the reality show and Coconut water drops him and any other endorsments that might have came his way. Now the exgirlfriend wants a payday and the media is all behind this to build up there ratings. It pays to Trash a person life. After all the media can go home and say I made a fat check and commission today lets go out to dinner. Or see what daddy or mommie did today we help destroy a person career, wow!

759 days ago

Abuse Victim    

Being a victim of DA this entire incident saddens me. After watching EL toss a bottle at someone's head I wonder what would've happened if that bottle had connected? Violence is violence! She's no victim!

759 days ago
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