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Halle Berry

Is Nahla a Paris Pawn?

8/19/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_halle_berry_gabriel_aubry_paris_articleHalle Berry is locked in a bitter custody trial with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Halle is asking the judge to let her move to Paris with Nahla, and Gabriel is saying, "Over my dead body." So we gotta ask ...


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Phishie from Philly    

I lost my respect in Halle. It is so clear that she is using her kids safety as an excuse to move her kid out of the country. But the fuel behind this really is revenge. She wants to stick it to Gabriel worse than he stuck it to her. Halle is salty because Gabriel cheated on her and she can't take it. The truth comes out and it makes me sick Halle. But I would still
Phishie from Philly

803 days ago


This poor child. Such a shame that she is being pulled between both parents. I am sure that the father loves her and wants to remain close to her.
As careful # 11 said, go ahead move!!
Really, really, really sad for the child. Such a pretty child, hope she is not damaged by all this awful bickering. It can't be healthy Come on Halle do the right thing not for you, but for your daughter.

803 days ago


The questions of the little survey are so stupid, at least it makes me smile.
The last question "dating halle" must be women who answered ;)

803 days ago


You never really saw much of Halle UNTIL now!! Now she needs to go out and cause a scene (on purpose) to try and get proof that Paris would be safer. To bad she is using Nahla to get her way by putting Nahla in the public eye and exposing her to the papas now to try and make her case. She is definitely using her child as a pawn and Nahla will be the next Halle - Mommy Dearest daughter. Halle is such an overexposed lack of talent. Take your clothes and people think you have just means your willing to sale your body and soul to the movie Nahlas is up for sale too, so she can go eff some French guy in Paris - take a vacation get a room - leave Nahla with Daddy!!! BITCH!!!

803 days ago

South Beach    

The "Rich vs Poor" parent question is absurd..As we know, there's bad parents in all financial brackets.

803 days ago


that bitch thinks her celebrity status gives her a right to make the rules ... the childs father has the right to be a part of the childs life everyday in everyway ... halle is behaving like a scorned woman and using the child as the pawn ... too bad her unmotherly performance has not caused her to lose costodial rights of the little girl.

803 days ago


You go ahead Halle, move to France. Immerse your daughter into french culture, the french language. Move to a country where Gabriel can also move to, work and thrive in the language he was raised with. Another stupid move, but you go ahead.

803 days ago

Pixie Gypsylove    

I hope Gabriel uses that video of her confronting a pap in his car. That girl was using language and behavior that can only be learned in Cleveland :) She was verbally abusive to another human being in front of Nahla's school. CLASSY! I don't care what your job is, no one ever deserves to be called 'A piece of Sh*t'.

803 days ago


Is it because you imagine yourself riding her ?

803 days ago


Sandra Bullock won an academy award, had her husband cheating on her and was in the news every day, yet no one knew she had adopted a baby. Many famous people manage to avoid paparazzi. Another post brought up Rosanne -how many people would recognize any of her children? I bet no one would. Plenty of celebrities keep their children under the radar.Halle could manage that also but she much like Christie Brinkley just keep the crap going. None of us really knew what Michael Jackson's kids looked like until he died. Halle is just being a spiteful bitch!!!

803 days ago



Pretty embarrassing when readers continually correct your cheesy staff.

803 days ago


REally TMZ - Rich people vs Poor people

803 days ago


Halle is a sweet and beautiful lady, I would love to eat her from head to toe and drop some baby seed inside her precious womb. Love you, Halle!

803 days ago


Get over it folks. It has already been proven she is the better parent. The LOSER doesn't even have a job. He lives off child support. He was never a top model. He will be out of money son.

803 days ago


Does ANYONE think for a second that Hale would continue to talk about moving to France for "safety" if her relationship with Olivier ended? No, of course not.

This has nothing to do with paparazzi because then she could just move to Santa Barbara or any other local wealthy community near L.A., and the father would be able to see his daughter.

So yeah, she id definitely using the pap excuse because she is in love and wants to be in France with her latest boyfriend.

803 days ago
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